Mixed feelings...  

Slut4u2214 31F
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1/29/2021 12:39 am
Mixed feelings...

Never thought I would ever get pregnant, but I did and im finding out that there are alot of guys out there who really think that a chick being pregnant is really sexy...i never knew this, I have mixed feelings about it to be honest...in a way it makes me smile to know someone still thinks im sexy, and in another way it makes me wonder if that same person will still think I'm sexy afterwards? It confuses me quite often...and then there are the ones who are just really<b> creepy </font></b>about it...those I try to avoid lol...

darkreign2010 38M  
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1/29/2021 4:59 am

I believe you have to take it case by case.. with men. Some might actually find you attractive and another might have a fetish and another might not be interested.

CleavageFan4U 64M  
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1/29/2021 6:40 am

I find pregnant women INCREDIBLY sexy. In part it is just an extension of my general preference for larger more rounded women, but then too there is no denying the "glow".

If you're comfortable with it, I'd STRONGLY encourage you to take photos of yourself these next months. Posting them for us to see would be a major high point for me, though I TOTALLY get you might not be comfortable with that.

Regardless of anything else: Congratulations and Best Wishes!

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forgotforgetting 55M
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1/29/2021 1:48 pm

I agree, a pregnant woman is sexy, but not merely because she is pregnant. There a glow associated which is often discussed but the glow extends into motherhood which isn't as discussed. This is something only a woman can do and be and I respect and honor it. It is rather magical. And no, I have not actually thought about this response.

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boobwhisperer69 59M  
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1/30/2021 7:31 pm

I think they are sexy as hell!!! CAnt explain it! And afterwards too!! The boobs, the curves, the glow! And wanting to make them feel better about themselves and sexy at the same time! Cause I know they are going through hell!!!!

justme51 70M
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3/21/2021 3:41 am

Sex while being pregnant is hot. However I recommend being very gentle no rough stuff.

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Ghurst1987 34M
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9/22/2021 12:33 am

Lol, I believe it's more than sexy to be pregnant ma'am. Your carrying something precious!

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