Ms. Magnificent Review  

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8/25/2021 2:30 am
Ms. Magnificent Review

Released by Fantasy Film Productions in 1979. (DVD issued by Vinegar Syndrome.) Directed by Joe Sherman. Runtime: 80 minutes.

Ms. Magnificent's boyfriend has been kidnapped by the villainess Kreeta Borgia. As her alter-ego, Linda Kent (a reporter for the L.A. Times), she investigates a spacecraft that has landed in the Safeway Burbank parking lot. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark are also on the case, but end up as captives of Kreeta as well. Although suffering the effects of a Kryptonite dildo, Ms. Magnificent escapes her clutches along with her boyfriend, Lois, Clark, and two defecting henchwomen while Kreeta is distracted by the group's orgy. Story Grade: C.

This was shot on 16 mm film. Medium Grade: A-.

Sets didn't look particularly realistic; however, they were decorated fairly well. Jake's apartment and the newspaper office contained many props. Some oddities: a phonebooth on a rooftop, shag carpet in an office. The spaceship and the place where the captives were held were particularly phony looking. Set Design Grade: C.

The sexual performances were enthusiastic, but some sexual encounters lacked motivation, particularly the final orgy scene. Mike Horner was goofy at times. Sexual Performances Grade: B.

Jesie St. James was the best actress of the ensemble, giving the most realistic line deliveries. Ms. Magnificent's final scene seemed to play against the altruistic nature of her character by basically telling a suicidal man to get lost. (Perhaps the Kryptonite dildo should have been made of red Kryptonite for that to make sense.) Acting Grade: C.

The alien costumes were a bit cheesy, as was Ms. Magnificent's costume. However, make-up was fairly well done and the civilian clothing was appropriate. Linda's wig almost came off during her sex scene. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: B.

There was nothing particularly outstanding or distracting about the lighting except for the strange lighting setup at Jake's apartment when he's shagging Lois against the wall. Lighting Grade: B.

Sounds of dripping water didn't help to make the holding cell set any more realistic. The<b> background </font></b>music was disjointed at times. The music during the Kryptonite dildo scene didn't feel appropriate given the tone of the scene. Audio didn't always match the visual. The sound of actual television commercials can be heard at the beginning of the second sec scene (including Lucky Charms cereal and Milky Way candy bars). Sound Grade: C.

A cameraman's shadow and a shadow of a microphone can be seen in a couple of scenes. There was a continuity issue during Jake and Lois's conversation. The second sec scene is abruptly stopped for intercutting with the third, although they are unrelated to one another. Directing Grade: C-.

This film and the main character were to have originally been called Superwoman; however, a lawsuit apparently prevented that from happening. So the "S" shield on the costume is censored and the audio drops out whenever names are mentioned that are too similar to properties owned by DC Comics. How today's parodies get away with using trademarked names is unclear. There was a decent amount of effort put into this film to make it a tongue-in-cheek parody. Artistic Merit Grade: B.

Overall Grade: B-.

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