Do your due diligence, but have fun  

afl0ribama 52M
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9/4/2021 3:02 pm
Do your due diligence, but have fun

It's important for your safety and financial well being to be discreet on here, your phone, and your computer. In the world today lowlife's are phishing any and everywhere. It may be for financial gain, identity theft, blackmail, etc. It also may offend some people in various ways and they just put your photos or information out there for everyone to see or.benefit one-way or another. Some call it cheating, others immoral, etc. But folks, people have been having sex for thousands of years and it's just sex..Single people are busy building their careers, others may have married into a situation where their mate may not have the same sex drive, others may have a higher sex drive, some have spouse's that for<b> medical </font></b>reasons can no longer perform at all. Be discreet for yourself and/or those you are interested in bas well as your financial stability. If you're here obviously you fall into one o .more of the things 8 just mentioned. Young, old o Do your due diligence, but have fun. r in between expand your horizons with someone outside your age, height, build and you may be surprised as to how good the sex can be. Experiment, be safe, find someone outside your norms discreet, honest, reliable and communicative and enjoy the sex!

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