Riding For Pleasure  

Teyjj 54M
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9/7/2021 5:22 pm

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Riding For Pleasure

Just another random musing...

I'm driving down the highway and the thought just popped into my head, no pre-amble, no deliberate thought:

"Something I've never experienced, surely not with you. But I just thought thinking about how great an experience it would be: Night with the lights on, you coming out of the bathroom after a shower, drying your hair with a<b> damp </font></b>towel, climbing onto my face, the wonderful smell of recently soapy pussy (do you even know what your pussy smells like after a shower? It would take a man like me to describe the scent and I bet each guy would give you a different description.), clit sticking out to meet my over-excited tongue.

I haven't given any thought as to what my dick might be doing because, right now, it's all about you and it's all about the view, and my heart is playing the rhythm to 'Take Five" ( a jazz classic from way back.) Feels like its about to burst through my chest.

Really an amusing line of thought, but I soon temper it by thinking about my wife would kill if she knew I was locked up in this sleazy motel with you.

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