Apologize if butterface joke was insensitive. Could apply to both sexes and is subjective. Cmon!  

TallHandsomeM4U2 45M
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10/12/2021 6:43 am
Apologize if butterface joke was insensitive. Could apply to both sexes and is subjective. Cmon!

I guess you can't make a joke these days. I was not being sexist when I was noting that I was getting a lot of replies from very nice bodies that said "trust them" they or their wife is gorgeous when I asked for face pics and they don't to send them or make you chat for hours / days before you see them.

All I said was its sad and awkward when you end up liking someone and they have a great body, but once you see their face there is no attraction. I said when someone has a hot body and personality butterface... I am sure women who like women, or women may have a different line for men...and it's just a joke people!!!! If you can't laugh at the world, or yourself, chances are you're gonna be single a lot longer than most!

Plus as I said it's subjective, one person's gorgeous is another persons "meh." It wasn't directed at anyone in particular...just something since I've been here just under a week, that I've been experiencing.

It IS frustrating since in person, you always see a person's face as you get to know them. So spending a lot of time getting to know someone without even knowing there's physical attraction is frustrating. It's not like we're all on here just for friendships.

I've never had a hard time meeting women, but I'm sure I'm a butthisface to some lol. To each their own.

All I know is if I'm going to have NSA fun, I need attraction, and if I meet someon for a real relationship that's gonna last, I need to look into their eyes and feel that magic, or adoration. When that's real it doesn't go away...at least not for me. Without it...there is no spar

Does that mean I'm shallow? NOOOOO, hell I'm here optionally for a real relationship, and will stop casually dating if Mrs. Right comes along...and JUST looks won't do it either.

I'm dealing with getting a gorgeous woman who was the spitting image of Marilyn Monroe out of my life right now (no , no relationship...just moving on things). I adored her, but she literally had mental issues that I thought she was over when I met her, and I ignored some red flags, but they came back to<b> bite </font></b>me. I loved her tlll the day she turned on me a second time, and that was it. But I never lost attraction, and I still care about her as a person.....but she just went too far. That's the only reason I've been single for the longest time in my adult life, 1.5 years.

So I'm here to get back into the swing of things...have some fun...but if Mrs. Right comes along with no red flags...I'm diving it with no regrets...whether she be close to home or in a place I'd rather relocate to anyhow.

But to the lady I was speaking to who complained about my old blog post...it wasn't directed at you.....but the fact you couldn't tell I was just trying to be funny, and almost paint me as a sexist, just shows we aren't compatible. Sorry.

Anyhow, I hope everyone had a great weekend and hope you all find what you're for.

So far the only leads I had were fake accounts of women who end up either wanting me to watch their camera lol, or they say they're in some other country on business but will be back soon, or others who you can tell since I speak 4 languages, that English isn't their first language. They always mess up and say English is their only or first language, when there are easy grammatical giveaways.

Why do these people spend time talking to me? The cam ones, at least theyre quick and to the point, these others...do they think I'm going to give them my credit card info or ? Sad thing is I'm sure some poor suckers will do that.

Anyhow...I'm sure there's someone wonderful on here. I met my ex online ..and had she not have had a few issues it would have continued. Too bad.

Anyway, ciao people, keep smiling...and sorry for the lactose intolerant joke.....

onelastchan00 52F  
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10/13/2021 4:05 am

This is Your blog and you can type what u like as long as it stays within the terms of use rules,, i myself read that post and all comments,,, the one that got all pissy about it showed her true colors to all here as she always does,,, her post in reply to yours was clearly breaking rules and has been reported,, she needs to STOP her wicked ways and let others b even if she doesnt AGREE with what they write
I am one who needs a physical attraction as well,, just cus she doesnt doesnt make her right and others wrong,,, we r all here for our own reasons,, plz carry on expressing yourself exactly the way you want to

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