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WickedTessa 51M/46F  
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3/25/2021 3:30 am
Strip Club

The husband and I went strip clubs a regular basis when we lived in the Orlando Tampa area and had a blast. We went during the day at night weekdays and weekends always had a good time and seen and had fun with some sexy ladies. We haven't been one since we moved South Carolina. So we decided drop in one this past Saturday in Charleston while we were there. What a disappointment we walk in around 4 pm there's no cover charge but there is no dancers on the stage at . We each get a drink and about 20 mins later finally a dancer got stage for 1 song and she seemed be just going through the motions and not even trying do her job. After the song was done she went and sat down and didn't dance anymore and no other dancers came out. We finished our drinks and left what a boring experience that was. So if anyone knows of some good strip clubs in South Carolina please pass them along. I prefer fully nude or at least full nude private dances and a full bar is a must not any BYOB clubs please.

kinkyargirl 48M/47F  
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3/25/2021 6:50 pm

Platinum West

Apollo602021 61M  
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4/5/2021 3:38 pm

The strip clubs in my area should open soon!

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