What's in a Name?  

TangoLuver 75M
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10/13/2021 9:45 pm
What's in a Name?

I should been better prepared. Should known that first thing these dating websites make you do is come up with a profile . OK, quick now, what choose? I don't know what in the world made me choose TangoLuver. I guess I was digging into my past while trying to find a monicker nobody else had. But although I like to dance... Well, let's rewind for a moment.

I used to teach ballroom<b> dancing. </font></b>But that was in my twenties and thirties. And, don't laugh, the tango was my least favourite dance. Give me anything -- waltz, foxtrot, rumba, bolero, cha-cha... but from tango "I could get no satisfaction." Mind you, we're talking about ballroom tango. Besides, WaltzLuver doesn't quite the cache I was looking for.

In recent years I've watch a few films of people<b> dancing </font></b>an entirely different style of dance -- the Argentine tango. They're doing in movies such as "Evita", "Frieda", "Love and Dance". Instead of the rather stiff and formal tango I learned, those performances ooze passion and appeal. In fact, was once seen as "the music of the immoral factions of society".

I'm not sure if was that reputation which attracted me trying a few classes several years ago. At that time, unfortunately, my shift work played havoc with regular course attendance. Well, I'm making excuses. could be that as a former dancer I got impatient with my own slow progress. But time has moved on, and I now a 9-5 job and am ready try again -- if ever the damn Covid restrictions in my province are lifted.

Wish me well at some future milonga. Or some private lessons from you?

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