Higher Education A F F Style  

WyntersEdge 56F  
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11/6/2021 10:16 am
Higher Education A F F Style

You come to this site for various reasons.
Everyone with their own needs.
I came here naive to the social culture.
I was honest and transparent.
Wrong thing to do here.

The trolls that come in chat and try to ruin it for everyone are disgruntled.
Fed up with the bull shit on the site.
I am gaining a quick understanding.

We have women who try to collect all the males.
Some are soul suckers, some scammers
and some are just egotistical Ho's.
They back<b> bite </font></b>and lie about the other women
out of their jealousy and petty natures.
Trying to keep all these virtual men to themselves
to make them feel less empty....
When their self worth is so low...
They don't see that what they do is so wrong.
They never grow up. Just hurt others.
They never feel good about themselves.
They never will until they change.

Then there are the men.
The Liars, game players, cheaters...
Anything for a piece of ass or a blow job.
Going from one woman to the next until they get what they want...
Then they start over.
Some are ill mannered. Some are over controlling.
They accuse you of doing all the things they do
and dont want you to know about.
There are some that think women are only here to do their bidding....
I mean it is a sex site, after all.
Making excuses for there poor communications and classless
come ons.
Give it a break. We are all equal.
You reap what you sow!

Narcissistic, ego driven junkies.
Never satisfied in life. Never satisfied in sex.
Just like drug addictions and alcohol.
The shit doesn't fix the deep seeded problems,
but they still do it all, more and more.
Until they spiral out of control.
That's the life here folks.

Well, I am honest. I am a rare breed here, for sure.
I remember the days of love, loyalty, honesty and general
care toward others. You will NOT change me!
But, I will also not tolerate the bull shit anymore.
It's time to stand up and be ME.

The very thing that is wrong with this world is
people forgot the meaning of compassion.
To care about others.
We are a ME driven society.
It is a sad state of affairs'.

No one takes responsibility for their own actions.
They blame others for their short comings.
Taking their anger out on strangers as if it is ok to do that.

Adults who are not mature enough to look after themselves
and treat mankind appropriately
raising to be just like them and worse.
We should all be ashamed of ourselves.

I tried dating sites. The same shit happens there as here.
An honest, loving person cannot find one member
of the opposite sex who will be the same.

I am put down for being a lady.
Wanting to get to know someone a while before I role in the hay.
Called a prude. Told I am too reserved. Treated like a Leper.
Then called various other things if I refuse to sleep with someone.
Or even talk to someone.

The way you treat people on here....
How can anyone trust another?
As a woman, all I am is a piece of meat?
When did I stop being a human with feelings?
Who decided I don't deserve respect?

I have tried to play the game to get along.
But, it isn't me.
I am a lady.
I deserve respect and love.
I AM worth MORE!

I call a spade a spade.
Straight shooter...
I will stick up for me...
No one else will.
I will call out the bull shit.

I may be one person with the balls to do what is right!
But it is better than being a shameless loser...
Like me or hate me, I really don't care.
My worth is not measured by any of you.
Being true to oneself and doing what is right is my measuring tool.

If you are not happy inside. It is no one's fault but your own.
You are an adult. You are in charge of your own happiness.
As long as you lie, cheat and grab onto any addictions... you will find misery,

I am not a HO!
I don't sleep with just anyone.
I was married to an impotent man.
I wouldn't cheat.
Been divorced for 3 years.
I have not been sexually active in over 12 years.
Sorry if I respect myself and my values. (NOT really sorry)
So keep your slut comments to yourself.

When and if I find the right man....
I will then give myself.
When I am ready.
I am not a notch in your bed stand!
I am worth something more.

if you all realized you were worth something better...
Worked on yourselves instead of bringing others down...
You would find treating yourself with respect
leads to treating others with respect.
We all have a story.
Some of us have suffered far more than others.
We have learned to put ourselves in someone's shoes...
But, people being rude to others has to end.
I draw the line in the sand against people
who do rotten things
to others just to be rotten.

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