Who are you?  

WyntersEdge 56F  
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11/8/2021 4:19 am
Who are you?

I ask a simple question.

Who are you?

Are you one who stands behind an alter ego?
Do you try to be something you are not?
Do you follow the herd, because everyone else does?
Do you have control over your own backbone?
Or do you have puppet strings manipulating your every choice?

Are you afraid that no one will like you if you are YOU?
Do you have such little faith in your own existence?
Do you care about the entire world or just YOU?
When people are doing things so terribly wrong
do you just watch and not react?
Are you too weak to even care about the deceptions and
outright hatred of others?

If you follow the crowd there is a false sense of fitting in.
You don't have to deal with confrontation.
You can just blend in.
But, can you sleep at night being so weak?
Can you sleep knowing you are part of the problem
instead of part of the solution.
Knowing if you follow the wrong people just to escape
ridicule... you are no better than they are.....

In high school, many would follow the so called "IN" crowd.
Our self worth hinged on our popularity.
I never conformed to that approach.
I was "ME" like me or not.
Nice to everyone.
Not swayed by popularity or fitting in.
Didn't belong to any particular group.
Friends to anyone in every group.
I admit, it wasn't the easy route.
But I have never been afraid to take the road
less travelled.

My family hated me.
I was "different"
Parents were alcoholic and dysfunctional.
Siblings followed in their footsteps.
They tried to take my life.
I stood alone... and never waivered.
Letting no one steal my joy or who I was.

I suffered great abuses toward me for just being me.
Still do.
People cannot handle you if you are different.
They hate you, beat you down, humiliate you.
Are you the beaten down one,
who rose above the ashes like a Phoenix?
Or are you the one who cowers to the masses?
The one who rises above is a Warrior.

Can you be honest with yourself.
Look deep within yourself?
Pull up your britches and do what is right?

All across this planet there are things happening.
So much injustice. Tyranny. Humankind's rights
being taken from them by Psychopaths.
Who are you?
The coward that follows the crowd?
or are you
The one who stands up and says: "No more!"
Will you be a warrior?

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11/8/2021 5:46 am

heavy stuff for a Monday morning

scoupe42 58M  
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11/8/2021 7:23 am

Strong poem, people should be more kinder.

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