Would you fuck an anti-vaxer?  

Teal100 31M
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7/5/2021 6:07 pm
Would you fuck an anti-vaxer?

Earlier this year a good friend of mine passed because of the C-VID. I can only wonder if they would still be alive today if they were able to be vaccinated. We were about the same age.

With that said, would you really want to have sex with someone who denies the vaccines?

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7/5/2021 8:21 pm

No way Jose

jajo696 67F  
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7/5/2021 11:00 pm

* voted *. So sorry about your friend....being the same ages ..hits close to home. (sigh )

author51 59F  
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7/5/2021 11:26 pm

Sorry to hear of your loss.. No I would not meet any anti vaxer myself..xoxo

elderberry50 71M
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7/6/2021 5:50 am

Thats personal choice. Most women i wouldn't fuck.

Idowhatyousay200 46M
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7/10/2021 2:50 am

Why not, if you have been vacinated you don't have to worry. Let the anti-vaxers do what they want. When they contract covid and die its their own fault for not taking a free vaccine. It won't change the fact you have been vacinated.

WickedTessa 51M/47F  
7 posts
7/18/2021 11:09 am

Sure it's a personal choice and if someone doesn't get the vaccine and gets sick I'll wish them well. If someone gets the vaccine and has complications from it because it was rushed and through testing I again will wish them well. It is not my place or anyone else's to tell someone else what they should or shouldn't but in their body. If you been vaccinated you have nothing to worry about or you be a sheep and live in fear like the talking heads on Tv want you to and get vaccinated and still where 2-3 masks afterwards. It's all a personal choice and we aren't going judge anyone on their personal choice.

WickedTessa 51M/47F  
7 posts
7/18/2021 11:10 am

Plus how would you know if they are vaccinated or not? You wouldn't unless they tell you and don't lie.

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