Wonderful weekend  

Yukisan2021 52F
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11/20/2021 6:04 am
Wonderful weekend

Dating again, we have a wonderful weekend.
When we met, you hugged me eagerly, and the fierce kiss melted me.

Licking and<b> sucking </font></b>your balls and brother, watching you enjoy and nice vocal.
I am happy with your satisfaction. And you are very experienced in licking pussy really made me moaning until orgasm.

Cherish a partner who can please each other.

profcoquin27bis 57M
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11/21/2021 6:05 am

i am glad for you

Yukisan2021 replies on 11/21/2021 7:52 am:
Thank you bad boy😘

Mr_Mercedes 59M  
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11/22/2021 12:32 pm

Hope you have many more weekends like that one.

I’m not sure I could wait for the weekend to begin worshiping at your temple

Looking for Mischief

Yukisan2021 replies on 11/23/2021 8:04 am:
Thank you for your wishes.... I hope too

We can meet in dreams

profcoquin27bis 57M
4251 posts
11/23/2021 4:39 pm

Sure i would be your bad boy

Pornny_Pornnyyy 49M
691 posts
12/2/2021 7:46 pm


Yukisan2021 replies on 1/10/2022 5:31 am:

danfunone69 35M
178 posts
1/10/2022 4:04 am

that sounds great - I am glad

Yukisan2021 replies on 1/10/2022 5:30 am:
Thank you...

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