What I WANT and NEED in cyber  

TantalizingDlite 51F
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7/6/2021 9:06 pm
What I WANT and NEED in cyber

I can not Bullshit role play, if that’s your style, move along and don’t bother wasting your time reading. I don’t want the fake...Ahhhhh I’m cumingggggg

If your role play means your Cock needs to be shoved in a cunt to cum, I’m not interested in you, nor will I give you my effort. There’s plenty of other ways to make a man and woman blow. Easy doesn’t cut it, it does nothing for me. I’d rather not play.

Definition of Easy = no foreplay....grabbing me as I walk in the room, kissing me passionately, creeping your fingers down my pants....I’m not a piece of meat. I will ignore the play. Cyber takes skill.

Do not expect you will get cyber penetration every time you play. It happens when we are BOTH in that zone. It’s not about cyber sex to me. Its about feelings and emotions. The elevated heart rate, the charge , the bliss, the hunger, the paining throbs and aches burning through your loins. I don’t fuck on first dates so don’t assume I will crave you in an hour. I’m not into fake cyber remember.

SET A SCENE. MAKE IT INTENSE. MAKE MEMORIES. Sitting at the bar, telling me to go to the bathroom to take off my panties and put a vibrating bullet up me does not meet my expectations. I’m not after 50 shades of grey or stealing others work. Have an imagination and a bloody good one at that.

What I WANT and NEED.
I NEED to be edged..... It makes me crave and desire the person I’m with.
I WANT to be addicted mentally to the man who can make my body respond with his words ....that happens when I’m edged.
I NEED to WANT you.

I rush with excitement when things unexpectedly catch me unaware, the quick thinking on the spot. This will capture my undivided attention. Longing, hopelessly, for your response, anticipating your direction and what trump card you’ll use.

The idea is to work me up without your prodding fingers, tongue or cock into my treasure box. I want to yearn/ beg for it (believe me I’ll make you beg till your balls are blue if the roles are reversed)

Set the scene = Holding your coffee mug.....bending me over, sniffing my saturated panties (that you caused) tormentingly sliding them across my engorged labias. My slick deprived cunt on display, your ravenous eyes taking in their feast. Hearing the animalistic growl you make as you inhale my marinating sweet musky scent. Gripping your fingers around the mug...the handle now free to slide over my ripe stenchy slash

You have to tease me and yourself at the same time...USE your imagination, get us over the point of no return. Build me up, watch me squirm trying to keep my composure as you tease. I want to be pushed, I will push you, to the maximum limit. Turn me to mush, bring out my slut in me for our pleasure.

Make me yank your hand to my sex, watching as I mount your palm wantonly ....then TEASE me ...by pulling your hand way /or slap my hand when I agonisingly reach for your cock. The ideas are limitless ....step back just out of reach, so my outstretched mouth can’t suckle from your pearly weeping gobbet, yet still close enough for me to inhale your intoxicating scent. Make me burn in anguish. Let uncontrollable desire take over my mind, body and soul.

I will tease, drive us wild and make our heads spin. Your cock will dribble, leaving large, warm blotches in your pants (much to your dismay) because you won’t want me to know how close to the edge you really are.
I hunger for this ...it’s euphoric..

In play it’s arousing for me to tell you what I want, so ask what I WANT and NEED...make me tell you. I will not lie. I will say exactly what on how worked up I am.
Example: slipping your hand down my pants ....raking your nails, down and up over my pubes...stimulating the hair follicles and roots...whispering in my ear....”what do you WANT my needy Trollop”.. Giving them a tug before easing your hand out, rubbing your fingers under my nose “smell the scent of your lust ...what do you NEED my quivering ball of desire”

End result = My paramount objective is to give you a ragging hard Cock ...weeping in real time, just as I’d like my sex to be...swollen and oozing in my creamy natural syrup.

It is imperative for you to be descriptive, detailed on my level.

I am slow to respond, I do admit that. I need to touch myself real time as I read your words, so I can truthfully respond how it feels

willingboy1 56M  
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7/7/2021 7:35 pm

Wow, so written and to the point of what you require!

We are certainly on the same page.

Pegsarefun 43M
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7/8/2021 10:34 pm

it is quite fun when you can find someone that enjoys the written word as much as you, even better if they too can do it on the fly...

to tease and to explore via words without forcing the situation into a deadend of ' dear lord i just want to bend you over now'.... and just letting the situation unfold so your fingers are busy on yourself more than they are on the keyboard is a much more enjoyable situation

just brushing that nipple to get things started, the feeling of excitement that there is another pervert just like you in the world, that shares your kink.......

Knight_Skye29 66M
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8/20/2021 10:29 pm

Your needs and technique sound exquisite... I'd love to experience this

freeme604 60M
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8/23/2021 2:35 am

Fantastic blog, I too need to feel exactly as you do mimiciking the actions you write, I do hope we can play some time

bigfoot1719 53M
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8/28/2021 5:30 am

You gave me a nice big raging hardon .. thank you

goldentouch100 62M  
4 posts
8/31/2021 7:33 am

You have me hooked. This is my preferred way to play.

Heregoes94 51M
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9/24/2021 8:12 pm

so sexy, just spend the day in bed with you

pumpswell3 56M
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10/17/2021 7:58 pm

always a pleasure to read and experience your words - glad to see you around again, my friend, I've missed you and others on the other site...nice to know in this day and age that you are healthy and doing well

Dawg69692x 52M
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10/28/2021 5:29 am

Smiles…..truly one women who says exactly what and who she is , I have had the pleasure of teasing edging with you….your as sweet as you are sensual, sexy as you are desirable, nonjudgmental yet direct and to the point. My lust for you has no bounds, knowing how hot erotic your mind is and works always leaves me wanting more. Your body is one to be worshipped yet teased and tortured …..kisses and bitten .

devilish581 50M
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12/4/2021 3:39 pm

Reading your words, my heart skipped a beat as you stole my breathe, leaving me a little light headed. I kept reading, biting my bottom lip in anticipation as my loins stirred as your words penetrated my mind, searching for the animalistic desire within. I imagined my own words doing the same to you as I touched myself, the doorbell range in real life, I want to read more and theirs an insistent knocking. Bloody couriers. You know your words have me at hello and I look forward to one day having dinner with you. Xx - Dev.

Alwaysready2356 52M  
6 posts
12/11/2021 5:48 pm

very tantalizing

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