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X-Rated Entertainment
A discussion primarily about x-rated films.
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Beverly Hills Cox Review
Posted:Sep 1, 2021 6:31 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm
Directed by Paul Vatelli. Released by Caballero Control Corporation in 1986. Runtime: 78 minutes.

Ginger Lynn plays private investigator Suzy Cox based in Des Moines. Two senior aged women come to her detective agency in search of a man robbed them. They don't want him arrested, but are rather interested in his 9" cock that has a "Voila" tattoo on . The agency has a lead on his whereabouts from a list of suspects from the F.B.I., all of whom are apparently located in Beverly Hills. So Suzy travels find him. Story Grade: A-.

This movie was shot on film. Medium Grade: A.

Although the beginning of the story is supposed to take place in Des Moines, the film is clearly shot in downtown Los Angeles. The driving sequences are real. The industrial of the sex club looks great. A real house was used for some scenes. The exterior of the boutique scene was clearly an antique store. The interior of the boutique didn't look real. (The dressing rooms were too big.) Set Design Grade: A.

The sex scenes were well-done with enthusiastic performers, although the motivation for some of them was questionable. Sexual Performances Grade: A.

Shone Taylor was probably the weakest actor in the ensemble. Suzy's boss overacted at times. It wasn't believable for Sharon Mitchell not to see Randy West watching her masturbating in the car. With Suzy looking for a tattoo on Francois's cock, it seemed unlikely that she'd see it from her vantage point outside the dressing room. However, the old women were great. The ensemble was generally good. some cliches in the dialogue. Acting Grade: A-.

Ginger Lynn wore shoes in two of her sex scenes, which didn't seem realistic. Otherwise, the costumes looked great. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: A-.

Stylized lighting during the sex club scene and the garage scene looked great. was some spotlight movement in the garage scene and some slight lighting shifts in the scene with Jamie Gillis. Lighting Grade: A-.

Music played in most of the sex scenes. were no sounds of sex in the garage scene which seemed heighten its stylized nature. The music during the scene with Jamie Gillis didn't seem be the right tone. sounded like a love theme, which didn't fit the more mysterious aspect of the scene. Sound Grade: A.

were interesting camera angels during the opening sequences. The fencing style on the window in the sex club through which Suzy watches the sex didn't seem match in alternating shots. The subplot regarding rival P.I.s in Beverly Hills seemed get lost for a while. Directing Grade: A.

The shot of the movement of the car seat bring Ginger's breast closer Jerry Butler's mouth was quite unique. A smoke machine was used in the garage scene, too. The ending was anti-climactic, but this film simply looks beautiful. Artistic Merit Grade: A.

Overall Grade: A-.

Pleasure Maze Review
Posted:Aug 30, 2021 11:18 pm
Last Updated:Oct 3, 2021 2:16 am
Directed by Duck Dumont. Released by Fog City Partners in 1986. Available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome. Runtime: 76 minutes.

The story is about android hookers called nightdroids. Before being released to the public they must be tested in the pleasure maze. The voiceover prologue (like the text at the beginning of Blade Runner) states that no nightdroids have ever made it through the maze, but that what follows will be the story of the one that does. However, there is no drama or action (except for sexual action) associated with the story. Story Grade: D+.

This movie was shot on film. Medium Grade: A-.

Five of the sex scenes occur on the same set with slight dressing chances. The control room is incredibly sparse. The foil laden walls of the holding room and corridor were pretty weak. Some outdoor scenes showed Joey Silvera running. These were the most visually appealing. The locker room set was also plain. Set Design Grade: D.

Nina Hartley and Joanna Storm seemed to be the most enthusiastic performers. There were very few penetration shots. Satisfactory/average. Sexual Performances Grade: C.

Stacey Donovan and Amber Lynn wore some fetching costumes. Joanna Storm's fur coat seemed out of place. The testers started out wearing silver uniforms, but no reason was given for this. Tracey Adams wore nothing but shoes . Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: C-.

There weren't many chances for actors to act. Jerry Butler tried to get some humor inserted. However, most dialogue scenes were pretty much worthless. Acting Grade: C.

Nothing about the lighting was particularly outstanding or distracting. Lighting Grade: A.

The music score was somewhat ethereal. Computer-esque sounds were also heard throughout. Sound Grade: A.

Directions could be heard during a couple of the sex scenes. The intercutting of sex scenes served no purpose. The scenes of walking in the same two corridors also seemed like a waste of film since there was no point to them being there, other than to interrupt the sex scenes. Directing Grade: D.

This take-off of Blade Runner and The Running Man was seemingly a bare bones production. The idea has merit, but its execution was fairly weak. Artistic Merit Grade: C-.

Overall Grade: C.

タイムアバンチュール 絶頂5秒前 Review
Posted:Aug 30, 2021 8:53 pm
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2021 11:20 pm
タイムアバンチュール 絶頂5秒前 translates to "Time Aventure 5 Seconds Before The Climax." Directed by Yojiro Takita. Released in 1986. Part of the Nikkatsu Meisaku Roman Series. Runtime: 76 minutes.

The story revolves around a woman who is transported through time from 1986 to 2001, where she eventually finds her future self and lover. Note: this film is in Japanese. There are no English subtitles on the Geneon DVD release. Story Grade: B+.

This movie was shot on film. Medium Grade: A-.

Real locations were used throughout the film including a number of outdoor locations. The woman's future lover's office was certainly a set and the laboratory with the time machine looked ridiculous (a ship's wheel?). The zeppelin and moon also looked fake as did the Shibuya Station subway entrance. Set Design Grade: B.

The sex scenes were brief. This is a softcore feature, so there are no images of genitalia. Some of the shot set-ups got repetitive with the men rubbing pussy through panties. Sexual Performances Grade: B-.

Surprisingly, there are with speaking roles. (They are not involved in the sex scenes.) There was some overacting, which was undoubtedly intentional. Acting Grade: B.

A hat with the Puma brand logo was used. Costumes were appropriate and the make-up looked decent. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: A-.

One of the sex scenes was a tad dark, most likely to obscure the massaging of an anus. Otherwise there weren't any instances of distracting lighting. Lighting Grade: A-.

The music score was pretty good and wasn't overbearing. No sound issues. Sound Grade: B+.

In a couple of instances, panties were worn in one shot, and then in the next were suddenly gone. This was undoubtedly done in order to escape having to blur the vagina, but it still was noticed. Directing Grade: B+.

Despite a lack of understanding of the Japanese language, this film was nevertheless entertaining. Some thought was put into what 2001 presumably would look like. There were video calls and typewriters? Artistic Merit Grade: B.

Overall Grade: B+.

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Mascara Review
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 9:21 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm
Directed by Henri Pachard. Released by Sendy Film Corporation in 1983. Available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome. Runtime: 83 minutes.

Harriet (Lisa DeLeeuw) is a secretary for T & A Imports. Bored with her sexual life, she seeks help from Lucy (Lee Carroll), a high end of whose services her boss is a regular. Lucy helps Harriet experience some of her sexual fantasies. A fairly basic story, but it includes an open-ended finale. Story Grade: B.

This feature was shot on film. Medium Grade: A.

Real locations were used in and around New York City. A single condominiums may have been used for multiple locations within the film since the decor seemed similar. Set Design Grade: A-.

There were few close-ups of penetration. Harriet kept her shoes on during her encounter with Jim and Bob. During that scene, Lee Carroll also looked at the camera. Otherwise, sexual performances seemed enthusiastic. Sexual Performances Grade: B.

The acting was fairly strong by the entire ensemble. Lucy calling out for Harriet at the entrance of an elevated train station was unrealistic. Acting Grade: A-.

The wardrobe and make-up were very good. The last blue dress on Harriet was particularly fetching. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: A.

C-light movement was perceived during the hot tub scene between Tiffany Clark and Ron Jeremy. The shadows in Harriet's bedroom in the Jim & Bob scene seemed to have been caused by an unknown light source. Lighting Grade: B+.

Most sex scenes were devoid of music. The sound in the lower level of Lucy's apartment sounded cavernous. Sound Grade: B.

There was a longer than necessary pause during the telephone conversation between Lisa DeLeeuw and Tiffany Clark at the beginning of the film. The bar scene ended abruptly. When Lucy makes a phone call from a payphone, the phone being called only rings once, and it is unclear whether she is calling her own apartment or Harriet's. Otherwise, the director, Henri Pachard, did a fine job. Directing Grade: A-.

The background music during the elevated train sequences sounded mysterious, which didn't quite fit the tone of the film's story, but it was good nevertheless. The film looked and sounded professionally made. Artistic Merit Grade: A.

Overall Grade: A-.

Hard Soap Hard Soap Review
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 6:50 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm
Directed by Bob Chinn. Released by Freeway Film Corporation in 1977. Available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome. Runtime: 78 minutes.

A housewife (Laurien Dominique) with a husband who can't get it up (John Holmes) takes it upon herself to help others with their sexual problems in order to solve some of her own. She is aided in her exploits by her friend and neighbor, played by Candida Royalle. It's fairly ridiculous, but then that sets the tone for the comedy. Story Grade: D+.

This feature was shot on film. Medium Grade: A-.

While the kitchen looked somewhat realistic (with the exception of the door that supposedly led outside through which the backdrop looked completely artificial) most sets looked like sets. The doctor's office was sparsely decorated. Candida Royalle's bedroom looked like that of an adolescent girl with neon pink sheets and hearts on the wall, along with images of male heartthrobs which didn't fit the character of being a married woman. Real products such as Kellogg's Frosted Flakes cereal and Kentucky Fried Chicken were featured. Set Design Grade: B-.

Sex scenes generally lacked passion. Most were used for comedic effect. One exception was a scene of between Laurien Dominique's character and Paul Thomas playing a janitor. She ended up liking it and felt conflicted about it. Sexual Performances Grade: C.

Dialogue took place during the sex scenes with performers staying true to their characters. There were moments of overacting, but it somewhat fit with the ridiculous aspect of the story. Acting Grade: C-.

Paul Thomas' outfit as a janitor seemed unrealistic. Otherwise, costumes and make-up were pretty good. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: B.

The c-light was obvious in the janitor scene. Otherwise the lighting wasn't particularly outstanding or distracting. Lighting Grade: B.

The somewhat sporadic use of music cues were obnoxious at times. Most of the sex scenes did not feature background music. Squealing tires and a police siren could be heard during Candida Royalle's outdoor blowjob scene with Jon Martin. It's unclear if this simply occurred during filming or was added. Sound Grade: C+.

Editing was not accurate in the group therapy room scene during which Candida Royalle and Laurien Dominique appear in close-ups but not in medium shots. Directing Grade: C-.

Comedy isn't easy to do, so while the film wasn't a runaway success in that genre, a genuine effort seems to have been put forth by the performers. Artistic Merit Grade: B-.

Overall Grade: C+.

Disco Lady Review
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 6:16 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm
Directed by Bob Chinn. Released by Freeway Film Corporation in 1978. Available on DVD from Vinegar Syndrome. Runtime: 56 minutes.

It's New Year's Eve and various people are hooking up at the Disco Lady Club. Characters aren't particularly developed. One couple is introduced late in the feature and produces the most drama with the inclusion of a gun, but the motivation for its use is incredibly weak. A story barely exists. Story Grade: D-.

Shot on film. Medium Grade: A-.

It appeared that some practical locations were used. The phonebooth, bathroom, and bar were among those. However, the exterior of the club looked lame. The decor for the women's bathroom was very odd, and was a sharp contrast to the ambiance of the club interior. Set Design Grade: B-.

The sex seemed fairly mechanical with performers not seeming to know what to do at times. Sexual Performances Grade: C.

Acting performances were somewhat below average, even for the adult industry. Line deliveries needed work. The DJ was obnoxious. No one in the crowd counts down to midnight. Acting Grade: C-.

The medallion that Rick Lutze wore in his sex scene with Tiffany Ladd was distracting as it grazed against Ms. Ladd's pussy and anus while he performed cunnilingus. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: B.

There was a sudden lighting change in one of the stockroom encounters. The lighting in the club scenes could have been a little better. Lighting Grade: B.

Music played throughout the sex scenes. Dialogue seemed to be cut off at the end of the phonebooth scene. The music cue in one of the stockroom scenes abruptly changed. Audio didn't match the video at times. Sound Grade: B.

The shadow of a crew member could be seen in the second stockroom scene. Brief direction could be heard in the first bedroom scene. Editing didn't match in the second stockroom scene. The camera work when the gunman arrives at the club was awkward. The slow motion moment went on a little long. Directing Grade: C-.

There were a decent amount of extras for the dance club interior. Actual products were featured including Coors beer, Schlitz beer, and Coca-Cola. A more cohesive story would have aided this production. Artistic Merit Grade: B-.

Overall Grade: C+.

Unfinished Business Review
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 3:30 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2021 6:29 pm
Directed by Brad Armstrong. Released by Wicked Pictures in 2011. Runtime: 76 minutes. (Softcore version.) Note: the Japanese title varies from the U.S. title.

This is presumably an x-rated sequel to the film Risky Business, starring Tom Cruise. In this movie, Joel (Kris Slater) is now at college when he reconnects with Lana (Kirsten Price), who inspires him to become a again. However, his actions draw the attention of the dean (Randy Spears), and he is in jeopardy of being discovered selling sex on campus. Characters Vickie, Guido, and Jackie also reappear. This story lacks tension and suspense found in the original. It's not particularly dramatic, but there have been far worse stories in x-rated movies. Story Grade: B-.

This was presumably shot on digital video. Medium Grade: B+.

The school location appeared to be the same location used for the hospital in Malice in LaLaLand. Bedroom and dorm room sets were somewhat sparsely decorated. The Wicked Pictures posters on the wall were shameless self-promotion. Set Design Grade: B+.

The Japanese market version of this movie is softcore, so no genitalia is shown. Kris Slater seemed to not know where to look at times. Otherwise, the sex looked pretty good. Sexual Performances Grade: B+.

Line deliveries could have used some work. Kris Slater was the weakest of the ensemble, which is unfortunate since he plays the lead character. Randy Spears as the dean was the best actor of the cast. The driving scene was obviously fake. Acting Grade: C.

Kris Slater's wardrobe was ill-fitting. Perhaps another actor had been cast and had to drop out at the last minute. The movie featured a Chicago police car, but the officer was wearing an LAPD-style badge. (Didn't Joel get accepted to Princeton? That's in neither city.) Wardrobe/Make- Grade: B.

There was nothing particularly outstanding or distracting about the lighting. Lighting Grade: A-.

Music played throughout the sex scenes. Having watched this after Malice in LaLaLand, the music just seemed somewhat stale. It also pales in comparison the Tangerine Dream score found in Risky Business. Sound Grade: B-.

Brad Armstrong did a decent job with direction, but the choice of Kris Slater for the lead role in a feature was a poor one. Directing Grade: A-.

The concept was a solid one, but it's execution missed the mark. Some dialogue was lifted from the original film. Still, there was some considerable effort here. Artistic Merit Grade: B+.

Overall Grade: B.

Malice In LaLaLand Review
Posted:Aug 29, 2021 2:48 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2021 6:28 pm
Directed by Lew Xypher. Released by Miss Lucifer Productions in 2010. Runtime: 74 minutes. (Softcore version.)

The story is a reinterpretation of Alice in Wonderland. Malice (Sasha Grey) is a "patient" in presumably a psychiatric hospital. She escapes with the aid of a rabbit (dark brown fur rather than white) and is chased by a relentless security guard (Dirty Fred) through the desert encountering strange and fantastic characters along the way. Story Grade: B.

This was presumably shot on digital video. Medium Grade: B+.

Real locations were used in this production including an old hospital, desert petrol station, roadside motel, diner, and the famous Jumbo's Clown Room on Hollywood Blvd. This benefited the production tremendously. Set Design Grade: A.

The Japanese market version from which this review is based is the softcore version, so no genetalia is shown. Camera angels obscure penetration. Nevertheless, performers were enthusiastic. Interestingly, there were no sex sounds at during the sex scenes ( no moaning and none of the cliche lines one would expect hear in an x-rated movie). Sexual Performances Grade: A-.

Sasha Grey's seizures at the beginning of the movie didn't seem that realistic. However, her line deliveries are pretty good. In some regards, the action is farcical and absurd anyway. Following an explosion, a character is pretty much unscathed when blown a considerable distance. It felt like a live action Tex Avery cartoon. (There actually are some segments of animation intercut into the movie.) Acting Grade: B+.

Costumes and make- were well done and seemed suit the characters. Wardrobe/Make- Grade: A.

There was some bleaching of the sky in the desert, but otherwise there were no particular issues with lighting. Lighting Grade: A-.

Heavy metal music played throughout the movie and continued during the sex scenes. If viewers are turned on by moaning, grunting, and dirty talk, note that those typical features of an x-rated movie are missing here. Sound Grade: A-.

This project was well assembled. A particular fight scene seemed have been shot exactly like a Hollywood film. A unique choice not include a traditional x-rated movie soundtrack. Directing Grade: A-.

With the addition of animation sequences, credited metal songs, and a slick series of opening credits, there is clear artistry at . Artistic Merit Grade: A.

Overall Grade: A-.

Ms. Magnificent Review
Posted:Aug 25, 2021 2:30 am
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm
Released by Fantasy Film Productions in 1979. (DVD issued by Vinegar Syndrome.) Directed by Joe Sherman. Runtime: 80 minutes.

Ms. Magnificent's boyfriend has been kidnapped by the villainess Kreeta Borgia. As her alter-ego, Linda Kent (a reporter for the L.A. Times), she investigates a spacecraft that has landed in the Safeway Burbank parking lot. Meanwhile, Lois and Clark are also on the case, but end up as captives of Kreeta as well. Although suffering the effects of a Kryptonite dildo, Ms. Magnificent escapes her clutches along with her boyfriend, Lois, Clark, and two defecting henchwomen while Kreeta is distracted by the group's orgy. Story Grade: C.

This was shot on 16 mm film. Medium Grade: A-.

Sets didn't look particularly realistic; however, they were decorated fairly well. Jake's apartment and the newspaper office contained many props. Some oddities: a phonebooth on a rooftop, shag carpet in an office. The spaceship and the place where the captives were held were particularly phony looking. Set Design Grade: C.

The sexual performances were enthusiastic, but some sexual encounters lacked motivation, particularly the final orgy scene. Mike Horner was goofy at times. Sexual Performances Grade: B.

Jesie St. James was the best actress of the ensemble, giving the most realistic line deliveries. Ms. Magnificent's final scene seemed to play against the altruistic nature of her character by basically telling a suicidal man to get lost. (Perhaps the Kryptonite dildo should have been made of red Kryptonite for that to make sense.) Acting Grade: C.

The alien costumes were a bit cheesy, as was Ms. Magnificent's costume. However, make-up was fairly well done and the civilian clothing was appropriate. Linda's wig almost came off during her sex scene. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: B.

There was nothing particularly outstanding or distracting about the lighting except for the strange lighting setup at Jake's apartment when he's shagging Lois against the wall. Lighting Grade: B.

Sounds of dripping water didn't help to make the holding cell set any more realistic. The background music was disjointed at times. The music during the Kryptonite dildo scene didn't feel appropriate given the tone of the scene. Audio didn't always match the visual. The sound of actual television commercials can be heard at the beginning of the second sec scene (including Lucky Charms cereal and Milky Way candy bars). Sound Grade: C.

A cameraman's shadow and a shadow of a microphone can be seen in a couple of scenes. There was a continuity issue during Jake and Lois's conversation. The second sec scene is abruptly stopped for intercutting with the third, although they are unrelated to one another. Directing Grade: C-.

This film and the main character were to have originally been called Superwoman; however, a lawsuit apparently prevented that from happening. So the "S" shield on the costume is censored and the audio drops out whenever names are mentioned that are too similar to properties owned by DC Comics. How today's parodies get away with using trademarked names is unclear. There was a decent amount of effort put into this film to make it a tongue-in-cheek parody. Artistic Merit Grade: B.

Overall Grade: B-.

Barbarella XXX or Barbarella (1968)
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 10:36 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm

Which feature length movie was better, Axel Braun's Barbarella XXX or Roger Vadim's Barbarella film from 1968?
Barbarella (1968) is better than Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is better than Barbarella (1968)
Both movies are terrible.
Both movies are good.
Barbarella XXX: An Axel Braun Parody Review
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 10:30 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm
Released by Wicked Pictures in 2015. Directed by Axel Braun. Runtime: 80 minutes.

This basically follows the plot of Barbarella (196. Barbarella must find the scientist Durand Durand and depose the great tyrant, the Black Queen. Story Grade: C.

This was presumably shot on digital video. Medium Grade: B+.

Sets were fairly sparsely decorated. The pink shag carpet in Barbarella's spacecraft could been seen lifting up. The exteriors looked phony. Green screen usage was obvious. The stingray ship set would later be used as the Batcave in Supergirl XXX. Set Design Grade: D+.

The Japanese version is softcore, so no genitalia is exposed. Performers stayed mostly clothed, except for Asa Akira in the final scene. Riley Steele just seemed to be going through the motions in the second scene. Asa Akira was over the top with her moaning in the scene with Rachel Midori. At one point, Rachel Midori seemed to look toward the crew. Sexual Performances Grade: C-.

There were good line deliveries from Evan Stone, Eric Masterson, and James Bartholet. Riley Steele plays ditsy well. Perhaps the biggest laugh came from the line, "The revolution is under-funded," spoken by Ron Jeremy. James Bartholet's keyboard playing was obviously phony. Acting Grade: B-.

Alec Knight's wolf costume looked strange, but all the other costumes looked pretty decent. Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: B+.

Nothing particularly outstanding or distracting occurred with the lighting except for the flashing light during the final sex scene. Lighting Grade: A-.

A parody song played during the opening credits. Ambient sounds played during some of the sex scenes, while others had music. There was a wonky music cue at the conclusion of the scene in which Barbarella and the Black Queen meet. The soundtrack was disjointed during the final sex scene. Sound Grade: C.

Some scenes took place in Arctic-like areas, yet no breath could be seen. The shadow of a crew member could be seen in the throne room scene. Some elements of the story didn't make sense, like how Barbarella knew the Queen. Characters would appear at the beginning of scenes and then somehow vanish. The final sex scene had multiple sudden cuts which were jarring in sight and sound. The flow of Barbarella's story is interrupted once she is ensnared in a net, with the next scene focused on other characters. The quoting of Duran Duran lyrics added humour. Directing Grade: C-.

Given the effort utilized to mimic the 1968 film Barbarella, and the time spent developing costumes, there is definitely some artistic merit here. The zero gravity intro worked out pretty well. Artistic Merit Grade: A-.

Overall Grade: B-.

Supergirl XXX or Supergirl (1984)
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 8:02 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm

Which feature length movie was better, Axel Braun's Supergirl XXX from 2016 or Jeannot Szwarc's Supergirl from 1984?
Supergirl (1984) is better than Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody
Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody is better than Supergirl (1984)
Both movies are terrible.
Both movies are good.
Supergirl XXX: An Axel Braun Parody (Japanese Version)
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 7:48 pm
Last Updated:Oct 4, 2022 1:40 pm
Released by Wicked Pictures in 2016. Directed by Axel Braun. Runtime: 80 minutes.

Supergirl must save the Earth from Brainiac's invasion while breaking free from Lex Luthor's spell with the aid of Batman since Superman has lost his memory. Story Grade: C.

This movie was presumably shot on digital video. Medium Grade: B+.

While this was an ambitious project to take on with undoubtedly a limited budget, the sets were sparsely filled. The chair in Brainiac's chamber was rather flimsy when it wobbled. President Luthor spends most of his time on a set that looks like a warlock's lair or dungeon. The Batcave is incredibly small and contains a strange chair that is completely out of place. Cat Grant's office/loft had the vibe of an empty warehouse, but actually looked the best of all the sets. Set Design Grade: C-.

The Japanese version is softcore, so no genitalia is shown at all. The performers stayed mostly clothed. There was no motivation whatsoever for any of the sex scenes so they were devoid of passion. Van Wylde even appeared bored in his scene with Jessica Drake and Ryan Driller. Sexual Performances Grade: C-.

The opening scene had some unnatural sounding dialogue. Motivations were lacking in character actions. Why does Cat Grant seduce Clark and Jimmy? Why does Kara dream of having sex with Brainiac? The phony fight between Enchantress and Mercy was awful, and then they suddenly fuck? Nevertheless, line deliveries from Jessica Drake, Ryan Driller, Van Wylde, Riley Steele, and Derrick Pierce were actually quite decent. Acting Grade: B-.

Costumes were generally well done, with the exception of the Batsuit which stood out as the worst looking costume compared to all the others. Carter Cruise's face seemed rather red in the bedroom scene with Derrick Pierce. Also, how can Supergirl have pierced nipples?? Wardrobe/Make-up Grade: B.

The lighting was akin to film noir in the bedroom scene. The red lighting in the Batcave looked strange. The lighting in Luthor's lair was fine if it were a dungeon, but with his being President of the United States, it didn't make sense. The heat vision special effect was decent. Lighting Grade: A-.

The ambient sound on Brainiac's ship was okay. It was strange having no background sound in the elevator scene. The music played during the scene was hokey. There is minimal music during the sex scenes, with the exception of the final scene between Charles Dera and Carter Cruise during which music plays throughout. Sound Grade: B.

Directions to Van Wylde can be heard during his sex scene with Jessica Drake. The news feed in Luthor's lair comes to an abrupt stop. (Why is the President only watching one monitor?) A moment when Riley Steele glances at the camera remains in the movie. Supergirl's reaction to hearing a sonic beacon is weak. The sound she hears also isn't obvious. This technique played better between Gene Hackman's Lex Luthor and Christopher Reeve's Superman in 1978. Directing Grade: C+.

Given the amount of effort that went into creating this movie, along with the utilization of special effects (some working better than others), there is some definite artistic merit here. Artistic Merit Grade: A.

Overall Grade: B-.


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