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Welcome to my blog!
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Making Love To Ida
Posted:Sep 1, 2021 6:24 am
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2021 1:13 am
Making Love Ida

I told her that I loved her
Pleaded with her, be gentle with me
I Let her have me
Surrendered to her
Exposed myself completely
First she caressed me
Then she got passionate with me
Then the Bayou happened
She liked it so much
She stayed and got drunk
And she whipped me senseless
For hours on end
With her wind and her rain and her power
And then she caressed me again
And left

The cock of a man, the clit of a trans
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 9:13 am
Last Updated:Dec 3, 2021 6:34 am
The cock of a man is not the same as the clit of a mtf (male to female) trans woman, even-though they look similar...
The clit of a trans is ruled by female hormones, estrogen mostly, and does not act, nor does she wants to be treated the same as a man's cock.
The brain of a mtf trans woman has been changed ruled by estrogen, in my case I was that already before I started taking hormones, yes, some of us are really just born that way, like me... and it becomes a matter of flipping a switch, chromosomes...
Therefore mtf trans women started calling it a clit, and some give it a she gender cause it's ruled by female hormones.
N how a woman likes her orgasms is how a trans woman likes her orgasms.
N how a woman's skin is soft is how a trans woman's skin is soft.
N how a woman thinks is how a trans woman thinks.
So if you please, don't ever think that a mtf trans woman's clit is a man's cock, dick, penis. If anything, please think of it as a female penis.
Love is what we do
Posted:Jul 14, 2021 9:42 am
Last Updated:Sep 28, 2021 1:15 am
Your gentle touch
Caresses my mind
Your words
Make my heart melt
Love is what we do
Love is what we do

Minds go wild
So immensely
So very deeply
Minds going wild

You smell like the beach
Your lips taste like peach
Your eyes warm and deep
Deep as a blue ocean
Your body tastes like the sea
Love is what we do
All the way down energy lane
In every cell off our body
A gentle smile
Love is what we do

Minds go wild
So innocently
So intensely
Minds going wild

Your gentle touch
Caresses my mind
Your words
Make my heart melt
Love is what we do
Love is what we do

Our bodies are aching
Our hearts are reaching
Our instincts wanting
Our minds fearing
Wanting to be with
Wanting to merge with
Become one with
Love is what we do
Love is what we do

Your gentle touch
Caresses my mind
Your words
Make my heart melt
Love is what we do
Love is what we do

Minds go wild
So immensely
So very deeply
Minds going wild
Press My Breasts
Posted:Feb 22, 2021 8:31 am
Last Updated:Nov 11, 2021 1:39 pm
Press my breasts,
Part the veil of mystery,
A flower blooms there,
Crimson and fragrant.

You left impressions unforgettable
and when I view our moon
your image surfaces
and that love seems forever.

Fondle my breasts
With your soft hands.
I can give myself to you
In your dreams
Whispering your own poems
In your ear as you sleep beside me.

An Erotic Encounter
Posted:Feb 17, 2021 5:55 pm
Last Updated:Feb 8, 2022 11:26 am
An Erotic Encounter

Part I

As I enter one of my favorite bars, all heads turn. I have gotten used this happening when I walk into a public place, curious eyes directed at , wondering who this beautiful creature might be...

My short dark hair falls gently and relaxed around my face, my tight white linen dress shows off every curve of my figure and my red open toe 3 inch heels accentuate my beautiful long legs leading up to white silky panties and my beautiful buttocks... The little bit of white lace from the front neck line of my dress covers barely the top of my D-cup breasts that push against the material and I just enjoyed a very nice afternoon in the sun that makes my natural tanned Mediterranean brown skin contrast nicely with my white dress.

The owner comes over to greet me, letting everyone know that I am a regular to be treated with respect in his place, he offers me a chair at the bar and orders me a wonderful glass of my favorite champagne that he just got in from France, "Veuve Cliquot", and I relax... blowing him a kiss from my brown colored full lips to thank him.
There's gentle Brazilian and Latin Jazz playing in the background, and I watch the bartender perform wonders for his customers while a nice and friendly ambiance is filling up the place.

After some time has gone by and a few glasses of champagne, I suddenly feel a strong presence next to me, and as I look to my left I see a beautiful, sexy female, very nicely dressed but at the same time almost slutty... Her body shows a petite, fit and very sexy shape, her dark, long hair falls on her shoulders as silk, she's wearing an almost see-through white blouse that is buttoned down just enough to reveal her cleavage of very sculptural shaped breasts, almost marble like, and the top part of her beautiful jet black bra. From under her black leather mini skirt I see her elegant legs that are very naturally muscular, covered in black nylons, finishing off her feet in very elegant, sexy black leather heels.
I hear myself say: Hi, how are you? ... is this your first time here? She turns her head at me and as she looks me straight in the eyes... I see brown eyes that have lived stories, a dreamy smile appears on her sexy full red lips, and I feel her eyes turning into an inviting look as she responds..."I'm fine, thank you. I've been here a few times... seems like the place to be on a Friday evening"... She had a very cute voice, and a slight vibrato made her voice sound very sexy in my ears...
As we look each other still straight in the eyes, we both get a slight smile on our faces, and as in a dream, while I feel our knees touching each other, I feel my hand resting on her knee and starting to slide up the inside of her knees, parting her legs a little, no words were necessary, it felt as if my hand, as if I, belonged there, the touch of my hand, that I feel sending shivers down her spine, gives me teasingly goosebumps all over my body and while my gentle caresses become more daring, she opens her thighs a little more, she makes me feel welcome... and I feel her hand gently moving on my naked thigh, so soft, so heavenly feeling as she moves higher under my dress touching and caressing my panties... I see her nipples hardened, and pointing achingly through her skimpy blouse, and I can see her beautiful black bra shining through, accentuating her wonderful C-cup breasts that look as if they want to break out of that bra and from under her blouse.
Her nylons feel very silky and soft, and as I move higher up her thighs, under her skirt, I suddenly feel naked soft warm skin... she was wearing a garter belt and had no panties on...
My hand moves up and down between her legs feeling the contrast from the nylons to her naked skin back and forth; and, as I feel my tgurl-penis, that I call my clit or big clit, grow tight in my silk panties, I just naturally brush the back of my hand against her naked hairy pussy and love the feeling of her soft pubic hair and the lil mound under it, and I naturally turn my hand around and cup her sweet feeling pussy very gently in my hand, feeling the warmth, while under her black leather miniskirt, and potentially for anyone to see ... and as I cup her pussy I feel her hand grab a hold of my now growing clit through my panties... "How will I hide that thing in public!?!" is flashing through my brain...
I suddenly become aware that the bar has filled up with people, that the back of the chair is probably hiding our actions, but when I look around, I see eyes directed at us... When I look at her, I see that she seems totally oblivious about her surroundings and getting extremely horny for me as I feel her hand under my dress doing to my clit what I'm doing to her pussy. To my surprise I hear her say, while she's looking at me with that extremely sexy look of hers and a slutty smile on her face, through all my horniness for her: "Your wish is mine darling, just act and I will do the same..."
My hand moves unwillingly away from under her skirt as I ask the bartender for a bottle of Rubicon Cabernet and the tab, and I cannot help bringing my hand to my face so I might smell her pussy smell while I feel her hand gently squeezing my growing clit in my panties. While I'm signing the bill, I feel with disappointment that she's removing her hand from under my panties and sliding it slowly over my naked thighs from underneath my skirt... oh what a tease... We get up from our bar stools and I grab the bottle of wine and hold my purse in front of my crotch, and say, come sweetie, let's go... I'll drive... and we smile at each other.

As we get to the car, I tell her to open her blouse more and leave it hanging open, (so that I can see her black bra against her silky white skin), and I spread her legs wide open on the front seat, (so that everyone can see what a horny little slut she is, seeing her naked pussy from under her skirt, between her black garter belt and stockings. My hands move teasingly all over her thighs, her pussy and her breasts while I'm behind the wheel pulling out of the parking lot. Her nipples, standing erect on her breasts, are exposed, peaking over the lacy rim of her black bra, her slutty nakedness gives my clit some extreme sensations and makes me want her, to fuck each other right there and then, but as I am very much into long foreplay, I want to play much longer before climaxing. I decide to drive to my RV and have a nice bohemian experience with her and without any words, I grab her right hand and stick it between my open legs in my panties. I feel her soft hand touching my underbelly and touch the head of my clit with the tip off her fingers, her hand instinctively embraces it as to feel my clit grow in her hand... and as she turns over towards me I feel her other hand touching my nipples, caressing and massaging my wanting big boobs... My fingers explore the skin around her vagina, casually touching her lil clit a few times, and I slide my hand down so I can cup her pussy while my middle finger touches between her buttocks that feel very soft and warm as I slide my hand back up and then back down, caressing everything with my fingertips on my way up to her soft belly... caressing her soft belly and moving my hand up over her stomach to her breasts, squeezing her tits, teasing and pulling on her nipples, getting us both soooo horny with my one hand all over her, and her hand caressing, massaging, teasingly playing between my legs... I had a hard time paying attention to the road.

When we finally get to the RV Park, I park the car in front of my RV and we look at each other. Both of us start laughing uncontrollably at our own naughtiness. Then I put my hands on hers, kiss her gently on the lips and whisper: "Come, my sweet gypsy princess." I notice her clothing hanging all over her and exposing just about all off her sexy body while I have one boob exposed and one hanging half out of my dress and my big clit is happily pressing against my dress unable to hide... and I hear myself say in a firm but gentle voice..."I want us to stay just the way we are right now baby..." and I hear her answer "Ok, Sweetie."
I feel us even getting hornier, the exhibitionist sluts that we are and I don't care that a neighboring RV guest might see us.
We get out of the car and, as she tries to get out of the car, her crotch is all exposed under her leather miniskirt ... Her top is hanging of her shoulders, and doesn't hide a thing but her back, and you can see her erect dark rosey nipples peaking over her black bra. My breasts are exposed and my big clit bulges my dress...
When we get to the RV, she notices my deck outside and the chairs, and she sits herself down in one while I go towards the outside stereo and turn on some music and decide to build a lil fire for us in the little fire-pit I have, and while the fire starts going I ask, "Would you like a glass of wine?" And she replies by asking for a glass of red wine with a feeling that totally wants and needs to let go. I see her sitting there, all exposed and wanting, all relaxed watching at the flames, caressing her boobs, playing with her nipples and caressing her legs and her pussy and feeling so totally unbothered by anything.
I get inside my 34 foot RV to the kitchen counter and uncork the bottle of wine, and while I let it air a lil I roll us a lil blunt. After successfully rolling us a one, I fill glasses with cab, grab a bottle of water from the fridge and walk back outside and sit next her at the fire, handing her a glass, while putting the water on the side table and the blunt in a little ceramic tray, and we cheer each other with a big smile on our faces and take a sip of our wine. I put my glass down and light up the blunt and deeply inhale a gentle drag... when I pass it over her, she says "Thank you baby", with a sexy smile, while her hand moves over and rests casually in my lap on my clit as if it naturally belongs there... and for this very moment I feel our passionate love for each other and I let my hand rest in her lap over her pussy and everything in the universe feels good, feels right, feels natural, feels as it should feel. I watch her red lips kiss the blunt and inhale and blow out the smoke and all I want do is kiss her lips, put kisses all over her, and as she hands the blunt, she kisses full and soft on my lips and I feel her tongue trying to part my lips and I let my lips be parted and my tongue touches hers and licks her lips gently and follows her tongue between her lips inside her mouth. This moment in front of the fire feels so very romantic and no passion can disturb it and we both, enjoying each others physical presence, let everything happen around us, we kiss, we sip of our wine, we touch and caress each other casually wherever our hands might land and time stands still.
As it starts getting cooler we feel like moving inside, and I show her around for a minute so she knows and feels comfortable with her environment as we're holding each other close, we do not want to be separated, we want to keep feeling each other and as we move to the bedroom and lay down on the queen size bed, she slowly gets rid of her clothing. She removes her skirt first, as she knows that she looks very sexy in just her garter belt and nylons, the black bra and her blouse hanging open... I get up from the bed to get some more wine and I notice that it makes her feel so hot inside to know that I'm watching her undress, to feel my eyes all over her, watching her every movement as I pour us both another glass of wine. She stretches herself completely out on her back as if ropes were pulling her, her wet pussy glimmering through her lil dark patch of pubic hair and her hands on her boobs ...
I walk over to the bed. I have a huge clit pushing through my panties, and I notice she cannot keep her eyes of that part of my body, my clit bulging there. With a feeling of lust and complete approval, I offer her the glass of wine. As she takes a sip off her wine, she lets her hands casually caress her body all over while she watches me undress, giving her a nice little strip show as I get completely naked in front of her. She can't keep her eyes off me. I know she wants to feel me ... touch me, caress my breasts, kiss me, lick me, with my clit, feel it all over her and then fuck ...
I come and sit next her on the bed, drink some wine, put my glass on the nightstand and light up the blunt again. While I take a few drags of the joint, she puts her head in my lap so that my clit is but an inch away from her eyes. I offer her the joint and after she takes a drag, I start caressing her lips with my clit... Mmmmmmhhh, I love that so much, so soft, I caress her face all over with my clit, very gently, and I see her become so slutty inside when she feels my pre-cum on her lips... My other hand caresses it's way down her back, her hips and over her buttocks, gently letting my fingers slip in between where her buttocks meet her thighs once in a while to feel the casual touch of her pussy. When I notice the juices starting to moisten the outside lips of her pussy, I wipe it up with of my fingers and moisten my lips with it. Then I start caressing her lips again with my big clit and, as I moisten her lips with my pre-cum, she lets the tip of her tongue slowly slide out, teasingly touching the tip of my clit, and then separating her lips to welcome my clit in her mouth. I push my clit in between her lips, and, as she opens her mouth more to let me gently fuck it, my fingers enter her willingly open pussy on the same rhythm. Her hands are caressing my belly and sensually massaging my legs and inner thighs and her fingers gently tease my testes...
By the increasingly stronger and passionate movements she's making as I'm fucking her beautiful red lipped mouth, and finger-fucking her pussy, I feel her growing horniness. I make her turn over a bit so that I can kiss her pussy and still keep my now fingers moving in and out her pussy. She's riding my hand and sucking and licking on my clit.. I have taken her pussy completely in my mouth, it makes her even wetter and as she starts rubbing her vagina
all over my face, I stop her gently, and tell her not to orgasm, as I hold her in place and start sucking on her clit, licking and caressing it with my tongue, taking her little clit in my mouth and sucking on it and gently biting it, until she almost explodes... I keep making love to her vagina with my mouth while her juices are making her ass-pussy very wet and let easily slide fingers in... while my tongue is going crazy on her pussy and clit and I'm fingering her ass-pussy with fingers, suddenly, her whole body starts shaking uncontrollably and not being able control herself she completely lets go and, completely surprising , she squirts on my face, in my nose and in my mouth, in my hair and on my shoulders... we're covered in her juices as she lays there, her breasts heaving heavily, her mouth open not able utter a word, and her eyes full of love and apologies... How beautiful she is just laying there like that, completely surrendered the moment, us, our melting energies...

be continued...


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