Beverly Hills Cox Review  

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9/1/2021 6:31 am
Beverly Hills Cox Review

Directed by Paul Vatelli. Released by Caballero Control Corporation in 1986. Runtime: 78 minutes.

Ginger Lynn plays private investigator Suzy Cox based in Des Moines. Two senior aged women come to her detective agency in search of a man robbed them. They don't want him arrested, but are rather interested in his 9" cock that has a "Voila" tattoo on . The agency has a lead on his whereabouts from a list of suspects from the F.B.I., all of whom are apparently located in Beverly Hills. So Suzy travels find him. Story Grade: A-.

This movie was shot on film. Medium Grade: A.

Although the beginning of the story is supposed to take place in Des Moines, the film is clearly shot in<b> downtown </font></b>Los Angeles. The driving sequences are real. The industrial of the sex club looks great. A real house was used for some scenes. The exterior of the boutique scene was clearly an antique store. The interior of the boutique didn't look real. (The dressing rooms were too big.) Set Design Grade: A.

The sex scenes were well-done with enthusiastic performers, although the motivation for some of them was questionable. Sexual Performances Grade: A.

Shone Taylor was probably the weakest actor in the ensemble. Suzy's boss overacted at times. It wasn't believable for Sharon Mitchell not to see Randy West watching her masturbating in the car. With Suzy looking for a tattoo on Francois's cock, it seemed unlikely that she'd see it from her vantage point outside the dressing room. However, the old women were great. The ensemble was generally good. some cliches in the dialogue. Acting Grade: A-.

Ginger Lynn wore shoes in two of her sex scenes, which didn't seem realistic. Otherwise, the costumes looked great. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: A-.

Stylized lighting during the sex club scene and the garage scene looked great. was some spotlight movement in the garage scene and some slight lighting shifts in the scene with Jamie Gillis. Lighting Grade: A-.

Music played in most of the sex scenes. were no sounds of sex in the garage scene which seemed heighten its stylized nature. The music during the scene with Jamie Gillis didn't seem be the right tone. sounded like a love theme, which didn't fit the more mysterious aspect of the scene. Sound Grade: A.

were interesting camera angels during the opening sequences. The fencing style on the window in the sex club through which Suzy watches the sex didn't seem match in alternating shots. The subplot regarding rival P.I.s in Beverly Hills seemed get lost for a while. Directing Grade: A.

The shot of the movement of the car seat bring Ginger's breast closer Jerry Butler's mouth was quite unique. A smoke machine was used in the garage scene, too. The ending was anti-climactic, but this film simply looks beautiful. Artistic Merit Grade: A.

Overall Grade: A-.

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