Sharing his wife  

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Sharing his wife

I ask Sara on a Friday evening- Hey there is a couple that wants to meet
us and there is a single guy who promises to be fun who wants to meet
you... whom do you want to meet?
Sara replies lets meet the single guy, and Ram was also quite happy coz
that is what he had always wanted.
The seed of seeing another man with sara started sometime ago when
Ram and Sara were living a situational celibate life- meaning no sex at all.
While Ram was alone he used to think about Sara’s need for physical
satisfaction in her sexual life. He thinks that he is keeping her away from
all the sexual freedom any woman wants even though she is married.
This society for some reason keeps its taboos quite a bit when it becomes
sexual that too if it’s a woman. Eating in huge quantities is not really an
issue but a woman who wants to express her sexual freedom is looked
down upon. He realises that he cannot keep his wife happy in all the
aspects of what she expects out of life
After a while an image keeps forming in his head. That image as his wife
getting pleasured a virile and libido man.
They say communicate with your partner and see what happens…so one
night under the influence of alchohol and making out with his hot and
eager wife Ram blurts out- I want you to fuck another dick soon Sara-
fuck it makes me so horny…
Sara was confused.. her husband wants another man to take her
sexually- She was aroused and at the same time confused. She played
along to make Ram happy- but this thought was so bloody wrong and
that is what made it exciting. From then Sex between her and her
husband was never without a third in the role play for Sara and Ram-It
became a routine for Ram to get hard the whole day thinking about his
wife being pounded another man. And for Sara- is this going to be
In the days of sms- Ram gets a guy from another city to woo his wife
Sara into some harmless flirting- but again the speed in which it went
from flirting to sexting to phone sex all in the same day-
That day Ram and sara had gone alone for a long drive- it was rainy and
beautiful to drive along green carpet like mountains, light drizzle, like you
can feel the droplets but not get wet, it was that kind of weather- it was
so close to nature. Ram chose that day to get the guy to start the
messaging and Ram was encouraging his wife to get naughty knowing
what is actually going behind the scenes- she was getting digitally
seduced another man who is talking crazy stuff to her- it was intrigue
combined with attention being given in front of her husband. This was
making Ram excited and he quickly was trying to escalate it soon.. the
whole evening the guy and Sara would text each other but it was barely
flirting but the time we reached home it had taken the shape of
sexting- making her touch herself- phone sex was the best- she told me
he is making me do everything that I wanted to. Ram goes ballistic- this
guy is also happy to along and having a great time in the digital
Ram –quite encouraged the digital attempt is confident that it could
potentially be enacted in real as well- So he starts to take this initiative to
the next level- he gets busy shortlisting guys with whom Sara should
possibly meet- HE was also open to the idea of a couple swap- In those
series of attempts he also meets single men who is happy to explore and
wanted to meet Sara badly-
This guy meets/woos and gets her telephone - and these two start
to sext as well. This does not stop Ram in his quest and it just gets over
aggressive- Ram is open and direct knowing what kind of standards
he wants for his wife. In the meanwhile he reads an interesting ad about
a guy called Sagar. He describes himself as a 25 year old guy who loves
older women
Both the guys get on to a messenger getting down to discussing how it
will all pan out. Guy was from the same city so logistics was not an issue.
Then both agree for a quick face-to-face meet, Ram drives down to
Sagar’s workplace and first impression this guy looks quite ordinary (he
was in his formal work clothes) in Ram’s mind was not confident that his
wife will fall for him.
Ram shows him a pic of Sara-
Sagar - Ram I think I can fuck your wife Sara in front of you very soon-
Wives would love the attention of a man- try me and you lose
nothing just a great evening if it does not work- But I am very confident
he signs off.. Ram is left pondering
Ram does not feel that it can be done so soon- how little husbands know
about their wives
Ram sets up this meeting in a nice open Garden restaurant and walks in
with his beautiful innocent shy wife ,If you remember she was the one
who wanted to meet the single guy.
She was wearing a nice padded up black bra and a black color top with a
black legin- Sara is a well-rounded pleasant and sensual woman –
Sexually attractive but not experienced in wild night outs. She had
applied light lipstick and made herself smell very nice.
Ram selects an isolated and private place to drink and eat- Dat Night
seemed special as if the stars just got aligned for some magic to happen-
It was a wet evening and drizzling rain and cold- then Sagar walks in very
confidently and this guy is very athletic- strong broad shoulders and wavy
hair, dimples when he smiles- overall very virile looking guy what a
change from his formal clothes- He brings flowers and gives it to her- I
don’t remember if she hugged him- and he felt her breasts getting
crushed his athletic frame or was it just shake of hands- but this guy
just floored her with this flowers and directly sat very close to her and
was whispering things in her ear- From time to time he would speak to
Ram but mostly his attention was on Sara- Apparently after 5 minutes
sagar’s hand was raoming al over Sara’s legs- This Ram was not aware of
at all- Sagar also licks the back of Sara’s ear as if he was whispering in
her ear- Ram was not aware of all the under the table and next to the
table going on’s.
Ram was taking a few cigarette breaks- leaving his wife to the young
man's attempts to get a little physical with her- But in his mind all kinds
of dirty images started to form coz he was seeing his wife totally in
comfort of the young guy wooing her and making her feel so wanted
In the meanwhile Sagar get a phone call.
Sara asks Ram says- look at these beautiful flowers- have you ever
thought of giving me flowers- Ram is happy that it’s all happening for the
good, how far and how quickly neither did he imagine or Sara.
Now Sagar comes back and announces that the call was from another
woman who wanted to meet and asked him how hung is he- then he
whispers something in Sara's ears- and they both share a laugh and the
flirting continues with him ordering her dinner and more drinks. He even
feeds her some chocolate and lets the finger linger on more than needed.
Ram feels he should take an extended ciggy break- he walks to the loo
and relaxed that his wife is in good hands takes a lengthy loo break-
walks upstairs and sends a message to Sagar asking how is it going and
then the eternal wait for the reply knowing that his wife is being naughty
with another man the voyeuristic Ram was experiencing- it takes an
eternity to get a reply- can you imagine the anguish and wanting things
to move on gives Ram such a big hard on- his cock is hard like a stone-
Ram Lights up a cigarette- in a few seconds Sagar- replies " She is In"
and plan for the car ride now- I will my bike repair and you offer to
give me a lift.
Ram is like what the fuck this soon, man lets take it to the next level- a
wild car drive planned to get these two to have a go at each other at a
physical level with me driving the car- now the time was like just
10. early night any standards and the plan was set up going towards
Ram is excited and in a state of trance walks up to the new love found
couple in awe with each other- holding hands and walking out while I go
and get the car- There she is sara my wife of 25 plus years- on a wet
night holding hands with a young 25 year old stud i wondered if he has
already made her wet- Only he can share.
So the story of the night continues- Sagar sits along with Ram in the car
while sara sits in the back of the car- Sagar and Sara are sharing a
conversation and Ram is busy drinking up beers and its pouring rain like
cats and -
Suddenly Sagar says- I am going to go to the back seat and give some
company to sara and she will also like it no? sara just says yes- Ram
stops the car for sagar to go to the back of the car and then its all a blur
for Ram- what all happens in the back of the car is pretty much up to the
experience of Sagar and Sara- All Ram could do is to keep drinking and
giving them all the time and privacy to explore their bodies- All Ram
heard was that Sagar left a lot of hickeys on her so that she will
remember- Also she did give him a blow job in the back of the car.
Expansion here it goes-
She was hungry and was kissed with all passion sagar- he was literally
groping her tits and kissing her wherever he could- at the same time sara
was also groping sagar all over his body and kissing him back in all its
Sagar felt such a it was difficult to believe that a sexy older woman
who smelt so great and classy is making out in the back of the car while
her husband is driving- It was so reckless. It was raining heavily and all
the time sagar was making sara so hot inside the car – sara was so
surrendered that she just let go of all her inhibitions- did not care that her
husband was there driving but she knew he could not see- so she went at
Emotions raging on for Ram from excitement to wanting to know what
exactly was happening- He was in the dark literally- he was not able to
even fathom how much his wife is enjoying the company of sagar- She
had a bareback cock of a total stranger she just met a few hours ago-
come on all you husbands your wife deserves and experience like this
ever in their life- the feel of another man's cock in her mouth and his dick
in her pussy- his lips all over her body- his mouth covered with her
juices- the memores of feeling a hard dick after a very very long time-
the feeling of wanting to be sexually famished a stud-Sagar is about to get dropped off- he gives sara one passionate, long and
hard kiss followed some intense tit handling and fondling- it was like
there is no tomorrow-she was moaning hard
Ram was driving the car with such a big hard on it was difficult to drive!!!
Sagar on the other hand became a dominant partner doing all that he
knows too well- to turn on hungry woman who wants a fresh guys
expereince of real of a woman who needs it badly
Whoa whatta night it was!!!
It had to end with a promise to be continued the next day for another
Now what was sagar going through- what was sara going through in her
head- what was Ram thinking
The car had to stop- it was drizzling and such a hot and intense night with
so many emotions running wild and the imagination of the husband the
desire of the hungry wife and the young sagar feeling another quick
conquest- what conquest what more could have happened on day 1
Sara gives him a warm hug like lost lovers…and gets back in the front
side of the car and tells Ram- lets go
That Night
That night was a sleepless one for all the three
Sara was playing those erotic scenes in front of her eyes, she was getting
wet down there just thinking about it- Gosh such an exciting lover all
to myself behind the car how passionate his kissing was- She ran through
a hot warm feeling from her head to the place it matters- She loved the
feel of her young Sagar and the various things he did to her body today
and she responded like a young hungry woman who has not had any
great sex off late. She literally took his hard dick from his jeans and his
underwear and gave it a couple of shakes and a warm kiss on sagar’s
lips- his dick went hard and wild- Sara took his shaft in my mouth and
started to suck it deeper into her throat, She started to also with his
balls and ran her tongue over the crack of his penis opening. He was
instantly getting harder. She kept doing it over and over again Ram had to interrupt and she had to withdraw… sara was so excited she
went to the toilet and took a look at all the love bites Sagar had left on
her body- she was remembering all those moments and feeling hot- She
sees a message from sagar saying thank you for the evening- She sends
him a smiley and says hopefully I will see you tomorrow now sleep well
and ends with a smiley
Sagar was also surprised at his own feelings never has he connected to a
hot woman who was so expressive in what she wants- She had wonderful
lips and so exquisite skin that I can end up just nibbling her- She was
smelling so good that he wanted to dive in straight to her pussy and lap
up all her juices. He was content with licking some of her juices in the
car- whoa what speed she was coming on to him when her husband was
not able to see what was happening-
The Next day- The preparations
Sara tells Ram that she is going to be busy right through the day and I
also needed to pick her lingerie. Ram picks up the lingerie and about to
come back home he decides to call Sagar to get a feel- They both discuss
what is the plan for the day.. sagar says sara will be a happy woman
tonight that is for sure, I am very confident of your wife in front of
you- May be that is not what Ram wanted- He just wanted to see his wife
Sara was all cleaned up with all the waxing, shaving and all the
moisturisers to make herself ready for her young lover and stud Sagar.
She felt so good after a long time sexually she was looking forward for all
hers and husbands fantasies to come true.
That Evening
In the evening Ram and Sara check into a nice hotel with a suite room
booked for the night- Ram had also brought some liquor for sagar and
himself- Once checked in Ram sends the room to sagar- he
replies will be there in minutes.
In the meanwhile let me tell you what sara looks like, she has a natural
38dd tits with big nipples darkish brown- she is extremely fair and softest
skin you can feel in a 35 year old woman
She smells heavenly- very well shaved and cleaned and looking sensuous
All this getting ready for the other man in front of the husband was
making Ram extremely horny- his wife is going to fuck another man
tonight and it’s going to be different from now on- His wife will become
another guys fuck buddy
Butterflies in her stomach for sure- she is this shy wife not had anything
like this before- she decides to give it all that she wants- Imagine the
husband seeing her almost nude wife grabbing Sagar's dick through his
jeans when he was vigorously finger her- all Ram could do was to
watch Sagar Ravaging his innocent and shy wife of so many years- almost
cumming on Sagar's hands all over- Raging intense it was and more to
now sagar has kissed sara all over- from back of the ears to neck line
those luscious lips and his two fingers were always busy playing with her
pussy and lots of administering of the clit- making her have those waves
of mini orgasms while sagar was getting her hand all over his hard dick
she was breathing hard, moaning un intelligent sounds- her nipples got
very hard and then she erupted like a volcano and she came in a thudder
and sagar was like a man orchestrating a concert and all over cum and
she has her cheeks all red
Sagar does not stop here he is slow but lots more kissing and touching
and feeling and all of a sudden he takes her hips literally dives in to her
pussy and starts to lick her pussy and bite her clit and rotates in between
his teeth and all the while two fingers in her pussy.
She was like a woman in heat and holding his head and brushing his hair-
pulling the pillow harder- Again Ram was seeing his wife possessed her
young lover sagar…
She keeps cumming in buckets Moans his name Sagar- I love
you!!! Sagar laps it all up- 20 minutes and my wife sara has cum
like four times that too heavily
Ram was so hard that he instantly came in his trousers- the scene was so
intense that it had joy, feeling that his wife finally knows how it is with a
real man- Mixture of emotions for Ram and he just is in awe looking at his
ravished wife submitting totally to the ministrations of another young
virile stud.That night was so hot and intense it kept going on for a while when it was
a small break that actually made Ram to think about what he should now
do- he decides to walk over to the bar- he sends Sagar a message hey
sara is all yours let me know when you finish I will come at that time..
This is exactly what sara also wanted…
The first of the many final acts
Sara wants all of sagar all alone
She wants him to take her completely like a woman who has been
dreaming of an actual fuck from sagar
Sara already had a taste of sagar:s dick in her pussy
She was spooning and bucking her back trying to swallow his hard dick
She was very wet right through that night cumming copious times and
the room just smelt of heavy sex… the minute Sara hears Ram leaving
she calls sagar into the rest room- she decides to take a nice hot shower
and see if her stud has any ideas- sagar comes in nude and starts to kiss
sara on her lips so hard that she is left struggling for her breath- at the
same time he starts to finger her clit in circular motions- Sara is
overwhelmed and starts to give sagar a hand job- his dick grows and then
she lets it go under the hot shower- and goes back to kissing him back.
This interlude takes it own sweet foreplay kind of fun but just enough to
build up to a sexual level and then bring it down.
They both rush to the bed all wet did not even bother to dry themselves.
Sara starts to kiss sagar all over his chest sucks his nipples and keeps
flicking her tongue towards his hard nipples.. sagar feels so hard that he
does not remember any other woman who has made him feel so hard.
Sagar tweaks her tits and explores her neck and nibbles her ear he wants
to talk real dirty to her- Hey sara do you want my cock inside you
you hard- come on now tell me or whisper to me
Sara moans Sagar.. pleas yes I want- I want you inside me- oh god I
want you Sagar whispers- are you feeling wet for me now Sara- Sara kisses him
hard and then takes his hand to her pussy- Sagar feels her moist and
slick pussy
All he now wants is to take her pussy straight away- He spreads her legs
and puts a pillow under her<b> butts.. </font></b>now is all ready to plunge- he
hesitates to put the condom- sara just pulls him close to her and bites his
ears and says- I want you inside now- Sagar takes his dick and fills her
wet pussy all the way- Now Sagar is feeling a hot pussy that is drowning
his dick in all its juices how long is he going to last in this ocean- he
knows that sara wants to hug him tight- he plants one mouth on her
nipple and starts to suck it strong- the reaction was the humping became
faster and more intense-
Sara is starting to feel a series of mini-orgasms hitting her and is ready to
explode- at the same time she feels sagar’s cock growing and also feels
the tension building up in his breathing- Sara now starts to bite sagar on
his shoulder and starting to scratch his back- sagar is grunting and
cumming inside sara’s pussy and Sara was moaning sagar’s name and
kissing him all over his face in ecstacy and a massive orgasam… she
keeps kissing sagar entwining her tongue in his and her hands roaming all
over his body- so satiated with a hot and an intense sex session- Usually
she would go to the washroom and clean up- Sagar was again into eating
her pussy where he just came a few seconds back- Sara’s pussy was
leaking of sagar’s cum but he was still sucking her pussy and fingering
her clit- then starts to nibble .. sara moans and starts to pull him toward
her and Sagar gives her a deep kiss and tells her can you taste yourself
through me- I have never seen any pussy that is so fresh after so many
years of marriage- Sara knows it all. sagar is hard once again and this
time he decides to get sara on top of him and grind her pussy in his dick
and whoa whatta session that was. Sagar and she nude in bed drinking
whisky is how Ram walked into the room- He also makes himself a drink
and settles down.
Ram’s mind is throbbing to find out what all happened but just has to be
content with the fact that Sara and Sagar have had a great time without
him in the room- He has mixed feelings about it in terms of not knowing
what happened but was sure that the glow in their faces indicated that
everything went according to the plan and there was so much intense
smell of cum with juices from both of them.
He says- I have another call in ten minutes- It should take at-least 45
minutes, I will join you soon- saying that he walks in to the toilet- In the
meanwhile Sara has her hands full with an engorged cock of sagar- She is
surprised that he has become hard again. She fondles his cock and sees
there is precum already and slowly uses her finger to clean and it and
shows sagar licking the fingers slowly and erotically.
Now Ram says bye and leaves the room
Sagar then starts to kiss sara with a lot of passion and both their tongues
entwined and hands roaming all over each other’s body. They both are
possessed with each other’s lust nothing mattered to both of them kissing
and groping each other. Sagar then trails his lips from her lips to her ears
and asks her how was it for her- Sara whispers it was good and I want it
again.. seeing her moan for more Sagar goes down on her and this time it
was never ending moaning and clutching his hair as he makes her orgasm
many times and the whole bed is a puddle of her juices. Sara is left
drained but the energy of sex has made her more enthusiastic she has
never felt so exhilarated in a few hours of sex.. never before she thought
all this was possible in bed- Sagar takes her to places she has never
experienced so much that she even forgets how many times she has
orgasmed that night.
She expertly takes his cock and gives it a good suck taking her time to
with his balls and works on his prostrate as well- the thing becomes
a huge monster with her administering so much attention. Sagar now
wants to fill her with his cock and drain his cum in her wet and tight
pussy- Sagar says- I have never met a woman whose pussy is so fresh
and the juices that are coming out are of a much woman. Sara
kisses him and pulls him towards her body, crushing her breasts and rubs
the tip of his penis.
Slowly Sagar positions his cock towards her pussy and rolls in back and
forth towards her clit.. sara moans taking a bite of his ear and says- take
me now.. sagar waits and then in one go drives his hard, long and thick
cock in her wet and waiting pussy- Sara gives a mini-scream and she is
totally absorbed in her ecstatic sexual mind when her first orgasm hits
her, she increases the pace and Sagar just withdraws and takes his dick
towards sara’s nipples and rubs it in her nipples- oh fuck the scene is so
hot and makes sara cum again just from that one or two penis strokes on
both of her nipples….
Sagar again enters her pussy and starts to maintain his rhythm and this
time he moves so that his groin hits her clit at the end of every stroke-
there is another volcanic orgasm that is building in sara… she is moaning
and giving out mini-screams and makes sagar kiss her to keep the noises
One more of those huge orgasms and sagar just after Sara had a big one-
grunts and says Oh sara I am going to cum inside you!!! Sara starts to
bite him all over and kisses his face all over and starts to bring him
closer- Sagar dives to her tits and takes one nipple in his mouth and the
other hand roughly starts to knead her other nipple- Sara goes wild
matching his bucking movement with her upward thrusts.. sagar keeps
humping away for a good 4 minutes and then explodes with his stream of
cum inside her and so much cum that it starts to come out of her wet
pussy. What an experience for sara countless orgasms and counting has
stopped long back- For her it was giving everything of hers to a
remarkable lover- She was like a wanton woman who is with her lover
who is incredible in bed and knows exactly what to do to her.
Sagar is relentless again kissing her all over the body leaving small hickey
marks on her neck and inside of her lips- says every day morning you will
remember me when you brush your teeth. Sara asks what about the
night, Sagar leaves one long and intense hickey just on top of her left
breast- look at it before you go to bed… and the day it begins to fade
away I will give you another one on the right- Ram will get turned on
when he sees it too… he adds
It was one intense and an unforgettable experience for all the three as
the night goes on for another round of exhilarating sexual activities both
Sara and Sagar drift off to a short nap in each other’s arms while Ram
waits for their call to come back
The Beginning of many….

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