Malice In LaLaLand Review  

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8/29/2021 2:48 am
Malice In LaLaLand Review

Directed by Lew Xypher. Released by Miss Lucifer Productions in 2010. Runtime: 74 minutes. (Softcore version.)

The story is a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Malice (Sasha Grey) is a "patient" in presumably a psychiatric hospital. She escapes with the aid of a rabbit (dark brown fur rather than white) and is chased by a relentless security guard (Dirty Fred) through the desert encountering strange and fantastic characters along the way. Story Grade: B.

This was presumably shot on digital video. Medium Grade: B+.

Real locations were used in this production including an old hospital, desert petrol station, roadside motel, diner, and the famous Jumbo's Clown Room on Hollywood Blvd. This benefited the production tremendously. Set Design Grade: A.

The Japanese market version from which this review is based is the softcore version, so no genetalia is shown. Camera angels obscure penetration. Nevertheless, performers were enthusiastic. Interestingly, there were no sex sounds at during the sex scenes ( no moaning and none of the cliche lines one would expect hear in an x-rated movie). Sexual Performances Grade: A-.

Sasha Grey's seizures at the beginning of the movie didn't seem that<b> realistic. </font></b>However, her line deliveries are pretty good. In some regards, the action is farcical and absurd anyway. Following an explosion, a character is pretty much unscathed when blown a considerable distance. It felt like a live action Tex Avery cartoon. (There actually are some segments of animation intercut into the movie.) Acting Grade: B+.

Costumes and make- were well done and seemed suit the characters. Wardrobe/Make- Grade: A.

There was some bleaching of the sky in the desert, but otherwise there were no particular issues with lighting. Lighting Grade: A-.

Heavy metal music played throughout the movie and continued during the sex scenes. If viewers are turned on by moaning, grunting, and dirty talk, note that those typical features of an x-rated movie are missing here. Sound Grade: A-.

This project was well assembled. A particular fight scene seemed have been shot exactly like a Hollywood film. A unique choice not include a traditional x-rated movie soundtrack. Directing Grade: A-.

With the addition of animation sequences, credited metal songs, and a slick series of opening credits, there is clear artistry at . Artistic Merit Grade: A.

Overall Grade: A-.

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8/30/2021 6:28 pm

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