Throw Back Thursday  

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11/11/2021 7:19 am
Throw Back Thursday

So first time doing a Blog

So crazy people of FriendFinder-x what was your craziest sexual expieriencve when you were in you teens .

Mine was I was when I was working in a Hotel bar when I was 19 , it was in a small town where I grew , so basically we were finished for the nite after a wedding and sitting down have a few drinks after work so this was around 3am , it had been a busy week as the hotel was a popular wedding venue back then , where innthe summer you could have 2 maybe 3 wedding parties a day there .
Back the story so we are sitting in the snug area enjoying our drinks and the manageress came to join us and say well done on a good team effort over the last few weeks , drinks were flowing and bit by bit staff started going home as they were on in the morning or were getting lifts home
I find myself last one there enjoying my drink and not really putting any pass on what was going on around or that a few of my friends had gone home and I find myself sitting back chatting to the manageress , Now she was in her early 50s but very fit and good looking but was a lesbian so I thought as every one was always out with women . Now i hadnt put much pass on this as she was wearing a dress suit for work and looked very sexy in it . We were lying back in the couch watching tv and she turnd over the station some sexy movies that were late night Sky back in the 90s . She asked did i mind watching them and of course I said no not at , she said it helped her relax after work , I was surprised and nervous at this time as i didnt know what to expect too happen as I wasnt that very sexually active . after a few minutes she asked if I wanted another drink and i said yes for some dutch courage and she went and got us 2 more , lying back into the couch she cuddled in beside me as there were some sexy scenes the tv and she started rubbing my cock through my pants and yes I was rock hard , she asked if I minded her doing that and of course I said no so she undid her work jacket and opened her shirt and told me to kiss her breasts which I did and she pushed back the couch undid my trousers and started sucking my young 19yr old erect cock which was standing proud and tall , she told me to cum in her mouth at which I said fuck yeah and just went for it I shot my<b> load </font></b>deep into her throat and she swallowed every bit of it , I hadnt produced that much sperm in ages and she said she never swallowed that much before , she pulled down her knickers and we went 69 on the couch my God her pussy tasted like heaven and I did cum again , we left it at that but we continued to meet for sex every thursday at her place for the next few months , I thought my Birthdays had come at once back then as she was a lesbian and living with aniother lady , whom I got the pleasure of knowing in the shower one morning after being with my manageress and that another story for another time , be 19 again

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