Coffee and Cream  

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
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11/11/2021 11:43 am
Coffee and Cream

It is finally going to happen! She has asked to fantasize about what I want her to do to me, for me and with me. She reminds that she is a sub, that she’ll do anything I want, and that she wants me to take control of her but not just physically. She wants to take control of her mentally as well. I must confess that since she made this request my pussy has been in a continuous state of drenched cream, covering my swollen lips, running down my thighs, and even dripping from, splashing against my legs, and feet. As I do not wear panties it has caused a couple of embarrassing moments to grapple with. Thankfully both were with women. One a former girlfriend and lover. The other a woman whom I had set up a meeting with several months ago prior to contracting COVID. She is a member of the of ALL women's Bi/Lesbian party group that I party with, but it was our first meeting. The meeting took place at a coffee shop in my hometown, a shop that I had selected because it has great coffee and more so for the fact that it has a lady’s room that can be deadbolted. My original plan was to meet her and for her to eat my pussy in the lady’s room. The original plan had nothing to do with Sandra but on this and with the upcoming meeting with Sandra she was all I could think about, in truth ALL THAT I WANTED, and my pussy was flowing like a full roaring river, a total flood of my juices running out my swollen pussy down between my ass cheeks, bathing my puckered asshole, and covering my soft enter thighs. Anyone could see the droplets of juices speckling my calvas and the top of my feet from my drippings. I and my skirt were a mess!

As we were setting there my new friend laid her hand on my thigh and squeezed it sending a shiver into my wet, pulsing pussy and…, she whispered OMG Shelly. Her fingertips had pressed into the soft, drenched meat of my enter thigh and were now covered. She said, she hoped I was thinking of what we could do to each other. I didn’t reply I raised my coffee cup to my lips lowering my head while closing my eyes and instinctively opened my legs. She withdrew the hand that squeezed my thigh and raised her juiced covered fingertips to her lips while her other hand crossed over her body, between my spread legs, and dove into my soaked pussy, spreading my lips forcefully, and began an assault upon my swollen G-spot. I kept the coffee cup pressed against my lips, my head tilted down, my eyes closed, biting my lower lip<b> sucking </font></b>it into my mouth in a reward less attempt to cover my moans and soft suppressed cries.

I knew that within moments I would be ejaculating, squirting my sweet nectar of the gods all over my new friends, now deeply personal friend’s, fingers and hand. I knew any of the other patrons that were watching, I was not looking to see who may be watching, would know that I was being finger fucked right there in the coffee shop. If they had any doubts, I knew the aroma of my pussy would confirm it beyond such doubts…, OH FUCK…, she is relentless…, FUCK, FUCK, FUCK…, OH FUCK.

She pulls her fingers from my soaked pussy and my ejaculated is dripping from them. To hide her covered hand she clutches her fingers, her fist into a ball, grasp by the wrist with her other hand and pulls up from my seat. She calls the waitress over to tell her we will be returning and not to clear the table or give our seats up and she pulls towards the lady’s room. Once in the lady’s room she locks the door behind us and shoves against the sink counter. She drops to her knees, pushing my skirt up around my waist, drives her and tongue into my wet pussy. She licks, cleans my pussy and turns around pressing into the counter while bending forward she spreads my ass cheeks bathes my crease and puckered asshole, fucking it relentlessly with her tongue, driving the tip further into my ass with each forceful thrust. She finishes by turning back around spreading my legs and cleaning my nectar from the inside of my thighs…, but…, FUCK! I cannot stop it…, I cover her in …, all to her delight.

We return to our table to a few glances. Our waitress comes over, steps between our chairs and while facing and talking with my new best friend she drops a napkin into my lap. I can see handwriting on it and a smiley . I unfold the napkin and the note simply said; I want you! I tasted your , OMG! Followed by a phone and the smiley face.

I smile! My gorgeous Sandra, my sub, is already paying dividends! I tuck the note in my skirt’s waist pocket. Is it wrong for me to have cum all over this woman while lustfully thinking of Sandra and how I want her to eat my pussy, how I want her to fuck me, to lick my ass, how fucking much I want to cover Sandra’s face, tits, body with my cum, watch her wantonly lick my cum from her fingers, how much I want to watch here squirt, to play with her pussy, to suck her breast, to eat and fuck her…, OH FUCK…, I’m WET…, HERE I GO AGIN…, OH FUCK…, Sandra!

I’ve provided a detailed description of my gorgeous friend, Sandra, before…, this time I’m just going to give you more pictures and let your mind draw its own conclusions and develop your own fantasies after all the mind is the largest sex organ. So, use it! Dream of eating and fucking Sandra or watching her and I eating and fucking one another. Create your own fantasies using the pictures, this story, put yourself in my place or my new best friend’s and masturbate. Better yet, read it to your love, watch her masturbate, coach her in fucking her G-spot, watch her orgasm or squirt and then clean her pussy. Let you mind run wild and enjoy your rewards.

To Sandra…, well…, KISSES & LICKS ! I can’t wait till we are both between our spread legs and enjoying our rich, sweet, treasures. I want to taste every inch of your magnificent, gorgeous body. I know your body will be a cornucopia of savory rich flavors and I want to experience those flavors, all those different taste from your toes to your head and back again. I want to linger over your breast, kissing, licking, nibbling, and<b> sucking </font></b>them while making the connection between your nipples and your clit. I want our tongues to languish in our mouths, exploring, tasting, and caressing your amazing lips feeling and tasting their full richness. I want us both to work our ways to the other’s treasure, to bathe our tongues in the rich abundance of our nectar. I want to explore your gorgeous cushiony G-spot and your firm, tasty clit with my tongue, and fingers to watch you release, enjoy, the reactions to a total body orgasm, and…, I want to taste your cum , the splendor, the full sweetness! Feed my hunger…, quench my thirst…, till we both are satisfied.

MisterXTC1000 57M
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11/12/2021 9:56 am

Mmmmmm got me going for sure.....I can smell and picture your actions in my thoughts

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
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11/12/2021 1:28 pm

Our goal is to make the reader but themselves into the story to becum HORNY, WET, HOT, and to CUM. We encourage readers to fantasize about be a participant or one of the main characters and share your experience in getting off in the comments. Thanks for commenting, hugs..., Shelly.

OlderPete58 63M  
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11/20/2021 6:40 am

Shelly you succeeded in your aim your stories always go into great detail about the feelings the sensations the the people in the story go through and yes get us immersed in the story and get us going.

Well done I hope you are keeping safe and well.

Squirt_Professor 68M/55F  
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11/21/2021 5:42 am

Thank you Pete always enjoy your comments as well as the friendship we have developed in your following of my stories and our chatting online. COVID has placed a strain on our lives and the things we can experience, reducing our relations with others while building a reluctances to experiment new adventures and new relations. I hope we get past that.

Hope you and your family stays safe and well also. Hugs, Shelly.

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