A Fantasy at Work...  

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11/19/2021 2:16 pm
A Fantasy at Work...

It was a long and sweltering hot day of working without any breaks; the end of the work was slow as mud on a dry summer's day and culminated in a long arduous staff meeting. I was just finishing up my plans for the following day when a sound caught my attention. I looked up to see you lurking at the door. Your eyes met mine and you crossed the room in what seemed like seconds. In a quick swooping motion, you spread my legs to the width of my desk. The rough sensation of rope cut into my ankles as I began to comprehend the extent of your intentions.

You bind my feet to the legs of the desk. I cry out and protest; instead, I beg for your cock to fill my mouth, but you stifle my request. “Fuck, I want your pretty little cunt first.” I squirm against the desk as you slip your hand down my skirt, panties, and to my smooth, wet lips. Your thumb rubs my clit and I beg you to stop being such a tease when you remove your thumb. It glistens with my juices and you use it to paint my lips.

I writhe beneath you from both pleasure and frustration. You bring your lips close to my ear and whisper, “Luckily for you, my need to fuck you is greater than my need to tease you.” A cool breeze triggered goosebumps across the soft curve of my toned ass. I hear and feel you behind me and suddenly my skirt was flipped up, stocking torn, and panties pressed down to my knees. I could feel your hot, wet breath on my neck as I glanced back to see you stroking your cock.

Slick, wet, cream dripped from my bare pussy lips. A grunt escaped your throat as your entire length slammed into me. My labia began to contract, pulse and burn with passion. Excitement engulfed me as I listened to the quick slaps of your hips smack against my firm ass. You watch me choke back the dizzying intoxication of endorphins that explode throughout my body.
My cries echo the wave of ecstasy that fires throughout my body. You reach up and unbutton my blouse exposing my lacy red bra. My nipples harden as fingers unclasp my bra and my remove it. You grip my dark nipples and roll them between your warm fingers. You push me forward and back down against the desk. I<b> bite </font></b>my lower lip as I fight for control. The wood of the desk was cool to the touch and my nipples creased from the sharp contrast in feeling.

Fingernails cut tiny crescent moons into the top of the wood desk as I brace myself against the cold surface. You moan and the hot impact of your rough hand strikes the back of my ass cheek. I gulp a cry before it escapes my mouth as I’m still cognizant that coworkers might be in the building. The friction of your rock-hard shaft simulates a lubricated piston that was following a rhythm to an insane tempo. My heart thundered in my ears and I was convinced that it was perceptible. You wickedly remove the head of your cock from my pussy lips and press it against my tight ass. The wet lubricant from my pussy coats my tight hole. A cry escapes my lips as you push deeper into me. I gasp as your length consumes every inch of my hole. Searing pain rips through my body and I stiffen trying to endure the intrusion.

Rough fingers grip my hips as the familiar burn of desire and passion stirs deep in my pussy and extends to my ass. Pain recedes into a growing wave of frenzied, blinding peaks that ravage my body. My mind, body and soul are enraptured in your ability to drive my sexual need. I feel the perfect rhythm as your hips bounce and grind on my ass. It is then when I realize that you fill my secret desires and push what I crave to explore. I feel stretched wide, filled deep and fucked well. Your pace suddenly accelerates, and I hear your quick but warm breaths against my ear. You groan and hiss as your cock pulses in me. A sudden and all-consuming need to push down filled every part of me. Fireworks explode behind my eyes as you spill your salty seed deep in my ass.

The delicious release subsides into waves of passion as my ass and pussy clench and contract on your pulsing cock. I<b> bite </font></b>down on my lip and relish how incredible your cock felt as my ass throbbed and milked your cock. I can’t speak. You reduce my ability to articulate any words and I am reduced to incoherent mumbles and whispers. I pant as the tension grows. It is driven by an animalistic and biological impulse that drives your cock into me. I hear your growl as your body is gripped by pleasure so intense that your toes curl while your body shudders in ecstasy. The heat of your orgasm leaves your body limp and weak.

It takes me a few minutes to notice that you are gone and then I suddenly realize that I am still lashed to the legs of the desk. I struggle against the ropes and search the room. You are nowhere to be seen. A panic gripped me before you returned holding a warm cloth. The soft fabric gently brushed past my wet pussy lips and ass. You pull my panties up and smooth my skirt over my round hard ass. The ropes release my ankles and I turn to face you. Your soft, dry lips press against mine and I taste and explore your mouth. Our tongues dance, as my body melts into your arms

NJGUY08090 55M  
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1/23/2022 3:52 pm

I'd like to make you dream cum true

Fless69 42M
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11/21/2021 6:20 pm

Dam that’s pretty hot definitely enjoying these reads 👍👌

lickeyzsplit 59M  
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11/20/2021 3:44 pm

Mmm When we get home from the office we can do all that again right ? xoxo Fantastic Mmm

CamCowboy 61M  
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11/19/2021 3:19 pm

I'd love to feel the goosebumps across the soft curve of your toned ass. I'd love even more to spill my salty seed deep in your ass

ThatOtherMan_TOM 61M
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11/19/2021 2:54 pm

And that, folks, is how we do Friday around here. Thanks! xo

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