Way Out There  

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7/6/2021 8:44 pm
Way Out There

tonight I'm at the way out club in south city for open mike night. it's so zen, lots of bohemian hippies, pagans, poets and musicians, performances, books and beer. this reminds me of the 90's back when I first started going to open mike nights, usually at the venice cafe, which I believe is closed down now. such a shame about the venice in soulard. I used to drink though. now I don't so everything seems different, more clear perhaps. I used to drink 4 to 8 shots of jagermeister as soon as I arrived. tonight I sip on a cola, sit in the audience and watch, clap and blend in with the others. my dad is playing on stage tonight, my best friend is spewing his poetry on stage. oh what a gasp it is, all this talent. hell I'd get up there myself and read some of my poetry but I'm too self conscious in crowds, and rarely do I share my poems with anyone else. my writing is erotic and I think maybe most cant handle it... maybe they'd think I am a pervert. truth is I am. so I'd be noticed. so I stay in the background, undiscovered and overwhelmed by images, words, verse. clearly some part of me belongs here, but in other ways I dont fit in at all. the goddess uses me as a vessel, not to perform but to watch. so i listen and i watch with an open mind, these are the ways of yesterday behind... what inspiration do i hope to find? maybe just the motivation to write, here is the place, now as in tonight. what more can i ask for? i never vo to bars or clubs anymore, and I think I remember why now.... I can aspire to write from home and its flavorful somehow. wow. this last guy sang and banged a spoon on metal: strange! I guess that could be considered a talent. but art is subjective so one women's trash is another's treasure (right)? many activists here, playwrites and mother never told me about these things- I've discovered it on my own. abyas intothe unknown. I am alone.

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7/10/2021 7:13 pm

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