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10/22/2021 11:09 am

wow. it seems like i just woke up from the grave. think I slept for a couple days... i was dreaming that this little fat was holding and another girl hostage in his basement. i finally talked him into letting me go to get help, but outside his dad was sitting in the yard and said I couldn't leave... his fence has barbed wire all around and there was no way out. then I woke up. i have<b> weird </font></b>dreams all the time, many times remembering them. my boyfriend had to rush off to work and now my bestie paul is here to keep me company. paul used to be my boyfriend years ago. being his friend I remember why we broke up. but I also realize that it was stupid to let him to for jimmy. he was a better boyfriend then who I left him for. paul will tell you... once you have her there is nowhere to go from there... because I was the one that got away. still, if we are currently best friends, did I actually get away? i share everything with paul, except for sex. but I tell him about my sex life. i wonder if he secretly wants me back(?) says 's still in love with me but I just think he is lonely. i know one thing.... if he finds another girlfriend she had better be good to him. if not she'll have to answer to me. i have tried setting him up with girls but all the ones I know are sluts. he is an old fashioned romantic guy looking for a partner in life, not a cheap fling. attractive, sweet and he's a poet. go figure I went with the asshole with a gooey center! we are all our own worst enemies though are we not? we give it away and look at what we got!

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