Do you dance?  

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11/17/2021 5:55 pm
Do you dance?

Shes sitting at the bar, not really aware of her surroundings. Lost in her own thoughts. She doesnt realize hes across from her, watching her, wondering whats making her frown. He cant look away. He has missed her, though she doubts him and he cant seem to figure out why. Shes drinking, hes not pleased. He worries about her when she is in one of her moods. Shes playing with her bottle of beer, shes staring at it but not really seeing it. Lost, asking herself a million questions but finding no answers.

Something is trying to grab her attention. She ignores it. She doesnt want to be bothered. Not by anyone and the last thing she feels like doing is chatting. Useless chatter, drives her nuts. She looks at her phone sitting on the bar. She picks it up, opens her text messages, nothing. She frowns. Puts it down on the bar and sighs. She really needs to let go. It just isn't working. And all she is anymore is sad.

Miss she hears. She ignores it. Miss she hears again, like really. She finally focuses on the bartender in front of her. Hes placing a bottle of beer in front of her. She stops him with her hand. I didn't order another one , he replies the gentleman sent it to you, what gentleman she asks, he points across the bar. She looks across. She looks across to where the bartender is pointing, oh she replies. She wonders just how long he has been sitting there....she smiles to say thank you.

She sees her phone light up. She reads the message, hi baby . She says nothing back. Whats wrong comes across her screen. She sits the phone back down and looks at him. He gives her a questioning look. She picks up her phone, Hi, nothing. Just thinking she hits send. Is this seat taken? she hears. She turns her head and finds some guy asking, No she replies. May I , sure she answers. Its cold outside she hears him say, she nods in agreement. Like really she thinks and then an idea forms. She pushes it aside, she doesn't think that making him mad would be in her best interest. Oh damn alcohol she thinks, makes me do stupid stuff. She stands up to leave, the guy next to her says, your not leaving already are you? She looks at him for the first time. Dark hair, cute she thinks. Pretty eyes, nice build. She smiles and says yes, I think its best if i do , don't go yet he answers. She hesitates, looks across and meets his gaze. She can't really read the look on his face. But he reads hers. Are you willing to face the punishment if you follow through with your thought. She looks across again, damn. She's instantly filled with desire. She never likes upsetting him but when he punishes her for misbehaving....ooohhhh it feels so good. She licks her lips, he raises his eyebrow as if to question. She asks how far and whats the punishment ,she hits send. you stop me when its gone to far, you decide the punishment, Sir, send. OK is all she gets back.

She can almost not contain her excitement. She looks at the guy and asks, so here alone? Yes, you? Sort of she says. So the game begins. Poor guy she thinks but continues on with the endless chatter. Where you from, you single, what do you do for work, come here often....all the usual questions. Do you dance? Oh crap she thinks, better pay better attention. What? she says. Do you dance? Not really she replies. Even slow songs he asks, she then notices the music has slowed down. Sure she replies. He gets up and takes her hand. She looks across, blank stare. Damn, not gonna make this easy on me. Well fine she thinks. Watch if you want.......... She lets the guy take her hand and lead her away from the bar. She places her hands on his shoulders and feels his hands on her waist. He leans in to say, your pretty. Thank you she replies. They say a few things here and there. She's listening to the music more than him. She doesn't realize he has shifted his one had lower, but her friend at the bar is watching it all. He see's the guy move his hand lower and lower. He sits there and watches. She's not paying attention he thinks. Or is she, and she's just waiting to see when I decide enough is enough.

He watches them dance. He watches as the guy is touching her, laughing at something she has said, looks at her and smiles. He knows that look. He's not pleased. He knows he should go put a stop to this, she will be upset once reason works its way in to her brain. She always gets upset if she thinks she has made him unhappy wit her. He downs the rest of his drink and stands up. She has no clue as to what is going on around her. How can she be that lost in her thoughts he wonders. He walks over, the guy sees him coming. He comes up to them, her back is to him so she doesn't know but she looks up at the guy when he stops dancing. She looks up to ask why and see's he is looking over her shoulder at something. She feels a hand come to rest on her lower back and hears, "enough baby". Aaaahhh that wasn't long. The guy says, can we help you. He replies, "she's with me". The guy looks at her as if to ask, she nods in agreement. He says "sorry, didn't realize she was here with someone". She doesn't move. She waits and wonders....." do you really not pay attention to things around you" she hears. She can't tell. She goes to turn around and hears "No" so she stops. He whispers in her ear....... room 101 ... meet me there in 5 mins, not a min later. Yes Sir, she replies. He walks away.


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