His weekend fun  

Southernplease69 45M/34F
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11/7/2021 5:14 am
His weekend fun

Bright and early this morning, he texted the most beautiful pic of a delicious pussy he had the pleasure fuck last night. Hopefully he will tell the details , bit I did loose my bet lol. Let's hope he forgot about that. Lol. I swear I will wet just thinking about it till be gets ho. The image of her bouncing his cock is is such a turn . I know he spent ti licking her till soaked his beard her sweet juices. If ly I could have<b> watched </font></b>or joined in and sucked her perfect nipples as he pounded that pussy . Mmmmm. I cant wait hear about it. He loves fuck and tell about it. I know that I will be naked and waiting please him .

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