TayTiki 52F
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12/16/2020 4:22 am

She looked into His face to find
His pride as He began to bind
Her soul to His with gaze so deep
And rope around her hands and feet.

His words were course but soothed her soul;
Submission was her favorite role.
At His mercy, feeling safe
His dominance her saving grace.

He reached her core with nimble fingers
While on her body His eyes lingered.
Teasing, stroking, lovingly
He was a ferocious sight to see.

Her body arched to meet His touch
To feel the love she craved so much.
And for her efforts, gleefully met
A hardened hand that made her wet.

A strike upon her breast so sharp
She gasped so loud her lips did part.
And in that sudden breath did find
A smile on His face, sublime.

Her pain brought pleasure between the two
That simple words could never do.
And so they played throughout the night
Sharing pleasures and delights.

Ending peacefully in tender bliss
Her flesh alive from flogger's kiss
And soothed within His arms; with love
Two bodies entwined, to fit like gloves.

Drifting off with sated desire,
To deepened sleep, and love afire.
Two souls lay bare where few dare go
A depth of trust that few will know.

Leegs2012 49M  
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12/16/2020 8:24 am

You write such Erotic and Compelling words!! Very Nice!!

TayTiki replies on 12/16/2020 10:38 am:
thank you

author51 59F  
128958 posts
12/17/2020 12:00 am

Well written piece of erotica Tay..

TayTiki replies on 12/17/2020 5:37 am:

MrWrong4RghtNow 55M  
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12/17/2020 1:15 am

Very erotic and romantic. I could feel the love in each sentence. I may not know of the lifestyle well enough but I respect those who truly enjoy themselves equally in pleasure and passion.

My name is MrWrong and I approved this comment

TayTiki replies on 12/17/2020 5:38 am:

OldTeacher5 65M  
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2/5/2021 8:13 pm

So soft; so still; so safe; so real
Never a person before did feel
Limits between two people shall be grown
As much as the seeds of trust are sown

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