I was praying it would be my last; but, I guess not. Read It and Weep ride along with me.  

Vvrooom 62F
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10/8/2021 7:47 pm
I was praying it would be my last; but, I guess not. Read It and Weep ride along with me.

Fwb that lives less than an hour away and is between the ages of 50 and 70.

ABOUT ME (Yes, this is where the tears start flow.)
It's not casual. It's not a one-and-done. I want it work and I want it work for a while. If you aren't interested in investing in a relationship that you have great sex in and be able live your own life and leave mine alone, then don't bother because no matter how hard you try hide it I'm going figure it out.

If you are under 50 leave be. I am not interested at this point in time. You're too mercurial for what I need. Sew your oats somewhere else.

Again, I have to spell it out. I am looking for a friend-with-benefits relationship. FWB, I'm looking for consistency. Something concrete. four times a week minimum. I'm not going get that with casual or a one night stand. So leave alone if it's anything other than what I am looking for. Most of you just don't get it. Some of you understand; but you just don't care what any woman wants you're only for what you want. So; how's that working out for you? Aces right? Get real. How many times do I have tell the people over and over again; no, you're too far? Take a look at the distance, see how long it's going to take you to drive it. Let's face it; anything over an hour yeah it's not going to last for long and I'm not in this seeking for a couple of weeks duration because by that time you're going to be ready to kill yourself. You'll be so tired because it's a marathon with me. It's not a quickie. So; move on, because I'm going to tell you it's too far and I'm going to shut you down and block you. Get your heads out of your asses and quit acting like your brains have been fried by the Florida sun and think about it. I'm a human being. I'm not a piece of meat for your pleasure. With these attitudes it shows me you're a selfish lover. I wouldn't want you in my bed anyhow.

I shouldn't have to be doing this, spelling it out again. Wake the f up. Y' complain nobody's fucking, nobody will do anything. Take a look in the mirror. It's you. Just because I'm you keep hitting saying ' I see you still haven't found anybody." No, I haven't found the lover I'm seeking. It's not for a lack of offers. I would rather have one viable offer a month explore then have the hundred that I have every month that I have sort through. It's men that live in a different State who will be visiting and think that I'm going engage for a weekend or week. I'm sorry, what am I supposed do after you're gone? What about the ones that live on the opposite coast who say, l can make the drive. I like drive. Give a break. What planet do you live ? I live planet Earth. You know the real world. I live in a world where a two-hour commute top of or four hours of energetic sex and then another two hour drive home that's a full work day top of a full work day for a lot of you. Let's just go ahead and add to it that it's going to be or four times a week. There you go it's a recipe for disaster. I'm sorry I'm not into having people d.o.a. Because they didn't have a brain in their head that said, this is not a good idea.

Here's the kicker, be a married man who wants to do me so bad because their life is wanting so much. Yeah, well I'm not available for weekdays or weekend days. I have a life. I am busy during the day. Let's say she works nights availability evenings. Okay get an STD test. , you don't want because you've only been with your wife. If you're looking be with , what makes believe that you haven't been with anybody else? That you haven't been looking for a while? You haven't had somebody else the side before? Yeah, I don't believe it. How about I can't take the treatment for STD's; so, unless your wife has been in your back pocket for every minute of every day and never out of your sight, then don't even go there. You don't know where she's been. I'm not going there because it's my life we're talking about. I can't take the treatments. It will put me into liver failure and I'm sorry I'm not going to risk my life for any one of you.

So, these are the reasons why I have not been able to find a partner because you don't want to test. To you my life is unimportant. Good then I don't want to be with you. The drive is too far, what the f is wrong with you? What planet do you live on? Wake and smell the coffee. It's been brewing a long time. So, quit wasting my time.

Am I worth the time? The test? The men that I've been with think so. Well if they thought so then why did it end? Because they were too far. Because they were too young. Because they were married or they were too small and got pushed out and could not stay in no matter what was tried. Or the biggest reason because they had ED issues and couldn't stay hard. It takes a hard cock to pound it for that many hours. yeah please I am a BBW make no mistake. Is in my profile I don't get it it's changing but it's still the I am a BBW and that's not everyone's preference so don't if you can't comprehend this if you didn't read the way. So I'm putting it I am big I am obese I am stack I have hanging flesh because I lost a significant amount of weight already the<b> medical </font></b>condition that I suffered from is no longer active I should have been dead eight years ago but I'm not because I fought not gain the weight that was projected. I am a fighter. I survived a home invasion that almost killed me and took me two years to recover from almost. I Will Survive not being able to gain any immunities for this covid-19 virus and I will live; but, I'm not doing it and taking huge risks. That's not who I am. As well, I am visually impaired/legally blind. I cannot drive. Figure it out people I can't meet you halfway. I'm not getting there, you have got to come to me.

So, give me a break. I don't like the person I'm becoming. I mean, I used to give everyone the benefit of the doubt; but, too many of you have proven to me that you're liars. You show with ED issues, you can't get hard. Hey at least I wasn't with you. You're too small and I'm not going there again. I'll hurt somebody, I am definitely at my breaking point. Please just be what I am seeking. Send me an email with your availability, your first . well; please tell what type of relationship you are seeking. Include the driving time. But most importantly please review my questions and answers and of my information that is below about bra size and sunrise and everything else so that you can make the most informed decision like I try do. I am very careful and I am very leery of anything a man tells at this point in time. I have been pandered enough I have been LED downtown Twisted in circles until I'm in knots I have been used and abused and no more. I may not have a lot of experience dealing with men but the experience I have had this site. It has jaded . So, don't waste my time and I won't waste yours.

MY IDEAL PERSON (Seems like Pete, Pete and repeat. I'd much rather it be lather, rinse, and repeat.)
It is what it always has been. Be tall enough so I can wear heels, 7-inch or greater cock with a pulse attached somebody with incredible stamina and no erectile dysfunction issues that can keep with this hypersexual (that's a nymphomaniac boys and girls) woman. It's always been about the cock, my greatest love. yeah, the dream is he carries a current STD test in his back pocket.

STD test + pic of your dick next a ruler. Unless it hangs 1/2 way your knees. Save from the social niceties. Provide or be deleted.

Looking for a good Dom. Not a master and not someone who thinks it's a game. It is a sexual preference. It is a lifestyle. If you've never done it then don't bother references will be required if I have any doubt. No pain. I am a good submissive lover who enjoys pleasing her partner. I am able give of myself sexually your whims with a few exceptions. You will control of the sexual activity. Personal lives are not included. You must meet my requirements. I have filled out of the questions and answers. I'm not going spell it out again that's something for you and I discuss before entering this. I cannot do text I'm visually impaired.

~ V 💋

NJGUY08090 55M
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10/16/2021 4:27 pm

You sound perfect to me. Just wish I lived near you.

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