Keeping the bedroom hot and alive  

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9/7/2021 1:28 pm
Keeping the bedroom hot and alive

I was reading through some of the blogs before I decided to write my own. During my research project I was asking myself, what the heck do I write about on a sex site? Seriously folks, we are all on FriendFinder-x for one thing ... booty calls. Some may be looking for a long-term relationship, while others are rebounding from a horrible relationship, some might be secretly hiding a lifestyle from their significant other because they aren't getting what they need from home. Whatever the reason, we are all just looking for a physical and maybe a little bit of an emotional connection with another human being.
This is ALL OKAY! And in fact, in my theoretical mind, I feel is a healthy way to keep a relationship alive in the bedroom. This is not a recommended lifestyle for those that are insecure and jealous though! My husband and I have been in the lifestyle off and on over the last 15 years. We are very secure in our relationship and find that it adds another element to our life. For us, inviting someone or someone(s) into our home takes our sexual experiences to new levels. We like to play out scenarios and having the benefit of meeting new people and making new friendships. We have recently decided to take our experiences and make adult content so others can enjoy our playtime just as much as we do. Beautiful bodies are meant to be enjoyed and we are here to partake in that enjoyment.
The trick of the game is to remember men and women do have different needs and both<b> parties </font></b>need to do their part to make sure that the other half's needs are being met. Take me for instance, yeah I like to be bent over and fucked senseless, but if you want to really get my juices flowing, take some time and coax me first. (Reading a nasty, dirty story line gets my panties drenched) a little backstory beforehand pulls at my emotions and that is what will get me nice and slick. If I'm into it, I know you'll be into it. Take your time and think about what you are doing to the other party? What might it feel like? If they were reciprocating would it be something you would enjoy?
In a nut shell slow down and think about the other half and what they are getting out of your encounter. If you are just there to get your rocks off and not worry about getting their rocks off. Things will go dead faster than fast. So if you want to screw up a relationship in your bedroom, be selfish and forget that you have a partner. Slapping it yourself gets a bit lonely .. but hey maybe it's better alone!

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9/7/2021 3:37 pm

Hi and welcome to blogging !

A good post everyone should read.

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9/7/2021 4:09 pm

I’m Eric. I’m interested.

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9/7/2021 6:31 pm

Very well said. I couldn't agree more

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9/7/2021 9:38 pm

Agreed!!! Very well put!!!!

WyoCowboy7751 68M
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9/8/2021 5:06 am

Echoing what has already been said !!! 🤠

Married_Lexingto 47M
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9/8/2021 5:20 am

I had a partner in the past, she thought she would be popular in the lifestlye. Once we started meeting people it was obvious the women were all hot, the men not as much. She got jealous that on average the couples we were meeting the women were always hotter than the male counterparts. She was jealous that i got more attention than her from the ladies.

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9/8/2021 5:16 pm

Say what you mean do what you say eloquently put.4 somebody's going to have a great time including yourself I hope don't ever get disappointed drive from or stay outside that box darling have a good day and a better night.

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11/2/2021 7:40 pm


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