The Bluewater - Part 3  

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10/21/2021 12:35 pm
The Bluewater - Part 3

Spent, at least for now, he kneels between her legs and leans back on his calves, supporting himself with his arms behind him on the bed. He closes his eyes and raises his face toward the ceiling, breathing more normal now, but still inhaling and exhaling deeply. His toned abs and pecs stretch tight, and she admires the subtle tan line running side to side about an inch or two below his taut navel. The clouds have cleared, and the sweat on his chest glistens in the faint orangish glow flooding in the windows from the sun setting west over the lake. His sex is still engorged, just not very stiff. She caresses his balls gently, then moves to kneel in front of him. Curiously, she forms an O around the base of his shaft with her index finger and thumb, and slides it forward, gently coaxing the few remaining drops of his cum to fall into the waiting palm of her other hand. Smiling at him watching her, she licks it up, then leaning down, teases, “I’ll bet we taste good,” and takes him into her mouth, sucking and licking him almost clean. But she doesn’t swallow. Instead she straightens up to face him, still smiling. “What do you think?” she continues teasing, and leans her open mouth to his, offering her tongue deep into what is now his rather dry mouth. (He actually doesn’t mind the taste of his cum, ever since a former lover years ago suggested sharing it with him after insisting he cum in her mouth. It had a slight woody flavor, mixed with the taste of mushroom, but rather salty.) He takes all of what she gives him, smiles, and says, “Mmmmm…we DO go well together.” He grabs the bottle of water off the night stand, and offers it to her. She takes a couple short drinks, and then gargles, and starts laughing almost immediately, spraying his chest. “That’s enough for you,” he laughs, and finishes what’s left in the bottle.

They chuckle and lay back down. He’s right of her on his left side propped up slightly on his elbow. She’s on her back with two pillows under her head, her right leg straight, her left leg bent with her knee pointed at the ceiling. Her arms are stretched comfortably over her head. With the back of his middle finger, he traces the fine tan lines around her breasts, and then the one low on her belly between her hipbones. “That,” he offers softly, “ wonderful…” “No,” she counters, “That… incredible…”

After a brief silence, she asks, “How’d you know what I wanted?” “Or better yet - how’d you learn to DO all that, Ryan? PRINCE Ryan?” she laughs, trying to come off as somewhat sarcastic. He laughs, too. And after a short pause says, still tracing, “I don’t know.” “Just following your lead, I guess…” “But I WILL say, that…you feel…I don’t know…familiar… Like a faded memory…a good one…come bac” “Mmmmm,” she says softly, closing her eyes, loving the feel of his touch. She reaches over and runs her hand through his hair. He lays his head gently on her chest just below her shoulder, and starts gently rubbing her belly. “Mmmmm…” she half whispers.

It’s still dusk, plenty of light yet, but fading slowly, and the cool breeze tosses the pulled open curtains at the side of the windows. “Jordan?” he asks softly, “What drew you to the pier tonight, if I may ask…?” She sighs deeply, still relishing the feel of his hand on her belly.

“I literally just broke up with someone I really had high hopes for. It so close, I wanted it to work but I just couldn’t make myself move forward knowing the unhappiness that would likely come to us... I sad and upset, thinking of all the what-if scenarios, wishing things could have been different. Guess I just got lost in thought and didn’t even hear those boys approaching. I’m sooo glad you showed up, in more ways than one,” she grinned, as her fingertips caresses a long light trail from his balls up to the tip of his coc Her middle finger brushes so slightly across it, the last sweet taste of their passion. She brings it to her lips, sucking it so slowly and deliberately that he can’t take his eyes off her mouth...

“What? Done sharing, are we?” he asks, smiling. “Mmmmm,” she purrs, and reaches down between her legs. “Here you go,” and brushes his lips with her wet middle and ring fingers. He takes them in, sucking, licking as she moves them in and out between his lips. “And what about you?” she asks. I haven’t seen you on the pier before, much less anywhere here in Grand Haven.”

“I’ve been coming here at midsummer once a year for the last, what? eleven years, I think…with my wife. I spent a lot of time here when I , visiting my cousins, once of whom is Hannah, the woman who called earlier. I’ve always loved it here in the summer, and after I got married, we decided to make it an annual thing.”

Oh…so you’re married, eh?” she says.

“. Until last fall. She started fucking a guy she worked with, and decided the grass greener with him. I divorced her. She in such a hurry to get it over, she didn’t care about much of anything, and agreed to the first proposal my attorney and I prepared. Don’t get me wrong. It equitable. But I came into the deal with a helluva lot more than she did. And our state isn’t one of those community property states, so I left with what I brought in, plus two thirds of what we acquired during the marriage. Just glad we didn’t have any . That would’ve made it an entirely different story. Not paying alimony, either. It fair, and she knew it. Turned out she split with that guy just after the<b> holidays. </font></b>Found somebody else to fuck, I guess.”

“Any regrets?” she asks. “Not any longer. I finally let it go a couple months ago.” “So why come back again this year?” It seemed to him she genuinely curious, which she . “I wasn’t going to, but Hannah thought it would be good for me. Kind of forced it on me, actually, by making the reservation here. It didn’t take much arm twisting, though. Like I said, I’ve always enjoyed it here, and like hiking the dunes. That’s where I was all day. I got back here a early, and decided to walk the pier before meeting Hannah for dinner. And then…” his voice trails off as he lightly brushes her lips.

“And then you rescued me!!” as she grins ear to ear, rolling on top of him. “My knight – no, sorry! My PRINCE…in shining armor…or jeans! Or…whatever.” Straddling him, she toys with his nipples, then rubs her hands up and down his chest. “Anything to eat and drink around here?” she asks, scrambling off him and the bed, prancing to the kitchenette on the balls of her feet. As she passes the clothes rack hanging open on the wall, she stops to examine what he has hanging there. She grabs one of his shirts off its hanger and puts it on, buttoning all but the top two buttons. “How do I look? she asks, turning to face him. It’s a long sleeved casual white shirt that hangs a less than half way down her thighs. She’s rolling up the sleeves so they don’t cover her hands. “Unbutton one more on the top and it’ll be perfect,“ he grins, as she turns her attention to the refrigerator.

He slips on his jeans, and drapes her shirt and yoga pants, along with his shirt over the backs of a couple chairs. As she forages through the cupboards, cabinets and drawers in the kitchenette, he opens his duffle bag and removes a bottle of One Hope pinot grigio, a favorite of his from California. A friend has a who owns a vineyard out there, and he’s enjoyed it ever since he first given a bottle to try. “Like wine?” he asks. “There should be a corkscrew in one of those drawers, and some wine glasses in one of those cupboards.” “Found ‘em,” she says, “And a box of Keebler Club Snack Pack crackers.” “Check the date,” he grins, as he starts peeling away the foil around the top of the bottle. “Oh, and loo” She holds up a tub of port wine cheese spread she found in the fridge. “It hasn’t even been opened yet. Date’s good, too.” “Hmmm,” he thinks to himself. “A damn good wine…with Keebler Club crackers and port wine cheese spread? Oh, well. Guess we’ll make do with what we have.”

She runs the water in the sink until it’s hot, then washes and dries the wine glasses, a couple of plates, and a butter knife she found in one of the drawers. He rips off a few paper towels, grabs the corkscrew and goes out to the dec He’s leaning against the deck rail with his back to the shore as he opens the bottle of wine. The cool breeze feels good on his bare back, and the waves that were crashing onto the beach across the street when the rains came through have almost entirely subsided. She comes out, puts the plates, a couple packets of crackers, the cheese, and knife on the deck table, then joins him with wine glasses in hand. He puts a good pour into each, sets the bottle down on the top of the railing, takes her free hand in his, raises his glass to hers, and smiles. “To you, my damsel in distress.” “To you, my…PRINCE…in jeans…that fit just right,” she replies, grinning, then lets go of his hand tucking her fingers inside the back of his jeans. He puts his arm around her waist, playing with her hipbone, then slips it up under her shirt, pulling her close. They stand there, gazing out at the water beyond the beach across the street. She loves the feel of the cool breezes getting under and around the bottom of her shirt.

“If I were to ever meet your ex,” she says, “Not that I’d ever to – I’d ask her why she’d ever to fuck another guy…” “I mean, the way you fucked ME tonight? Jesus Christ! It incredible!” He smiles. “Understatement,” he says, turning and leading her to the chairs at the table. “Cheese and crackers?” he offers, opening the tub of port wine spread and a pack of crackers. With the knife, he takes some cheese and begins spreading it on a cracker, promptly breaking it in half. “Here,” he says laughing, “Maybe you can try.” “The trick,” she says, “Is to keep the cracker flat on the plate instead of holding it with your fingers. Like this…” as the cracker breaks in two, with one piece dangling from the knife, stuck to a glob of spread. “Maybe we should have let it warm up a ,” she says. “It’s really still cold and stiff.” He takes another cracker and tries going right for the spread in the tub, breaking it in three pieces, with the biggest one now laying on top of the spread. “More wine?” he asks, taking the corkscrew and retreating back into the room to retrieve another bottle from his duffle bag.

A few minutes later he returns to find almost a dozen crackers on the plate, covered nicely with the port wine spread. “I figured it out,” she said, “Just don’t ask me how.” “You’re a woman with many talents,” he says smiling, leaning down to kiss her. She reaches her hand behind his neck, holding his lips to hers as she kisses him long…and deep.” “Mmmmm,” he grins, finally sitting down. “That spread actually tastes pretty good.” He makes two more good pours, grabs a cracker and leans back into his chair. “I at a bar, once, and overheard a group of women talking about men at the table next to me. They’d obviously been there awhile, and well “into their cups,” so to speak, when the loudest one of them said something I’ve never forgotten. ‘Show me the perfect guy,’ she said loudly, “and I’ll show you a woman who gets tired of fucking him!’ They all laughed.” He takes another cracker, washing it down with another sip of wine. “Apparently, he wasn’t her first. I learned that she’d been fucking around for quite awhile before she began fucking the guy she worked with. I’m glad it’s over…”

“I don’t think I could ever get tired of fucking you, Ryan. Ever,” she said.

“Might you be saying that because you’re…how do they put it? On the rebound? I was told it’s pretty normal after a significant break-up. I didn’t seem to experience it, but I’m told many do.”

She sits back in her chair. “I saw it coming for months, maybe even longer. It was my idea, hard as it was to break it to him. Yeah, I had second thoughts. And earlier today, I just found myself in a rather bad patch. Probably feeling a bit sorry for myself. But like you, I’m glad it’s over, too…the relationship…AND that bad patch earlier today,” she said, smiling into his eyes. “And speaking, as we were, of fucking…I have a surprise for you,” she teases, and disappears back into the room. He loves how she moves, up on the balls of her feet like that. She kicks open the door to the deck with her hands behind her bac

“Look what I found in one of the cupboards!” she says excitedly.

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Curious what is next!

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I think you'll be surprised. But let me ask you, what do you think is coming up (besides the obvious...)?

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