Wicked7pixieSLUT 46F  
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10/12/2021 1:16 am

as we approach halloween (& all the inbetween) , i pick up on the crisp fall air all around (october-bound)! i love this time of year. filled with parties, candies and costumes... the day of the dead consumes (my thoughts) especially as i recently had a good friend pass away... i will remember him on oct 31st this year. i really dig costumes because the stores have all the witchy stuff, black cat stuff and ghosts galore.... best time to explore shopping. costumes are great because i like to role play all year long, as many do. you? this year i bought a firey red wig that is so sexy! my guy will love watching me give him head in it. what is your spooky fantasy? share with me? if it is they will and harms none so mote it be! the dark mother protects me. and who is your idol? hope your bewitching fucktober is full of kink, wishes for you come true, and when they arrive you will know exactly what to do. make nice & screw my fellow freaks, and carve a pumpkin for me. BOO!

i appreciate
your viewership

topherific 59M
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10/12/2021 8:06 am

its like christmas for cool people

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