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What Might Be
Posted:Nov 16, 2021 7:19 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2022 2:49 am

You make me wonder you make me dream of what would be like for you be my Queen.
I at your eyes and at your hair you a complexion that no one can compare.
I want feel you I want take my hands and reveal you. my weary eyes your breast appear.
You earlobes and neck is still moist from my lips being .
I slide my hand up the backside of your thigh your skin so soft your lips they touch mine.

One hand on the cheek of your ass. The locks of your hair the other doth grasp.
My lips move from yours down to your neck where I kiss and I nibble until I feel a quiver in your back.
I drop to my knees your clit and lips make me so pleased I get so excited with the feel of your ass on my cheeks my tongue first on your clit but no I can't quit.
It goes from one to the other your ass your clit your vigina I plunder. I rim and run my tongue and my fingers wanting to taste your cum before I am done.
You quiver you shake and yes for a minute you ache but soon the pain turns to pleasure the deeper I gain.
I you where I want where you never been. I take control and lead you but don't worry we will be here again. Not just is lots more a connection so deep attaches your core.
I tell you if you trust me will be fine I will take care of you, your needs one and all.
I will smile as I wake see your face each day and the love that we make.
If you could imagine two that did not grow up. Just old as they together you know seems they always a full cup.
Everyone looks see why they glow. is so simple everything every need every want about one another they know.
We travel we stay at home new places we see and no matter how old we get you still bring out the adolescent in me.
We we we let things roll off our back like water a duck.act like a duck. No matter what they say we fun we try new things and sometimes someone.
We never let anyone else in for what we share we want stay the end.
We laugh we dance we live this life like a fairytale romance.
Like was meant be lived with your lips pressed mine and my hand on your ass. We travel this world and see all that we can before this shell that holds our soul gives out of gas.
I will give my best and I am pretty damn good if you will take my hand and let me under the hood.
When all is over and I am done I will make sure you everything you need keep having fun.
I one knows we may three. You promise love her like me.
I know you probably think I am dumb so I will send a few more and one will decide come.
If you decide be with me and so does she we will all just be one big family
That way because you know it will happen. You will want me go somewhere like shopping
I can say I work that has be done so we can keep having all of this fun
Take her she will gladly go while you're out if you want you can find her a joe.
Just make sure that he understands that if he doesn't wash cars and cut grass he won't with her ass.
I am now tired I must go bed how deep you got in my head.
I work and am sure I will not feel like fun but I am going think of you and jack myself off until I make myself cum.
I hope you fond dreams of what might could still be. You made my day I can't wait see. Wait hear of what you think of this letter my dear.
Nothing Explored Leaves It All Ignored
Posted:Nov 16, 2021 7:17 pm
Last Updated:May 21, 2022 2:49 am

When you pass thru for a day for a moment. I will the part of master, I will be quick and I will be craftier. I will be fast then sometimes slow you can the part of my lover or the part of my ho.

I will fulfill all your wishes leave you with strips crowned by kisses. When you left your mind will soar your heart might tug for you come back the man that made this lioness roar.
I will wear shirts with long sleeves hide your claw marks until the scabs fall and they are relieved.
's a short trip on this rock a few ticks a clock. 's been a good time has been all my pleasure take you from plain turn you flame. Your adrenaline how did flow thru your veins as your nerves screamed, excitement Pain pleasure you came. Not once not twice but until your said yourself. knew rough was so nice.
You then lay your head on my chest and listen as my heart started rest. Soon we both fell a sunder intertwined like vines on a tree. My arms around you, your legs around me.
If this dance has cum this end. Thanks for all the moments my mind held me back until my body gave no choice but send. As all my men left from me and into and onto you they landed with glee.
I could not think of a better goodbye one day one night are paths again will cross. Once again for a moment our hearts they will not be lost.

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