Libido is supposed to decrease in your middle years. I didn't get the memo.  

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11/25/2021 9:51 am
Libido is supposed to decrease in your middle years. I didn't get the memo.

A couple of years ago, I bumped into a college flame.
While both of us were in long-term relationships at the time, there was still this... spark.
There's something about a woman in her 40s that really turns me on. maybe it's just that I'm now in my 40s as well.

I don't know.

Given that my last relationship didn't pan out, I almost regret not making a move. I'm pretty sure we'd have both happily attempted to satiate our obvious lust for each other, for hours on end.

But I'm not a cheater either, so all that occured was some flirtation, some innuendo and a few laughs.

Anywho, the conversation did segue to reminiscing about our younger years and the good times we had in college.

And that's when she asked how age might have "tempered" me. Surely I wasn't as excitable (her word, not mine - I'd have just said "horny") as I was 20 years ago?

The truth is, not much has changed.
Or rather, if anything has changed at all, it's that I probably last longer in bed.

My old flame didn't really believe me when I said as much and thought that I was putting her on.

Sometimes I wonder whether that was an invitation for me to prove her wrong. I'm not in touch with her anymore and she's married so I wouldn't really think to try anyway.

But this does make me wonder - by what margin do libidos decline once they hit 40ish?

About the only difference I've noticed is in the amount of ejaculate that I'm now capable of producing. Let's just say it isn't as copious as 20 years ago.

What I have surmised based on speaking about it with other people though is that I'm a bit of an anomaly.

See, I've always had a raging sexual appetite.
There hasn't been a single day in my adult life that remember not having woken up with a hard-on. On the days that I've stayed over at a friend's or something, I've had to wait for the damn thing to shrink so I can get out of bed. Luckily embarrassment speeds up the process.

If anything, on most days, I have to yank my cock just to experience relief.
No, seriously.
On days that I don't masturbate in the morning, my balls ache through most of the day.
I rue the days that I encounter women that I'm attracted to, because it subsequently feels like someone's grabbing them and squeezing. They fuckin' throb and hurt.

There have even been times when I've had to fap at the office.
Lock the door, relieve the damn pressure.

One time, shortly after I'd discarded a paper towel full of my seed, an intern had walked into my office, immediately whiffed at the air and asked me, "Oh, what cologne are you using? I like it!"

She might've caught a whiff of aftershave from that morning, but was most probably smelling cum.

Thinking back to that day always gets me hard.

OK, stop judging. I double wrapped the towel and washed my hands and everything, OK?


To me, this is just ...normal.

Wake up with a raging hard on. Yank the fucker till it spurts. Groan in appeasement.
Interact with several women that I want to fuck through the day. Come back home. Fap and<b> massage </font></b>my nuts.

This is just what I'm like when alone or single.

If I have a partner, I typically want to make love or fuck several times every single day.

Or as often as female biology allows, anyway.

The longest single fuck-fest I had with a partner who had (thankfully) an equally insatiable libido was 4 and a half hours. I think we only stopped once for water and were at it again. Both of us were sore the next morning, and every muscle in my body was cramping but man was it worth it.

That was when I was 24.

I have no idea if I could do another equally-long session at 45, because I haven't had the opportunity to try.

Truthfully though, age does take its toll on your body. I'm not as muscular as I was in my 20s. My stamina isn't what it used to be, despite regular cardio and other exercise.

But my libido seems to be exactly the same, or worse.

I still don't know whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

The women in my life have always said that it's the former.
But, I mean, why wouldn't you if you were being pounded by a horny bastard who seems to be genetically predisposed to wanting to fuck all the time?

When I'm not getting any, the libido's kind of annoying to be honest.

At 45, it's gotten to the point where I wish it would wane.

Perhaps it will, eventually.

But as of now, thinking back to all of my escapades means that I'm going to have to stop writing and take a break so that my nuts stop aching again.

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