How is this fair? Kind of prejudicial and double standard because I'm a guy! Told I'm not Bi enough  

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11/7/2021 5:16 pm
How is this fair? Kind of prejudicial and double standard because I'm a guy! Told I'm not Bi enough

I was very interested in getting to know a local couple more before possibly meeting if they felt the same. Both of them had very good body pics and sounded like fun and are looking for a guy to join them for MFM including Bi fun! That's something I'd love to do so I wrote them. They seemed interested and said They'd like to talk more.

They asked me how BI I am, and I explained that I don't see men on their own and it doesn't turn me on, but when a couple invites me into their bedroom and their sexlife, IF they are into bi fun...I find that very erotic.

I WAS TOLD I'M FAKING, that I just want pussy, and that I'm either Bi or not...plain and simple! ARE YOU SERIOUS? Why would I put BI in my profile if I only wanted a woman or straight fun with couples only? There are plenty of couples who want a straight male for fun. I am open to that as well, but I was contacting them about a bi threesome!

And who makes the rules? It really seems judgemental for someone to define my sexuality. Someone has the nerve to tell me that I can't be bi in the context of having sex with females involved, but not interested in men on their own? This feels like Im getting catfished into a husband asking me to play on my own with him...which I have 0 interest in. That doesn't mean I'm fake, that means I have my own tastes.

I know of tons of men AND WOMEN on here that are bi in a M/F group scenario but not looking for 1 on 1 with the same sex.

I even proceeded to explain they should read my blog and see how excited I would be with a fun open minded normal couple. But they (or he) ghosted me.

So I'm pretty sure I was about to get catfished into some guy asking me to meet alone with him before I meet his wife. Good god...not only is he probably sneaking around, but doesn't care what my desires are, and calls me a liar without knowing me at all.

So when you think every single male on here are the entirety of people who can be unfair and jerks on here, think again.

I was so excited that possibly I had found a fun couple to hang out with and try it all...and now....poof. Games.

Plus I spell it out on my profile I'm not interested in men on their own, so why would he bother to write me back if he was looking to pull a fast one and ask for MM instead? Why not leave me alone, and go talk to some fully Bi guy who dates men...which I never will.

I guess I'm not ALLOWED to be only physically attracted to women, but if that attractive woman has a good looking man in her life and wants to play, that I find that additional fun sexy. And Im open to trying most things!

Anyone else gone through stuff like this, either from a couples or female perspective?

To be honest, it's killed my desire to pursue this quite a bit. But there's so much fun to be had. Sad.

I was and still am very interested in them if they come back to me and say they're just used to men catfishing them into a straight only MFM, but believe me. Otherwise I really resent this interaction...and he was dead wrong.

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