YinzerCat 47F
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11/12/2021 12:28 pm


The search goes on and on and on and on...just venting to myself...

There has been more than ample opportunity from the various categories of men. Those of interest tend be too far away, fake, or for some reason there is not a connection. Also existing is the fact that I am super picky. Some good ones get lost in the shuffle since the amount of messages I receive can be overwhelming.

What I could of had lots of by now, but have ZERO interest in, is the following:

The players - They chase all that attract them and really are just looking for another notch in the belt. I am not interested in being w/someone who is all over town or traveling multiple states to tap some everywhere. I just had an exchange with a monumental ass wipe from, did he think he was something. He actually had the nerve to say that no one can do what he does and that is a fact. I am still shaking my head at his ignorance.

Then there are those that are all about hurry up and meet. They want your checklist of questions quickly so they can pretend that they have gotten to know you and then it is hurry up and meet...which is code for hurry up and fuck most of the time. Only guys work from a checklist. I learn in conversation when it is not so obvious just how much I do learn.

Of course, there are those who do not need conversation...The Desperate - they truly believe in the hook up, fuck, see ya.... Who in their right mind would be with a guy that is so careless? Not sure, but certainly not me.

The ego boys are all over the place and they are loving themself some them...arrogant, cocky and full of shit. However, they love what they see in the mirror. Mostly selfish and self centered. They are very easy to spot between screen name, profile description, pic posing, etc....if that doesnt flush them out then just chat a few minutes with them and it will be a blinding flash of the egotistical obvious.

Cheaters are rampant though they seem to be offended when you them that. I can only hope their wife is secretly fucking someone as well. They all have the 3 or 4<b> stories...</font></b>very comical. Not sure if that B.S. actually works or it is how they justify their lack of morals and integrity. My most favorite line of B.S. is this one. We have a dont ask, dont tell arrangement.....Of course that really means that she is not suspicious so she never asks and he is not stupid enough to tell on himself....pathetic.

Anyway, you have to expect most of the content that comes in. I do continue to be astonished at the classless and mannerless approach of so many. I come here now and then in hopes of finding that one person for a FWB but it just never seems to be. I can feel it already, I will struggle to reach the end of my 3 months and certainly will not renew.

Fatlookin123 52M  
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11/18/2021 2:38 pm

Wow! Sorry to see this site has been that bad of an experience for you.

Scott52NixAtGM 60M
278 posts
12/23/2021 10:18 pm

Let’s see if we can at least try to have some fun. Let me know how I can reach you

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