My rented mini van is a chick magnet  

Suppletitties 61M
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5/13/2018 8:52 pm
My rented mini van is a chick magnet

I had to rent a mini van and drive out to pick him and his stuff up for summer. Well I am the father of three and I've put more than my share of miles on the mini, while having fun a time or two in one or two as I think about it.

Anyway, I got back late and decided to keep it another day and that's when, the 56 year old big sexy in the mini van came to life. I made a little run to Meijers, to get power steering fluid for the car my is going to drive and ran into an old, old and very married fuck buddy from the past. We talked like old friends caught with one another on life, etc,,,anyway in parting we walk out still talking when I stop at this shiny new mini van and immediately she says so you still driving a mini van for your grands,,,,,so I told her my story about picking up my , because daddy don't do mini vans,,,,but I raved about the features and how they compared to the one I did drive back in the day. So there we stood talking about the mini van, and then she says ah yes I had a time in a mini van , I replied we all did.

In that moment she looked at me with that, aren't you going to invite me to take a ride in the van. I didn't I just opened the sliding door and with both rows of seats stowed, she knew what time it was, so she climbed and rolled down one leg of her spandex, exposing that same tight shave pussy I remember fucking 12 years before. I drove across Hamilton Rd. To the apt complex and parked. She was laying on the floor saying it's yours and took it ,,,it was a nice good six minute fuck. I rolled off of her thrilled and smiling, she said hadn't had sex in seven months and it felt good to have a nice guard dick in her pussy, then she sucked the sweat and cum off my cock and kissed me in the mouth. I triedf to avoid it but it happened in onef really quick motion.

I was like damn that was good , with my old ass fucking on the floor of a mini van, she said my we should do this again, as I was thinking like getting together or doing in a mini van,,, but she was thinking no like get on my pussy again. I told hey I don't recovery as fast as I used too, so she went to working and I got semi hard, but fucking that wet, sloppy pussy had an affect, because I came hard again,,,,so was exhausted. She says look take me back to my car I told him I was only gonna grab a few things.

I pulled pants up and back over to Meijers and she jumped out of the car and says is your number still the same and are on facebook,,,,I said yes and yes,,,she said I'll hit you up there we're back on. She hopped in her car and took off. But I felt real good thinking it might just be something to this mini van business,,,,,

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