Without Question  

TayTiki 52F
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4/15/2021 7:36 am
Without Question

"Close your eyes," He growled without preface.

In that instant she was wet.

The sound of His voice in the husky tones of dominance always did that to her.

She closed her eyes... and listened.. as she sat in her favorite chair.

He didn't move from His seat.

He gave no reason for the command but she obeyed immediately.

She heard Him shift on the sofa but not get up.

It felt as if hours passed in those mere moments.

"Do you trust Me?" He finally said.

"Yes, Sir."

"Do you need Me?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Do you love Me?"

"Forever and always, ."

"Open your eyes," He said softly.

She complied and looked at Him.

"Good girl."

He returned His reading and she hers.

author51 59F  
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4/15/2021 11:33 am

Nice to see you in Blog Land again..without question..lol.

You can never have enough JOY in your life..xoxo


Apollo602021 61M  
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4/15/2021 2:19 pm

It is those moments that make life worth living!

Please become an Apollo602021 blog follower!

upsidedownsky 41M
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4/15/2021 8:55 pm

*. *. *

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