Birthday surprise by my three friends  

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12/20/2018 4:57 pm
Birthday surprise by my three friends

Last month in November was my birthday I turn 70 years old my three friends Tom Allen and Steve decided to take me out to dinner and a show they pick me up and we went out when we got to the restaurant it during dinner the staff sing Happy birthday to me it was quite an exciting event then after that we went to a show the show was wonderful after the show we headed to a bar for a few drinks and then back to my house where they had somehow decorated my house with some balloons and birthday cake and we have some wine they wanted to sing Happy birthday to me again and then encouraged me to sing for them since I was singer at one time in Las Vegas as I was singing each one of them stood up and sing with me at one point Alan was standing next to me singing and we were dancing it was kind of fun then he sat down and Steve got up and started singing to Tom left the room for a few minutes then came back he decided to do the same thing again I sat down on the couch as the three of them was serenading me it was quite fun like the things man could sing they were fellow musicians like me after a while they encouraged me to come up and join them we were all standing there singing and just having a good time Tom and Allen sat down and Steve was behind me slowly swaying with me then he turned me around and put his hands around my waist I put my arms around his neck and we begin to slow dance at one point he would spin me around facing the other guys and pull me back towards him so my back was pushed up against his chest and front of his body the last time he did it he held me really tight Alan got up and walked over to me with standing in front of me and started to give me a kiss and was swaying with me too so I was in the middle of both of them Alan moved back away as I felt Steves hands on my hips and around my waist I felt them slide up onto my breast and begin to squeeze them gently as he was sucking and kissing on my ear my hands made his to stop him but I couldnt move them to continue to squeeze and gently massage my breast I felt his hands start to unbutton my blouse. Alan walked up again and started to pull my blouse off now my blouse was off and I stood there in my bra knit pants panties high heel shoes and nylons in front of them Tom was watching them and then he started to take his clothes off he got naked in the front room in front of me he came up and started to kiss me and was standing there naked as Alan took his clothes off as well then Alan got behind me was kind of holding me as Steve got undressed I could feel Allens hands around my waist and he started to unbutton my pants and pull them down pulling each one of my legs out of the pant leg once my pants were off I stood there in my panties nylons and high heels in front of these three naked men I felt Allens hands on my back rubbing and his mouth kissing on the back of my neck and shoulders and soon he unhooked my bra and pulled the straps off my shoulders Tom pulled my bra all the way off and begin to massage and suck on my breasts I was starting to get wet and moan Steve said we should take her to the bedroom and they led me to the bedroom. all three of them.Steve push me over the bed on the edge and was behind me Alan got on the bed as well sitting there too Tom sat in front of me stroking his cock inches away from my face I could feel Steve behind me rubbing my back and my ass this hands moved insides of my panties and I felt a tug and they were torn off and dropped to the floor I was now naked bent over on my own bed I looked at Tom as he continued to stroke his cock and slide closer to me I smiled at him and gladly open my mouth and put it in my mouth and begin to suck him as I was sucking him I could feel Steve behind me his cock thrusting in me I lift my head and moan and cried out as he continued to fuck me for a while this went on and off then we switch positions Tom was fucking me and I was sucking off Steve then it was Toms turn did the same thing to both of them over the course of a few hours I had been satisfied sexually by each man over and over at one point Tom and Alan both fucked me at the same time one in my ass and one of my pussy Steve did it to each of them took turns sometimes they would fuck me in my ass the other in my pussy over and over they filled me up. Sometime I think Alan left and so did Tom leaving Steve there I was laying in the bed when he came back in and he laid next to me and said how did I like my birthday I told him it was wonderful I told him it was the most wonderful birthday I ever had he laid down next to me I rolled over on top of him and started to kiss him I told him I want to thank you very much I spread my legs and started to ride him I begin to fuck him very well hard bouncing letting my boobs bounce all over I was screaming and calling out his name.over all I can say this was quite the birthday surprise for me they had planned for me something that I will never forget and always remember.

Gundriver001 63M  
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9/19/2020 12:37 pm

Love to be part of a 3 way birthday surprise like that with you sexy girl!

NevadaJeff 70M  

12/27/2020 3:23 pm

Quite a blog. Very interesting lady. Thanks for sharing. xx

Hotdates44 53M  
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12/25/2021 11:41 am

Very sexy story I love it!!!

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