An Experience with Maraschino Cherries  

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11/11/2021 3:08 am
An Experience with Maraschino Cherries

I have always been a huge fan of Maraschino cherries. They were a part of special moments in my life and these sweet treats often garnished Shirley temples, Dairy Queen Sundays, and were added to many mouth-watering pastries. Personally, I simply enjoyed them<b> straight </font></b>from the jar. Diet, exercise, and sleep are imperative to my day. I have learned to appreciate desserts and treats by ensuring that I earn my delicious indulgences through running. Unfortunately, my body always seems to be in some state of distress and pain that is residual after strenuous workouts. Lately, I have been increasing my strength training regime, but my muscles feel tight, hot, and in knots. Massage therapy was something I was willing to consider to seek relief from the constant tension I got throughout my body.

The day began with a quick and dirty 4:30 am run. I stopped at Starbucks for a morning coffee and then proceeded through a marathon of tasks that made the day endless and exhausting. I was looking forward to the quick reprieve my friend extended when she offered a spontaneous massage. Anne had been working on her massage therapy certificate for the past two years. She was finally granted a lucrative opportunity to work in the prominent Fairmont Hotspring Resort. She had assured me that a massage is just what we both needed; she wanted the opportunity to stretch her fingers on the back of a willing participant and I desperately desired relief from the continuous ache and gnawing muscle cramps in my legs and arms.Her house was cute, warm, and inviting. A hint of vanilla and jasmine scent wafted through the warmth of the house. We finally settled in her bedroom and I placed my bag, along with a few groceries next to her bed.

My nipples creased as my stomach and breasts brushed past the soft, cool, duvet that was neatly tucked into the mattress on her four-post bed. Soft warm light wove through the corner of the room and the sweet vibrations of classical music resonated along the bedroom walls.Her fingers were warm and surprisingly strong for her stature. Knuckles kneaded and worked through layers of stress and tension. A quiet, soft, dreamy hum lifted from her delicate lips as her fingers traced a path under the minute towel that covered my taut ass. Wet soft lips left a hint of her lip gloss on my neck and shoulders. I tilted my head back to her waiting lips and pressed my tongue deep in her mouth. I gasped as the sensuous dance of our tongues ignited a flame of urgency deep in my pussy.

My lips were trembling, and I braced myself against the bed. An intense wave of hunger, lust and desire vibrated from deep in my womb.Rolling onto my back, Anne braced herself above me and then pressed her lips hard against mine. Her taste was sweet, syrupy and intoxicating. A whisp of her scent accented seductive notes of peach blossoms and pomegranates. My legs wrapped around her left thigh and I began to grind on the rough fabric of her jeans to relieve the dull ache of need between my legs. I attempt to disguise my smile when I felt my pussy juices soak her jeans. My nose pressed into her neck and I nibbled, sucked and licked her delicate skin. Inhaling her, I pressed my nose into small creases, sucked fingers and drank the sweat off her body. My fingers fumbled with the zipper and button of her jeans and then I slipped my hand under the elastic seam of her panties, to her slick, hot, pussy lips. My hand withdrew and I opened my mouth to taste her slick juices that coated my fingers.

Her fragrance was delicious and intoxicating. I needed to have more of her sweet honey. Fingers hooked under the waist of her jeans and I wrench them down to expose her slick, bare, wet, meaty pussy lips. She moves up to straddle my face. My tongue pushes up and I lick her sweet hard knob. A sudden cry escapes her lips. She bucks, and grinds on my mouth. My tongue flicks against her clit and then probes deep in her pussy. Thighs brace my jaw and cheeks as she fucks my face. Cum drips down my chin and I attempt to time her thrusts to match my breath. Anne wrenches her wet slit on my face. Her thighs open even wider as she controls my face in a vice-grip brace. My face was wet and humid, and covered with the taste and smell of her sweet sex. Her pussy bucked up and down on my tongue. Anne reached up to stroke and twist her nipples. Her pussy lips opened up, slick and greedy as she fucked my tongue.Moving from between Anne, I reach down to the grocery bag that I left in the corner of the room. A suctioned pop makes Anne’s eyebrows cock. The lid of the jar opened and two Maraschino cherries dangle from between my thumb and index finger. Syrupy cherry juice dripped down onto her breast and puddled in the sternum of her chest. I quickly lap up the sticky liquid from her skin. My tongue licks a trail of cherry juice that extended down Anne’s lower stomach. Dragging the cherry down her lower stomach, I press it against the folds of her pussy. The taste of her scent and syrup coat my lips. I pop the other cherry between my lips and gripped the stem between my top and bottom front teeth.

Suddenly, Anne began to buck and grind on my face. I push the cherry deeper into her wet open hole. It plunges in and out as she fucks my face. Her climax explodes in a crescendo of moans, whimpers and pleas. Her pussy pulses, quivers and contracts as she gasped from waves of ecstasy that sparked through her body.As the remnants of the orgasm finally began to recede, Anne moved from under me. Her lips parted and pressed tightly against mine. Her tongue slipped into my mouth to scoop the cherry from my tongue. Her crooked smile teased me as she reflected, “How did you know that Maraschino cherries are my favourite?”

ChromSexGod 57M
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12/13/2021 5:02 pm

That was really well written. Brava

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11/13/2021 6:55 am

Mmmm I am craving cherries xoxo Hot story xoxo

Unzipmeslowly51 51M

11/11/2021 1:40 pm

Never liked cherries...but id like to try i think😊

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11/11/2021 9:40 am

Mental note: bring Maraschino cherries if meeting Ms A

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11/11/2021 7:48 am

really good text, hi from France

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