Did I just discover a kink at age 53?  

TeddyBareWithMe 55M
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10/29/2020 12:32 pm
Did I just discover a kink at age 53?

's been 4 years, 3 months and 7 days since my last post.

For those don't know me (which I'm guessing would be ANYONE reads this) I am a married white man with no sex life. make a long story short, my wife suffers from depression and a range of physical ailments. Her cornicopia of meds leaves her with no libido. We are intimate when she's up to it, but those times are few and far between. We last had sex in June, and that broke up a 10 month dry spell.

So I miss sex. I created this account many moons ago so I could live vicariously thru others that are actually having sex. I'd watch steaming videos, join chats, read blogs, then hop over a porn site cap off a weekend of loneliness. I've never actually had physical contact with anyone here. I did meet a group of bloggers once at a sports bar... they were all very nice but none of them are still active members the best of my knowledge. I made friends with a woman 'across the pond' liked for me talk dirty while she played on camera. That was really but difficult pull off due the time difference and our availability. She having and me a wife that spleeps lightly. Eventually she found someone else with.

I almost hooked up once. It was a woman about my age with beautiful full breasts. I went over mid morning with some pastries and she made coffee. She and her husband had a couples profile. Apparently they both were allowed hook up with others then they would tell each other all about their adventures. I don't know why I backed out at the last minute... guilt, scared; probably both. Either way that opportunity has passed.

But that's not what prompted todays post. It's the porn I've been obsessed with lately. Here the premise - guy is simply stroking his cock in a public parking lot with women walking by. Sometimes they discover him on their own, if not he calls them over to ask for directions.

They don't shriek in terror. They don't cuss him out. They don't call 911.

They watch. In fascination.Especially when he eventually blows his load.
Some from a distance, some come right up to the window and encourage the act, others even lend a helping hand. I find this AS HELL!

This must be staged right? I would be so up for this if I wasn't convinced I'd be locked up on first attempt.I mean these guys are younger, in better shape, with bigger dicks.They would be considered , while I would be labeled creepy, LOL.

Now ladies, if you knew a guy was giving a free show at a given time/location would you be at all tempted watch? The thought of someone from here I've never met leaning against my vehicle watching me jerk off has me so horny right now. You looking at me while I look at you. A sly grin, some low moans, or a 'cum for me' would push me over the edge an eruption of ectasy. Let's !

Abby1112 42F  
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1/10/2021 8:20 pm

I thought this must be a mistake when I saw this pop up on my watched blog list!

I'm all for relatively harmless perversions! If It was a man I knew or had been chatting with I would down for a free show


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