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Daddy's word is my law. Excuses my disobedience non-existent. It is MY duty be the inspiration behind every "Goal" he sets me. My Daddy is attentive and loves exploring new Fetishes with his slut, I complete at he "Goals" he sets me in the sluttiest possible way
"NO" does not exist in my vocabulary when Daddy's. I have never refused any of the tasks he's given me. He has trained me into his perfect white Slut. He has put allot of time and effort into the Slut I am now.

I will never behave in a manner that disrespects you. I strive to look beautiful for you every time. My actions will a initiate from my attentiveness to YOUR needs and YOUR desires at all times.
My soul purpose of existence is to fulfill your needs. Any needs and desires of my own do not matter, and will always be considered irrelevant.
It is my responsibility to ensure your comforts are served by making any and all arrangements to In my capability in order to make your life easy.
Serving you will never cease to fill me with happiness. My joyful addituee , and overall demeanor will always reflect the pride I have in ensuring that your wants and your desires aleays come first.

I appreciate to be the one who gets the task of satisfying each and every single sexual desire you have ever known.

My satisfaction is derived from satisfying you, even if doing so is brings me discomfort, pain, or humiliation. Everything I do, I do the of my ability in making you proud..

I will not close my lips , close my legs in your presence.
I will adapt the posture of your discretion. I will always assume the position you choose,
Kneeling infront of you with my knees touching the floor, sit my ass upon the heels of my stilettos, holding a perfect posture with a deep arch in my back.
MY most proper place, at your feet,where I belong, a perfectly displaying the posture you expect of me .
I will always wear Stilettos , and never wear bra or pantes this presence. I willingly give him possession of my mouth, breasts, pussy, ass and any other portions of my body that he desireshmm.
Use whatever toys or devices U deems appropriate me pleasure<b> pain. </font></b>INsert THAT BBC into whatever orifice U desiresL as long as U like. Restrain me AND use reasonable force achieve your sexual satisfaction. I agree perform any sexual act that pleases u and assume any position that u desire.

I will perform these acts for as long as I am physically able. He may also refer me as a "slut", " toy", any other demeaning name and I will only respond with increased enthusiasm. I will also wear any costumes, jewelry, lingerie that he provides me.i agree pleasure myself his enjoyment.

The ability get lost in the moment and release control completely; someone i completely trust. obey your commands, respond your desires, take things from me simply because yoi want
them. Submission comes with strings, boundaries, it must. I am entrusting my hysical as well as emotional well-being with you. Help me feel helplessness, my ability, in my helplessness, let go and accept whatever pleasure you wish give me, Your approval and desire me is a great turn on. I am your property, it is your right accept pleasure from me, and take the pleasure you want.
1. The fact that you are enjoying me gives me the thrill i seek. The more you enjoy me, the more you'll see mereleasing myself your desires .
kneeling before you, legs spread apart, sitting on my heels, hands behind my back.
Allow me make you feel good. It is my greatest desire give you pleasure and I'll astound you with my ability to take you places you've never thought i could.Grab my hair and use it as leverage to show me how much my mouth pleases you. Teach me how you like to be taken inside my mouth.
Make me touch myself and make the view as pretty as possible your pleasure.

You are in control, my true desire is please you, that is what i truly want. You decide what i should wear, how i should act, how contain myself.
Teach me what u want me be and if i misbehave disobey, correct me. Dont ask, ORDER me. Tell me I'm a good .
Don't let me make the decisions.
Serving you makes me feel complete. I you out of love, not out of obedience demand. Dominate me, control me, own me. I am yours completely, body, soul, heart, mind.
My body is yours use as and when u wish– punish me when im wrong, be strong me, be forceful in your desires. My fantasy is adore you, belong you, and please you in every way. The feeling of belonging, of purpose, of being part of something bigger than myself, the pleasure of being selfless, and above all making you happy and proud. Thank you teaching me how better . Stating your desires will gives me a perfect understanding of what's expected of me. Dominate my body but also my mind, and my desires. take me deeper than i can take myself.


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