Kissing, telling, plus a whole lot more!  

Sweetcouple625 59M/29F
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11/8/2021 7:58 am
Kissing, telling, plus a whole lot more!

Well of course Maryann has had her choice of men here in Fortaleza...she craves receiving of my favorite things is to attempt to sate her desire for cunniligus...but she is insatiable...try as much as I can.

Well one of the recent international guests is literally world renowned as a Jedi master in the art of cunniligus. He taught this Padawan several new techniques. Any rate he slowly and gently began to kiss her forehead, then her face with gentle kisses on her lips...slowly working his way down her torso paying particular attention to her soft supple size C breasts. He continued to her inner thighs...he then began to get closer and closer to her pussy this time she was begging him to begin to use his tongue on her perfect little flower...and he was only happy to oblige...he began at first to use his tongue gently to caress her open lips...with light flicks of his tongue on her clit she exploded in the first of many orgasms...sucking on her clit for a time another orgasm...he truly is a master...this went until she came so many times that she tried to wiggle away...but he was not satisfied yet...he grabbed her legs with his arms and continued to give her wave after wave of orgasms until she literally passed out for a couple of minutes from orgasm overload. Wow! It was fun watching a master at work! Needless to say she was very satisfied with a big smile on her face. I was extremely happy for her and have begin practicing my new found skills with her...I have not been able to have her cum so many times that she would pass out...but we are sure having a ton of fun trying!

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Maryann would love to be friends with anyone just ask her. A special kiss from Maryann.

Jay43125 67M  
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11/8/2021 6:52 pm

Well Done to The Jedi Master!! Next year it's my turn....

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