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12/3/2020 12:45 am

She was left suspended in darkness, the silk blindfold soft, yet secure, against her eyes prevented anything enter her sight. The room was quiet except for a slight rustling in the distant corner of the room. Sitting against the head of the bed, her legs spread wide and tied the end with soft nylon rope. The nylon rope also bound her wrists, pinching gently, as she twisted slightly against them. There was little room for movement and no escape. She tried listen but could make out no discernible sounds. She knew He was there, watching her, yearning use her, admiring the sight He had constructed before Him with flesh, nylon and silk. Her mind reeled with anticipation. Her safe word was "safe", but she knew she would never need it with Him.
Finally, she heard Him move. It seemed like she had sat there in the silence forever. She cocked her head one side listening for His footfalls. She heard them stop beside her. She lifted her chin in the direction of Him and He reached over with a gentle hand to tough her face. He stroked her cheek with His thumb. Without warning a firm slap was placed on her cheek. He was ready to .
The slap didn't hurt, it was merely a show of force inform her that He was there and He was ready. She knew that she would obey Him and He would keep her safe. She felt His fingers trail down her hot flesh her neck. His had grasped her throat firmly, oxygen was hard get but there was enough for her keep breathing.
"you will be a good girl for Daddy, won't you," He stated.
"Yes, Daddy."
"Good girl."
She felt his other hand tweak her nipple as He continued hold her by the throat demonstrating His dominance.
"Do you like when Daddy treats His girl this way, little one?" He asked.
"Yes, Daddy, very much!" she exclaimed. She knew he was smiling as she submitted Him, He always did. Her heart soared as she knew how pleased He was.
"Do you want Daddy use His little girl today?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"And how would My little girl like to be used?"
"As You see fit, Daddy."
She felt his grip her throat loosen and found herself feeling empty without it there. He finally removed His hand completely, it's absence, more than, noticeable. Suddenly she felt His hand in her hair. He grabbed it tight and jerked her head backward.
"Are you Daddy's little slut?"
"Yes, Daddy."
"you make Daddy very happy, little one."
"Thank You, Daddy."
As He spoke, she felt a quick, but firm, slap on Her breast. She jumped at the sudden assault her body.
"Did I say you could move?" He asked slightly irritated.
"No, Daddy."
"Then stay still until you are told!"
Before she could respond, another sharp slap crossed her breast. This one was somewhat more intense than the one before. She steeled herself against the shock.
"Good girl."
"Thank You, Daddy."
He jerked her head back further and his lips were suddenly on hers. She hungrily took His tongue into her mouth, as He offered it. He pulled back and she could feel His eyes on her.
"Daddy's little girl wants to suck on something," He stated firmly.
She nodded, knowing better than to speak.
"Do you want Daddy's cock, little one?"
"Yes, Daddy, please."
"Such a polite little girl. You may have My cock for a moment."
She felt His hardness against her lips. She opened her mouth wide allowing Him access to her. Slowly He entered her waiting mouth. She gently closed her lips around it and began to suck Him, teasing with her tongue. She heard His throaty moan as He pulled her head deeper onto His stiff cock. She moaned too, knowing that her mouth was the cause of His pleasure. He began to slide in and out of her mouth slowly. Her lips and tongue working furiously to please Him. Suddenly, He pulled her head in tight to his balls. As deep as He could get inside of her, and He held her there. She held her breath a brief time before she began to gag. He pulled her head off of His cock and let her catch some air. She knew better than to close her mouth when He did this. She felt saliva run down her chin. Knowing that her gagging gave Him deep satisfaction, she took a deep breath and prepared for the next assault on her sensitive throat.
He did as she knew He would and again stuffed His cock deep into her throat and held her there until she gagged. This time for a few seconds longer. As He released her, she gasped for air.
"Does Daddy's baby like that?" He asked.
She nodded.
"Good girl."
He released her hair and she felt the heat of His body move away. She heard him pick something off the dresser and she squirmed with anticipation. He chuckled throatily and said,
"Does My little girl know what Daddy is going do?"
"No, Daddy."
"Do you anticipate it, little one?"
""Yes, Daddy," she sighed hardly restraining her desire for the games commence.
He chuckled again as He moved closer.
"Daddy loves when His little girl squirms around for Him."
"Daddy, I am excited with You."
She felt His hand her clit. She knew her pussy was getting wet and she knew, also, that He would take full advantage of this. His touch was gentle as He teased her in circles. She caught her breath and He stopped. She felt Him shift his face to within an inch of her face.
"Does My baby like that?"
" yes, Daddy, very much!"
"Good girl."
He leaned in and nibbled her bottom lip. She felt His tongue trace the opening and then dip inside to taste her. She allowed her tongue to touch His. This was rewarded with a firm slap on her clit.
"Did I say you could taste ?
"No, Daddy."
He slapped her clit again. She wimpered.
He began rub again, this time harder. She tried not move. He slapped her pussy. Again, she didn't move.
"Such a good girl! you make Daddy very happy, slut."
"Thank You, Daddy."
"But you were a bad girl today weren't you, little one? You tried to take what you wanted from Daddy, didn't you?"
"Yes, Daddy," she pouted mournfully.
"Daddy needs to punish bad girls."
"Yes, Daddy, i was a bad girl and i need to be punished."
He slipped a finger inside of her.
"Little girl, you are wet, very wet. Should I spank you or punish you in another way?"
"Daddy, You know what is best for ."
"That's Daddy's good girl!"
She heard the smile in His voice and she knew she had pleased Him. She felt Him slip a second finger inside of her as he teased her clit with His thumb. She moaned with pleasure. She felt Him push His fingers in as deep as they could go and curl in order find that sensitive spot that drove her crazy.
He applied pressure and quickly jerked his hand and down stimulating her. She moaned again and pushed deeper against Him. Without warning, she felt a painful slap her breast. She cried out.
"I didn't tell you I needed help did I, slut?"
"No, Sir."
"Then stay still until told!"
He continued His . She could feel the explosion building inside of her. She didn't move but she began moan.
"Daddy, i'm going cum!"
"No you are not! you will not cum until I say you can is that clear?"
She moaned an inaudible reply.
"I said, 'is that clear'?" He yelled.
"Yes, Sir!"
It was she could do not cum, the torment was painful. She was so close and she was unsure if she could hold it. She threw her head against the headboard and tried to be still. Her moaning was beginning to get louder. The buildup between her thighs almost unbearable. Suddenly, there was a sharp slap to her face, quickly followed by one to her tits. Both were assaulted rapidly and roughly, snapping her out of her pleasure. He stopped playing with her and removed His fingers. Sliding the gooey mess into her mouth to be cleaned off, He continued to assault her nipples with pinches. A brief pause informed her that there was more to come.
He removed His clean fingers from her mouth, and stopped the well placed slaps on her breasts. A brief pause told her that He had something planned. She inhaled deeply and waited. She felt his hand gently rub her tender breasts to sooth them. She moaned with satifaction.
"you make Daddy so proud, little one," He said and kissed her cheek.
She smiled. As He rubbed she felt something hard touch her breast. She knew what was coming. She knew what it was. She anticipated it but dreaded it at the same time. She caught her breath and waited. She felt Him kiss her nipple and tease it with His tongue, wetting it. She felt His teeth nip it, making it erect for His pleasures. He moaned against her taut nipple exciting her the more. He pulled away from her nipple and gently kissed her lips.
"Daddy loves His baby," he said.
"i love daddy too," she murmured against His lips. She felt the . The sudden pain rushed her chest and was about exit her mouth in a scream when he covered her mouth and swallowed her pain. He gently rubbed the sensitive area until she quieted. He repeated the action on the other breast. How she hated nipple clamps! But He loved them. She was so easily controlled with them. Her Surrender Him complete.
"ok, baby?" He asked when her screams subsided.
"Yes, Daddy."
"Good girl," He said as his thumb stroked her cheek and he leaned in kiss away the tears He had caused.
Again, He paused as if looking for something. She felt his hand slide down her stomach, caressing her, and finding her clit He began to tease it again. Between the pain in her nipples and the pleasure her clit, the turmoil caused her become much wetter. She could hear His fingers playing in the sloppy mess between her legs.
She felt something touch the opening to her pussy. She moaned. It pressed in deeper. It was very big and she found it difficult for it to enter as she was so tight. He pressed her abdomen as he forced the toy inside of her. She whimpered a little bit as it stretched her.
"Daddy's girl," He said as He the switch turn the vibration. He knew this would send her over the edge quickly. He stopped pushing it deeper and moved away from her, leaving her in this position. She lay her head back, trying to avoid the inevitable. She heard Him sit in the chair beside the bed.
"Daddy, i am going to cum. I can't help it."
"you better not, little one."
She began to cum, her body vibrating with every ebb and flow of delicious torment he had inflicted upon her. The release was incredible. She knew she shouldn't but she couldn't stop. She knew He had planned it this way. She knew He was smiling. She knew she would be punished.
When she stopped cumming, His voice was in her ear.
"You are a very bad girl. I said you weren't to cum and you disobeyed Me. I am disappointed in you. Now I have to punish you."
She felt him release the ropes on her feet, gently untying her. Painstakingly slow. Next He released her hands in the same incredibly, controlled manner. The vibrator was still running between her thighs, although, not inside of her now. As he stood from untying her, she felt a sudden painful slap to her clit. She cried out.
"Then you should not have disobeyed, little one."
"Yes, Daddy," she said, tears streaking her face.
Her nipples ached but she dare not take off the clamps.
"Stand up, slut."
She did as she was told. She heard Him sit on the bed.
"Come to me," He ordered.
She went to Him and He lay her across His lap.
"little one, this hurts me to have to do this."
"Yes, Daddy."
He spread her legs and slapped her pussy hard. She jumped and whimpered. He did it again and again. Each time rubbing the sore spot to erase the pain.
Then he reached for something. She stiffened.
"Do you want this, little one?" He asked.
"Yes, Daddy."
She knew in His hand was the paddle. One side was wooden and one side was covered in velvet. She felt Him rub the velvet across her ass in circles, without warning, he flipped the paddle and spanked her with the wooden side. He was very adept at spinning that paddle from side to side. Pain and pleasure. She felt herself getting wet again. Her nipples throbbed but she dare not ask for a reprieve.
"Stand up," He finally said.
She stood and she felt His hands gently touch the underside of her breast. She whimpered.
"Do those hurt, My baby?" He asked, knowing full well they did.
"Yes, Daddy."
"Ok, baby, stay very still while I remove them. I don't want to hurt you."
"Yes, Sir."
She was frozen in place, knowing that He truly didn't want to cause her pain. With expert hands, He removed the clamps, freeing her from their grip. She felt him place a warm, damp cloth on her nipples to ease the pain.
"Thank You, Daddy," she said as he doctored her wounds.
He instructed her to hold them in place and He removed her blindfold. He stood before her as she blinked back the darkness. Cupping her face in His hands he leaned in and gently kissed her lips. She kissed him back.
"Ok, baby, it is cuddle time. Crawl into the bed."
She silently did as she was told. She watched as he undressed, His hard cock springing free. Easing Himself onto the bed He gently lifted her head and placed it on His shoulder. He stroked her face as they lay there. Tossing the cloths aside, she reached down between His legs to with His stiffness.
She looked at Him and He smiled down at Her.
"Can we , Daddy?"
"Yes, baby, you can now."
She smiled and stroked Him, watching as He became fully erect. She looked at Him again.
"baby, you can any way you like. You were such a good girl for Daddy."
She got her knees and began fellate Him. He gently guided her. His hands wandered her dripping pussy and began find that special spot again. She pulled away when He did and she heard Him chuckle. She straddled Him and slid Him deep inside of her. She teased Him with her pussy, stroking His balls with her ass. She leaned down and kissed Him passionately, and He returned it.
With His hands on her hips, pushing her where he wanted her, guiding her and forcing her fuck Him hard, He said," you are a very special girl for Daddy, a very good girl. you please very much and I love you."
"I lov....." her voice trailed off as she began cum Him, her muscles spasming and tightening his hard cock.
As she began cum, He did also, filling her with His seed. Sated, they both collapsed and He held her, He gently covered her nipples with the palms of His hands help sooth the remaining hurts.
He kissed her forehead as she drifted off sleep in His arms. He too fell asleep, eventually, smiling at his baby girl.

insatiable_man2 63M
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12/3/2020 3:02 am

Very nice Tay. I felt it all with you.

TayTiki replies on 12/3/2020 3:09 am:

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12/3/2020 6:23 am


b1243b 34M
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12/3/2020 3:49 pm

Wow again lol. Your awesome at writing these. Got me hard as a rock lol 😝

TayTiki replies on 12/5/2020 4:37 am:

BuckNanook 56M
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12/5/2020 3:55 am

Outstanding Baby Girl, U R Adorable!!!

TayTiki replies on 12/5/2020 4:37 am:

insatiable_man2 63M
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12/5/2020 8:53 am

I’ve only been involved in some light bondage but not directly. My lover’s husband restrained his wife spread eagle beautifully naked on the bed as I had my way with her.
I believe it was her first time being restrained in any way.
I did what ever I pleased to her. She was so wet and excited. He couldn’t undo the straps fast enough as she was asking to be released.
She wanted to wrap her arms and legs around me as I was entering her.
I have never seen them pull those out again. May have been a bucket list for him. I will never know.
You seem like you would be a sensuous lover.
Your stories of that final release make me wonder.

TayTiki replies on 12/5/2020 9:09 am:
i am very much a little... but also a huge romantic... pretty sure that bleeds in... lol i just like to have a good time in bed... its all you need to have a good sex life

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12/7/2020 12:24 pm

Great write!

somethingmore115 47M
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12/7/2020 2:05 pm

Sexxxy need to write more often

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12/12/2020 3:38 pm

Whoa!! Very Very Nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

justme51 70M
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3/18/2021 3:08 pm

Beautiful daddy babygirl story.

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