I just came over to fuck, so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,  

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10/24/2021 7:02 am
I just came over to fuck, so,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

In the last month or so I have<b> received </font></b>a call or better yet a summons to come over to the crib,,,,,,,at this stage in life some of my friends are starting to die, people are starting to be reflective of the past etc.

So in the first situation I get a call from a friend who live out of state we talk about what's new, about the past and about seeing another when I come to town. I still have business there now because I'm finally selling my house there. So, I come to town ever weeks. We make a plan and I show with a few loose ends on my my mind. I get there and she says good, you can help me move this and that and then we can get this stuff out of this bedroom,,,,,,,,so I stop and hold on. You got nephews in town and I think she might have had a boyfriend too. She admitted she was seeing someone and that she had asked her nephews and they said no. I asked than why did you think I was for this? She said well, you were always sweet on me and liked being around her, I said sweet heart dont get it twisted I like the pussy and as far as I was concern I just came here to fuck. Ok, that where we are now babe we fuck and maybe if it's right something else might come out of it. The look on her face was priceless, she couldn't believe I had uttered those words, so quietly she said well if that is how you feel, (by then I was call someone else from this site to let them know it was on) I said yeap take care and left.

next situation was local a friend of years, we used to fuck and care for another etc,,,,then out of the blue she says hey I just can't do physical shit with you no more. Shocked the fuck out of me and I was angered and pissed so I said cool. About a month later I get this call, hey we don't talk, you don't come by, where you smoking cigars this weekend, my grandson is back from Afghanistan etc-----like I give a flying fuck. Then she calls and says I can come by, she horny and I figured it out, I told her if I come by now I'm just there to fuck, nothing else I dont wanna here about her daughters, grand any of that bullshit I just there to fuck and get a very nasty fuck. She was like why are you so mean, I wanna share this pussy and a moment with you and I said yeah and since you alwo wanted to take away that moment, now it will be about what I wanna do with my time. Turns out I'd father smoke a cigar on my patio alone than deal a dizzy old, overweight, big tittied blonde and that leaves her blowing my phone 24/7.

Both times both women had a cool sane dude that wanted to be around them adored their attention and shared himself with them, but that wasn't what they wanted,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,so I go ass hole on them and they are calling asking for my attention. NUTshell low self esteem babes really reveal their character in these moments and me keep it moving, because they aren't worth the emotional investment.

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10/24/2021 2:42 pm

their loss . . .

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