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10/1/2018 10:28 pm
More About Me

Okay, you know what I am about sexually. You know I am 6 feet, 130 pounds, skinny with a little fat in my stomach, with brown hair and eyes, and that my cock can get up to 6 or 7 inches at least and is uncut. You know I am all-STD free. You also know I am bisexual and like being the sissyboi with my boipussy ready for older men (55 and up), that I like being the submissive or boy, the bottom receiver. I like being chased and hit on, I like being called cute, sexy names, I like getting gifts like cards, flowers, and other types of attention. I'm not comfortable using cute names back: I still can't call any lover "hon," or "babe," or "sweetie." I am the receiver on that. I want an older Sugar Daddy or Grandpa. I shave my body smooth: my chest, armpits, stomach, panty line, pubic area, and muy cock and balls. I may start shaving my legs too. I like feeling a hairy, wrinkling old man body against my shaved-smooth boyish skin.

Being bisexual, I can be the slave to a dominatrix, the younger lover to a cougar, i can also be "normal," and be sa straight, alpha decent man for a woman of any age.

But now what about my personality? My hobbies? Well, I am still shy, awkward and quiet at first when I first meet up with a guy or girl, but after I get comfortable with you, you'd see that I do have a sense of humor; think South Park, Family Guy, The Naked Gun and Airplane movies; you'd see that I do have strong political opinions, but i try to not to let them sour my relationships (I am a bit of a conservative Republican with some Libertarian views.... and even a few Liberal ones), religiously: well, I don't ever talk about that.

What do i like to do? Most of you may find be a bit boring. I hate crowded, noisy places like bars and nightclubs. My life is so hectic and busy that to me just having a good time is spending time with friends or family... eating at a nice or casual restaurant on the water and such, my life is so busy, just taking time to sit back, relax, enjoy the day, smell the flowers, listen to the birds sing...that is fun to me. I routinely take walks along the harbor, watching the skyline twinkle and come to life with colorful lights in the sunset, I hike and explore hidden canyons, trails....I am the type who needs to climb that hill or mountain, just to make it to the top, see what's on the other side, and to enjoy the San Diego there are many "open space parks" right in the middle of downtown. Blocks from the high rises are deep canyons lined with semi-watered creeks and kept natural and wild....i hike them almost once a week and have taken thousands of photos and videos. In fact, I am a bit of a shutterbug: I just want to share everything I see! Especially if it is spectacular, like a sunset during a thunderstorm, as an example.

In fact, speaking of the wild, one of my sexual fantasies is fucking out in the open, in the mountains or countryside, at a secluded campground or along a deserted trail....but with the added excitement of almost getting seen and caught. ...

Professionally, I work a fulltime job doing garage maintenance in downtown San Diego, and I volunteer for a number of nonprofits dealing with culture and nature: one keeps the San Diego River and a few associated creeks clean and preserves open space, the other is a small Italian-American cultural center in Little Italy where I am the Facilities Director and do get paid when I work an event there. It has plans to open a bigger place in the near future, and when that happens I hope to have an actual well-paying career there, so by volunteering as much as possible now, I am scoring those "brownie points" and making the vital networking connections.

When it comes to guys, I want an older man, 55 or up, who will take care of me, give me money, gifts, let me borrow his car, stay at is place if needed, but all on the DL because I am not "out" and never plan to be. If I find the right girl, I would give up the bisexual life and be completely devoted to her and, as I said above, I can be a "normal" straight masculine man, I was raised to treat women with respect....'s late and my thoughts are getting scrambled and all over the place...that is just a bit more about me.

If you like what you read, please message me, flirt with me, give me tips and gifts, and friend request me. You might even like and comment on my other stories and blog posts and on my pixies and videos. You can also reach me at chrissy4 AT protonmail DOT com or at five six 2- seven 26- eight three 26. I only do text. Yet still, you might like my other blog. Just Google search for "Adventures of a Bi Male Slut, " or for the terms "bimaleslutsd," "bicurioussd," or "submisivesonsd." I suggest searching Google images. Thanks! Love you all! Kisses!
- {=} Chrissy

SubmissiveSon3 43M  
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10/2/2018 9:54 pm

What kinds of food do I like? Music? Movies? Yeah, I forgot to answer those questions in my above blog post. I like junk food and comfort food mainly, and anything with cheese and sauce: pasta like lasagna marinara and stuffed shells, pizza, cheeseburgers, sub sandwiches, hot dogs, tacos, burritos, quesadillas, cheese enchiladas....that's dinner, for breakfast my favorites are pancakes, waffles, and french toast. I drink orange juice, apple juice, Coca Cola (never Pepsi!), milk, chocolate milk, and i do drink some beer, I prefer Corona or Coors. I also drink wine and champagne on occasions. I never drink alone though. But, as I said above, I don't go to bars either. I like flavored coffee, particularly the cold ones like iced coffee and frappuccinos, and Monster coffee drinks.

Music? I don't follow any one particular genre, group, or singer: it just depends on how I feel. I can go from Garth Brooks to Metallica, from Madonna to the Eagles. I also like some Linkin Park and Bon Jovi. And more! Movies? My favorites are Tombstone, Open Range, The Naked Gun movies with Leslie Nielsen, of course, Star Wars ( but none of the new stuff, just the original trilogy), and the Star Trek movies (mostly the originals.) I have more, and the list would be exhausting here.

TV? I used to watch political and commentary shows like O'Reilly and Hannity, but, though I am a Trump supporter, or maybe especially as a Trump supporter, I have gotten tired of the dirty politics going on right now and now have switched to avoiding those and the news and just watch light comedies like South Park, Family Guy, and The Simpsons. I also like Dedaliest Catch and Ice Road Truckers, and many other History and Discovery channel shows. I started getting into "Naked & Afraid." lol Is that a future title of a blog post here?

So that is a bit more about me. If you have any questions, feel free to ask! You can do that here or by private message. Love you! Kisses!
- {=} Chrissy

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