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Living on a Lake
Posted:Jul 7, 2021 8:05 pm
Last Updated:Nov 27, 2021 6:51 am

Of course, for many of you, this is “normal,” but for us…interestingly delightful.

We live on a lake. People stop by and we welcome them with swag, and alcohol (of course).

On a recent night, a boat came in with a couple a little younger than us. The woman was a dream for either of us. She had a beautiful smile, wonderful “take me” look, and a body that begged for more. We're both boob fans and she had 32D and a body that matched. My wife was immediately attracted with “that” look that I see rarely but know what happens next. Her companion saw that too. We smiled at each other as the women talked, laughed, enjoyed a few beverages and got to the point that I know means something will happen: Hair play.

Hair play leads to soft caressing. Soft caressing leads to soft words of suggestion. Those lead to fondling and nakedness, and kissing, and sucking and more. And it was all about to happen.

Using the “I have to go to the potty” story, they both went up to the house. Her companion and I knew what would happen…they wouldn’t be back. That was good. So we talked about lake living, people, events, guy stuff.

After about 45 minutes it was time to see how the women’s mutual exploration was going.

We walked to the house. There was soft moaning from the guest bedroom—always a good sign.

Both of us stood in the open doorway, with low light as my wife was laying on her, sucking her bountiful breasts with earnest, as though they were lactating (later to learn they were). Wife’s body was pressed hard against her and the moaning was coming from them both.

Join or watch?

We both watched as their intensity increased. The moanings turned to pants and “ahhhaaas” as wife fingered her and it was reciprocated. Kissing, fondling, fingering…all faintly visible in the dim light.

Her friend, who’d been drinking waved me in with a “too much to drink” comment. I didn’t have that issue…I was full-on hard and craving…

I approached them and lay next to them, they didn’t seem mind as they continued to kiss and finger and fondly. I fondled my wife’s breast while sucking on her nipple…reveling in the taste of milk that I always crave. With one hand on a breast and my tongue raving another woman’s nipple I wondered if it could be better, and it could.

My wife said, “fuck ME!” She wanted to be the main course and with that she laid on top of her and insisted that I enter her from behind…my favorite and hers. The initial thrust cause a shout of joy…and then, as she sucked her and I enjoyed the feeling of two women’s breasts as they sucked one another, I fingered her as I thrust into my wife. Rarely can I go 15 minutes but I guess the situation demanded it. My wife came twice and as she rolled over, she and her husband allowed me to enter. It was magical.

My wife’s tits in my face as I fucked another woman and massaged, her breasts as they squirted on us both.

It seemed so short, but it wasn’t…thrust, moan, suck, sigh, squeeze, and encouragement from her husband to take her/make her.

My wife’s tits in my mouth, the milk from her tits made me come, but I needed her to come and I slid down as the women kissed/sucked/fondled one another and I licked her, so goopy with grool and my come. It took only a few minutes for my tongue and fingers and my wife’s suckling to cause one of the biggest orgasms ever. Even he, watching, came to the bed and was able to come on her.

Collapse. Rest. Cuddle with all of us. Wonderful.

Early (3AM-ish) they went back to their boat and floated away….

The offer to return is ever-open!

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