Safety in Fortaleza Brazil  

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11/12/2021 6:28 am
Safety in Fortaleza Brazil

This is Tom. Affectionately known as the Crazy American by the locals. Maryann is from Fortaleza, so I am going to give you the safety perspective of of a foreign national.

I have never been to Europe, but I have traveled extensively throughout the entire United States. I have been to San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, Southern California, New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Atlanta and Miami. of these cities I have visited dozens of time each. In of my travels I have NEVER felt safer than along the beach walkway in the heart of Fortaleza, Brazil. The city of Fortaleza has invested a serious amount of money make this area so safe.

I feel just as safe here as I do in my suburban home near Provo Utah. I am currently staying in an apartment just across the street from the beach. This building has cameras, a 2.5 meter tall glass wall enclosure, with a magnetic lock the door from the sidewalk, the garage gate is controlled from the front desk. At least 2 people are manning the front desk at times watching the cameras and letting people in. They also greet you with a hearty "Bom dia" in the morning, "Boa tarde" in the afternoon and a friendly "Boa noite" in the evening.

There are more than a hundred 23 storey buildings along this walkway. This where the upper middle class, the rich and uber rich live. In addition to these condominiums there are numerous high end expensive hotels the area. This 4.2 kilometre or 2.6 mile walkway is the heart of the city. This entire walkway begins to see joggers and cyclists around sun rise which is at 5:10 am. There are plenty of people during the day. But after sunset at 5:30 pm and the air cools down, the people begin to come out in force. The entire walkway is brightly lit night long by extremely bright lights that make this area nearly as bright as daytime. There are couples, families, individuals walking at leisurely pace with dedicated bike lanes that many bycylist use. There are people working out on the sand, playing numerous beach games and there are even areas where people are<b> dancing. </font></b>The people begin thin out around 10 pm the weekdays and midnight the weekends. There are street vendors and restaurants lining the walkway and they have a vested interest in public safety.

But there is one thing that makes this place nearly as safe as Disney World. There are numerous Polícia Militar on duty. During the busiest time from 5pm until 10 pm there are more than 50 police officers on duty along this walkway. They only carry machine guns. They are friendly and very approachable. There are several permanent police stations, equestrian mounted officers, motorcycle and bicycle officers and more than cars patrol. There are always officers duty 24 hours a day. I feel perfectly safe walking outside with my expensive Nikon DSLR in full display albeit with the strap not just around my neck,, but with one arm through the strap and holding on lens. Many times I have gone for a walk at 2 or 3 in the morning and I feel completely safe. During that time in addition the police the clean crew are working keep the area immaculate. Plus, there are not many other people out at ...generally a couple or two, or an individual that you can see from 400 meters away. This whole security package beats almost every big city hands down.

The rest of the beaches in Fortaleza are also tourist friendly. There are dozens of public beaches to the southeast of Fortaleza. Most of these beaches have restaurants that have shaded tables the sand away from the water. There are places change and showers wash off the sea water. Most of these locations have a presence of lifeguards on duty similar those along the beaches of Southern California. This is in many ways similar the TV show Baywatch. There are regular elevated watch towers for the lifeguards, police cars and lifeguards quad runners traversing the sand. There are even jet skis patrol with a long yellow floatation device in the back take struggling swimmers safety.

You still need take the precautions that you would in any big city...keep your passport and most of your cash left in a safe place where you are staying. Be aware of your surroundings and look behind you periodically. I have kept my money in a clip in my front pocket for years now. And I am also so safety conscious that for years I have had my back against the wall with the entrance always in my sights when I go any restaurant anywhere even in Happy Valley Utah!

Sure there are some rough neighborhoods here, I avoid these areas. During the day there are many places that you can visit safely foot go shopping. But not at night. I always travel by Uber or taxi when I need travel far from where I am staying. So when you arrive Jane and Joe will pick you from the airport and take you your destination in the safety of a taxi.

One last topic on safety...Covid-19. Brazil is actually ahead of the US and the UK when it comes to the percentage of the total population vaccinated for Covid-19. Brazil, unlike many places in the US, has a mandatory mask wearing requirement in all public places indoors. Even my home state of Utah has only a suggested use, but not mandatory mask use law.

I hope now that you can see now that severe recommendations from the US State Department may apply to many areas in Brazil, but not to the beaches of Fortaleza. I you any questions or concerns on any topic please feel free to text me on my personal phone 970.7.7958, we can set a time for us talk.


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