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This is a blog about exploration, self-discovery, and an insatiable need to traverse the bottomless depths of one’s desires. This subversive need began with a mammoth struggle to become untethered from the grip of society by exploring the perverse and taboo lifestyle of BDSM.

Chapter One - The Beginning
Anne (Aka - Andromeda)

Her head was a hive of bees as forbidden thoughts continued to distract her attention. Anne was craving a distraction from the humdrum of online meetings, workshops and lectures. Covid had changed so much over the course of a year. Days began to languor as she tried to stick to her established routines, but the silence and stillness of the house had the opposite effect. Anne’s regular routines and new daily work schedule was a stark contrast to teaching in the classroom.

Routines were beginning to be ignored and Anne had developed a deviant habit of exploring erotic stories and videos between meetings. This pastime was purely indulgent and innocent during the beginning of her exploration, however, she was completely oblivious to where this would lead.

Anne’s day was typically busy, and it usually began with a marathon of tasks to complete before the first period of the day. She dutifully taught her lessons, provided support and marked assignments late into the night. It wasn’t long before her will began to buckle. Her curiosity, desire and sexual appetite were growing. Anne had been craving an adventure and she was never one to follow the beaten path, but now, life was becoming predictable and routine. The next few months were far from repetitive, ordinary, and mundane. Her journey was just beginning.

Anne’s deviant obsession became the catalyst in this drama, and it led her to exploring experiences she would consider depraved, immoral and perverse. The problem with addiction is that Anne’s obsession became a behaviour she could no longer control. Her sexual appetite was expanding, and it was insatiable.

An alcoholic's worst fear is an empty glass and Anne’s sexual needs were just as unquenchable as all drunk’s thirst for the bottle. She began seeking out BDSM websites and made connections with many people that lived the lifestyle. Her obsessions were beginning to disrupt her predictable, routine and mundane life but the direction she was taking set a course for an adventure far from what she was expecting.

The anonymity of conversing online created a safe place to explore and learn. Anne’s boundaries began to expand as she chatted with people from all different walks of life. She listened intently as different subs and doms shared positive and negative encounters, offered advice, and asked questions. Her appetite continued to expand as she was introduced to new experiences through these conversations. Her acceptance and passion for sexual exploration became the foundation of this story.

Anne’s skin craved the impact of an open hand against her flesh and her propensity for pain and sexual gratification began to grow. Her wild nature was becoming problematic and the need to restrain her impulses became a complicated issue that would haunt and torment her soul.

It is through her story that you will discover that hunger and lust for domination is a need that seeps down into the essence and core of a submissive person. It is only through sexual exploration in a dom/sub relationship that this thirst can be quenched. Anne was ready, willing and needed to be dominated. She needed the guidance, direction and control that only a dom could provide.
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A Fantasy at Work...
Posted:Nov 19, 2021 2:16 pm
Last Updated:Jan 28, 2022 2:30 am
It was a long and sweltering hot day of working without any breaks; the end of the work was slow as mud on a dry summer's day and culminated in a long arduous staff meeting. I was just finishing up my plans for the following day when a sound caught my attention. I looked up to see you lurking at the door. Your eyes met mine and you crossed the room in what seemed like seconds. In a quick swooping motion, you spread my legs to the width of my desk. The rough sensation of rope cut into my ankles as I began to comprehend the extent of your intentions.

You bind my feet to the legs of the desk. I cry out and protest; instead, I beg for your cock to fill my mouth, but you stifle my request. “Fuck, I want your pretty little cunt first.” I squirm against the desk as you slip your hand down my skirt, panties, and to my smooth, wet lips. Your thumb rubs my clit and I beg you to stop being such a tease when you remove your thumb. It glistens with my juices and you use it to paint my lips.

I writhe beneath you from both pleasure and frustration. You bring your lips close to my ear and whisper, “Luckily for you, my need to fuck you is greater than my need to tease you.” A cool breeze triggered goosebumps across the soft curve of my toned ass. I hear and feel you behind me and suddenly my skirt was flipped up, stocking torn, and panties pressed down to my knees. I could feel your hot, wet breath on my neck as I glanced back to see you stroking your cock.

Slick, wet, cream dripped from my bare pussy lips. A grunt escaped your throat as your entire length slammed into me. My labia began to contract, pulse and burn with passion. Excitement engulfed me as I listened to the quick slaps of your hips smack against my firm ass. You watch me choke back the dizzying intoxication of endorphins that explode throughout my body.
My cries echo the wave of ecstasy that fires throughout my body. You reach up and unbutton my blouse exposing my lacy red bra. My nipples harden as fingers unclasp my bra and my remove it. You grip my dark nipples and roll them between your warm fingers. You push me forward and back down against the desk. I bite my lower lip as I fight for control. The wood of the desk was cool to the touch and my nipples creased from the sharp contrast in feeling.

Fingernails cut tiny crescent moons into the top of the wood desk as I brace myself against the cold surface. You moan and the hot impact of your rough hand strikes the back of my ass cheek. I gulp a cry before it escapes my mouth as I’m still cognizant that coworkers might be in the building. The friction of your rock-hard shaft simulates a lubricated piston that was following a rhythm to an insane tempo. My heart thundered in my ears and I was convinced that it was perceptible. You wickedly remove the head of your cock from my pussy lips and press it against my tight ass. The wet lubricant from my pussy coats my tight hole. A cry escapes my lips as you push deeper into me. I gasp as your length consumes every inch of my hole. Searing pain rips through my body and I stiffen trying to endure the intrusion.

Rough fingers grip my hips as the familiar burn of desire and passion stirs deep in my pussy and extends to my ass. Pain recedes into a growing wave of frenzied, blinding peaks that ravage my body. My mind, body and soul are enraptured in your ability to drive my sexual need. I feel the perfect rhythm as your hips bounce and grind on my ass. It is then when I realize that you fill my secret desires and push what I crave to explore. I feel stretched wide, filled deep and fucked well. Your pace suddenly accelerates, and I hear your quick but warm breaths against my ear. You groan and hiss as your cock pulses in me. A sudden and all-consuming need to push down filled every part of me. Fireworks explode behind my eyes as you spill your salty seed deep in my ass.

The delicious release subsides into waves of passion as my ass and pussy clench and contract on your pulsing cock. I bite down on my lip and relish how incredible your cock felt as my ass throbbed and milked your cock. I can’t speak. You reduce my ability to articulate any words and I am reduced to incoherent mumbles and whispers. I pant as the tension grows. It is driven by an animalistic and biological impulse that drives your cock into me. I hear your growl as your body is gripped by pleasure so intense that your toes curl while your body shudders in ecstasy. The heat of your orgasm leaves your body limp and weak.

It takes me a few minutes to notice that you are gone and then I suddenly realize that I am still lashed to the legs of the desk. I struggle against the ropes and search the room. You are nowhere to be seen. A panic gripped me before you returned holding a warm cloth. The soft fabric gently brushed past my wet pussy lips and ass. You pull my panties up and smooth my skirt over my round hard ass. The ropes release my ankles and I turn to face you. Your soft, dry lips press against mine and I taste and explore your mouth. Our tongues dance, as my body melts into your arms
Satisfying Daddy's Needs
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 6:16 pm
Last Updated:Feb 23, 2022 5:57 pm
They were drawn to each other like moths to light. He her refuge and had a powerful grip on Anne’s psyche. He knew the woman hidden beneath the façade. His need for control complimented her need for submission.

Anne had experienced men who claimed to be Masters, Doms and even a few who preferred the title, , but her newest Dom different from the men she had met in the past. He charismatic, articulate, and dramatic. expected complete obedience and he pushed Anne’s limits. His tall, fit, athletic stature further accentuated his presence of authority. He disciplined, focused, and had high expectations. Anne eager to prove her submission and obedience after spending weeks teasing and tormenting him.

The hint of musk lingered in the air as Anne quietly entered the dimly lit room. She scanned the room. instructed her to wait for him on the bed.

“I you to trust me, Anne. Spend the day with me and I will prove it to you,” insisted . Anne read the repeatedly before she committed to meeting. Stepping out the crumpled skirt, Anne moved to the bed and kneeled the way had taught her. Delicious wet arousal flooded Anne as she anticipated giving complete control.

Goosebumps bloomed across Anne’s naked body as a rush of air gently brushed a few locks of hair across her chee The sudden movement accompanied by a faint creaking. Anne cocked her head toward the noise. Had she imagined it?

A shadow crept along the empty wall, but Anne remained anchored to the bed. Her frame resembled a statue rather than of a living, breathing human being. Anne could smell the distinct haughty pheromones mixed with ’s cologne. His gaze heated her skin as he took in the scarlet lace panties that clung to her olive skin. A pair of wrist/ankle ties were the remaining attire that adorned her body. Anne motionless on the bed as she sensed him move towards her. His large fingers expertly fastened the satin blindfold tightly around Anne’s head. His hands rip the panties from her body and a loud smack echoes through the room. The impact of his hand reddens and burns Anne’s tight ass.
I instinctively cock my head back despite the blindfold. ’s rough fingers nudge my chin and guide my mouth to his lips. I stifle a gasp as I inhale his delicious scent. Lips brush down against the nub of his nipple and a deep groan fills the quiet room. I ardently explore and memorize his exquisite body with my lips and tongue.

Movement disturbs my eager tongue, but ’s scent makes my mouth water. Suddenly, the head of ’s cock presses against my mouth and my lips part.

Exhilaration stimulates every muscle in my body as he glides his massive cock against my tongue. The tip of my tongue flicks out to lick the base of his balls. Quick, deep thrusts make me gulp as the head of his shaft pushes into my tight throat. Wet and hot moisture soak my thighs as he fucks my mouth. Fingers hold my head in place as he pumps in and out. I struggle with the restraints as I fight the urge to reach out and grab ’s impressive length. My hands remain bound as he withdraws his shaft from my mouth. My cries of protest are useless and fall upon deaf ears as the impact of his rough hand leaves a bright red imprint matching my scarlet panties.

It’s at that moment that I hear a giggle from beside me. I tilt my head toward the sound but before I could further an audio inventory of the room, pushes his penis past my pussy lips and begins with gentle thrusts. Whispers are barely audible but my mind is unable to process the implications of that innocuous sound.

thrust deeper and faster. An explosion of blinding light flashes behind the lids of my eyes as I feel waves of warm, sweet contractions build to a breathtaking peak and crest. The orgasm leaves my pussy quivering and dripping.

quickly pulls out and that’s when I hear a muffled groan and what could only be described as a rhythmic sucking of wet lips on skin. The sound intoxicating and stirred the heat between my legs. It distinct and it didn’t take long before I began to deduce that someone else enjoying ’s cock! Jealousy and anger flashed behind my eyes but the teasing sounds also created a fire between my legs that I couldn’t ignore.

began to growl beside me as the sucking intensified. The blindfold, a curtain to my sight, only served to enhance my perception of the sounds in the room. Hot lust swells between my legs as a tongue darts out and laps up and down my labia with long, steady strokes. It is obvious that our unknown guest is female. Her perfume and soft skin make her femininity obvious. Her tongue swirls around my clit, bathing it with pleasure. She nibbles the bud with her teeth and a jolt of desire floods my entire body. Soft noises escape from deep in her throat and the vibrations send notes of ecstasy from my pussy to my breasts.

Shooting sparks erupt and I buck my hips violently trying to get more of what she offering. ’s voice eliminates any familiarity of the room. “You can whip her if you like but I guarantee that you will enjoy the feel of her skin under your bare hands with a good old-fashioned spanking.”

I hear a groan and the wet tongue disappears from its relentless teasing. A sudden impact strikes across both globes of my ass. I jerk up as each slap makes my breasts jiggle. The mild sting catches my breath and I gasp. The side of my face presses into the mattress as I crouch like an animal in front of an anonymous audience. I am almost knocked over as a thick cock slides into my pussy with a hard thrust.

Part of me angry with the demeaning and humiliating treatment but I also ashamed by how much I enjoying being used. My senses were peaking with pleasure as the plowed into my channel again and again. ’s cock is thick and I struggle to adjust to his wicked size. Tears run down my cheeks as a mixture of pain and pleasure swirl in my head. Shock seizes my body when pulls out from me. I am surprised when his cock presses against my lips.

“Open your mouth”. He punctuates his words with a hard slap. His voice is harsh, gritty and I instantly obey. My lips part as the head of ’s shaft slips into my mouth. The bed shakes in response to movement on the mattress. Someone shuffles closer and the presence makes herself known as she gently whispers into my ear.

“This is going to make him cum loads! You better be willing to share.” The woman’s voice is electric and animated. My mouth continues its attack as it devours ’s delicious coc Suddenly and unexpectedly, soft, wet lips brush past my chin. Sucking, groaning and moans fill the room as I sense the stranger only centimeters from my face. I hear her take ’s balls in her mouth and can hear him gasp as she tightens her lips around his package. I move my head back and forth along half of ’s length. His cock stretches the hinges of my jaw as his shaft slips in and out of my hungry mouth. I feel stiffen just before his cock erupts.

Thick, hot spurts fill my mouth. I pull back a to make it easier to swallow but ’s hands remain behind my head pushing me to stay still. I attempt to take as much of ’s salty load as possible but some still dribbles out of the corner of my mouth. Fingers grip my hips as a tongue probes into my mouth and feasts on ’s liquid gift. Come dribbles down my chin as our female guest sucks on my bottom lip and licks up anything remaining from ’s massive load. We feast on ’s cock as I moan and writhe in delight. My head spins and I feel as though I am floating on a cloud as the sweet mixture of pleasure courses through my body.

“I see that my vixen enjoys an audience.” ’s words were swirling in Anne's head as her eyes stared off into subspace.

Quickly he lifted Anne’s hands above her head and whispered in her ear, “Don’t move.” Slowly, painstakingly kissed his way down her body, stopping every time she moved. Her breath grew thick and labored while she attempted to restrain herself from moving. She desperate for to continue. A hot fire burned red through ’s body as he reached down and felt her cum dripping down Anne’s thighs.

Slowly slid his finger across her clit and then brought it up and delicately painted her bottom lip. Anne’s tongue swept across her bottom lip tasting the sweet cum that filled her mouth.
Oral Fixation
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 5:58 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 4:19 pm
The thought of milking your perfect cock with my lips and tongue creates a primal hunger for all of you. I can’t help but indulge my need to find relief and slip my hand beneath my panties, curl two finger inside my wet pussy and grind my clit against the flat palm of my hand. Frustrated and horny, I have decided to write to you about what I fantasize about when I close my eyes and dream of you. My privacy is at a minimum tonight and all I is to imagine you’re here with me.

Pushing my fingers in and out of my creamy folds, I writhe on my hand. I am aching to give you what you need. My fingers wrap tightly around your shaft and I lower myself to a kneeling position in front of you. My eyes are locked on yours as I kiss the head of your exposed coc The dark delicious scent of your sweat and cologne has me almost whimper as I inhale you. I feel you strain and grow between my fingers.

Your musky smell and my anticipation make me squirm as I enjoy your length. I squeeze the base of your cock making it bulge as I grate my teeth gently over your shiny taut skin and suck you in my mouth. You are so fucking delicious. My pussy throbs as I prime your cock with my hot mouth licking and lengthening your magnificent girth. My wet lips slide over your hard cock as I suck gently and cup your balls with the palm of my hand.

My tongue languidly slides up your length as I suck your magnificent cock deep into my mouth. Your fingers are in my hair pushing my mouth deep on your shaft as my throat tightens around it. I can taste the pre-cum on the end of coc You pull back as I lick the treasure off the tip of your coc

My nipples are hard and tight as I feel you twitch in my grip. I know your release is gathering because I feel your balls tighten. Exhilaration brings a fever of hot desire and eagerness as I anticipate you filling my throat. Moisture trickles down my thighs. Suddenly, you abruptly move your cock from my mouth.

You take my hands and bring them together over my head and snatch a thick leather belt off the floor and wrap it firmly around my wrists. You roll me over and take me from behind. My hands remain tied above my head and keeps me motionless. The feeling of intense pleasure builds.

Fingers grip my body as I feel your cock move in a slow and shallow. You dip the tip in and out as you drive me to the edge. Your hands hold my waist firm and I grunt as your deep and possessive thrusts makes my pussy raw with the power of your coc The pressure became uncontrollable. My toes curl and I gasp as you continue the relentless attack on my pussy. I beg you to let me come. I feel your pace quicken and recognize the growing and throbbing desire of your release.

Without any warning you pull out, pick me and help me onto my knees. I instinctively open my mouth wide as you thrust deep into my throat. A low growl escapes your lips as you come hard, spurting your hot load down my throat until I am gagging to keep up with swallowing it down. The last drop leaks from your throbbing cock and I lick it lightly with my tongue making a hard shudder travel through your body.

Sliding down, you move between my legs. I wiggle my hips, eager for you lips but notice that you are slowing your movement as I anticipate your tongue. A deep sigh escapes as you slide your tongue between my fold. Your tongue licks up my slit to my clit and pinpoints its stimulation. I mewl with need and feel your tongue brush over my clit before you press down. I beg you, “Please, I can’t hold on any longer.”

My body taut with the need for relief. You smile like a Cheshire cat and tell me that I have earned it. It’s enough to push me over the edge. Closing my eyes, I allow the pleasure to wash over me. You fingers and tongue pump my pussy, drawing along my G-spot with every thrust. You begin to increase the pace and pressure. An explosion of fireworks explode behind my eyelids as waves of ecstasy course from my pussy.My pussy convulses around your tongue and fingers. A deep moan ripped from my throat. Your fingers stilled inside me.
Insatiable Needs
Posted:Jan 2, 2022 4:28 pm
Last Updated:Feb 3, 2022 5:26 am
The pinging of raindrops drizzled down the glass windows as I curled up in the soft hotel bed. The room cozy, rustic, and located a short distance outside of the city. Snapping, crackling, and hissing filled the room and heat brought the pleasant relaxation from the warmth and aesthetic atmosphere.

The prospect of another rendezvous with you made my skin tingle with anticipation. My fingers curl around my clit and push into the folds of my pussy. The lids of my eyes flutter as I imagine your lips. The soft yet firm texture of your lips as your mouth presses against mine. I picture your hard naked body and shiver with lust, desire and need. A sound distracts my attention and I up see the doorknob turn as you enter the room.

We chat and takes all my will power divert my gaze from your sculpted body. I to stare but do not you to get the impression that I’m only infatuated with your body. I desperately to feast my eyes on your impressive physique but cast my gaze down in an attempt to concentrate on our conversation. My mind ponders how the fuck are you so incredibly toned and built? Every curve accentuates muscles I probably can’t even pronounce!

ÃIt’s not long before we are tearing each other’s clothing off and a silhouette of your naked frame reflects off the wall of the room. I watch as you direct me to the hotel bathroom. Turning me around, you cup your hands around my ass cheeks and lift me onto the counter. Hands either side of my hips, your mouth wet, soft, open as it envelops the whole top of my slit. I stifle a cry while you draw out the pleasure.

I throw my head back and close my eyes. Wetness drips down my thighs and each flick of your tongue brings be closer to the edge. I buck and writhe on your mouth. moans and pants encourage you further. My fingernails scratch and push into the back of your neck as I listen to how much you are enjoying my pussy. I grab the back of your head and smother your face into my hot pussy. I to cum but know it’s too soon. We need to let the fire build and indulge in the preorgasmic bliss.

Your tongue explores my labia and I again concentrate on holding myself from tipping over into euphoric bliss. My eyes capture your gaze as you focus all your attention on the hard swollen knub of my clit. A loud cry fills the room, and my eyes roll back as waves of spasms rapture my body. Toes curl as your tongue continues its relentless, torture of my swollen, wet pussy. The climax tightens and my eyes squeeze shut. Legs shake as I let go and ride the endorphins flooding through my body.

The need to feel your cock fill me unbearable. œPlease!I beg between raspy breaths. I need your cocYou kiss my thighs and the fire in your eyes sends heat deep between my legs.

In a second your hand swoops beneath my ass; you flip my body around and push me against the counter. I into the mirror and see a reflection of pure lust in your eyes. The of your cock first presses against my opening. Your shaft engulfs my pussy as you thrust deep. Your enormous cock pierces into me and my lips tighten. I milk your cock with each hard thrust. Each pump fills my womb and sends shivers of delight coursing through my body. The reflection in the mirror heightens the moment by playing off my secret voyeuristic tendencies. Flickers of orange and red light danced on the walls as I listened to your gasps and felt your quads shake. Each thrust pushed your creamy load deep into my pussy.

Watching you cum continues to to the fire as I listen to you produce a combination of euphoric noises. You slowly pull out and I hop down from the counter. Cum drips down my inner thighs as I kneel in front of you. A sudden and overwhelming need to taste the remnants of our cum off your cock became my immediate need. Butterflies twirl around my stomach as I take your wet cock in my mouth. Fingers press into the back of my head as you thrust into my mouth and like you fucked my pussy. Long deep strokes left a trail of precum on my tongue.

The head of your cock pops out from my lips, and I tease you by running the of my tongue down your thick, massive shaft. My mouth opens and your fingers wrap around my throat. You thrust in and feel the bulge in your hands as they tighten around my throat. expands accommodate the head of your coc The wet gasping slurps and smacking of my face against your stomach made your erection harden and throb beyond your control. Sparks flicker in my eyes as you recognized my all-encompassing need to be fed.

Fingernails dig into my skull as you press my face into your stomach. My nose flattens as the root of your cock presses against my dripping lips and your balls twitch on my chin. creamy cum drips down my cheeks and onto my chest as I nurse at your cock swallowing each load you release into me. Soft gasps and whimpers are barely audible as I stifle my need to gag. Tears stream down my cheeks as I gulp between gasps of air. Your cock continues to explode in my throat while you empty yourself. My face is beet red as your quickly release me. takes me a moment regain my composure and that'™s when I turn you with an inquisitive and devious grin.

How tired are you? I inquire. You down.
Why? Your voice perplexed.
I up and reply, I you ravage every part of my body.
œIs that a request or a demand? You retort.
An Experience with Maraschino Cherries
Posted:Nov 11, 2021 3:08 am
Last Updated:Jan 2, 2022 5:42 pm
I have always been a huge fan of Maraschino cherries. They were a part of special moments in my life and these sweet treats often garnished Shirley temples, Dairy Queen Sundays, and were added to many mouth-watering pastries. Personally, I simply enjoyed them straight from the jar. Diet, exercise, and sleep are imperative to my day. I have learned to appreciate desserts and treats by ensuring that I earn my delicious indulgences through running. Unfortunately, my body always seems to be in some state of distress and pain that is residual after strenuous workouts. Lately, I have been increasing my strength training regime, but my muscles feel tight, hot, and in knots. Massage therapy was something I was willing to consider to seek relief from the constant tension I got throughout my body.

The day began with a quick and dirty 4:30 am run. I stopped at Starbucks for a morning coffee and then proceeded through a marathon of tasks that made the day endless and exhausting. I was looking forward to the quick reprieve my friend extended when she offered a spontaneous massage. Anne had been working on her massage therapy certificate for the past two years. She was finally granted a lucrative opportunity to work in the prominent Fairmont Hotspring Resort. She had assured me that a massage is just what we both needed; she wanted the opportunity to stretch her fingers on the back of a willing participant and I desperately desired relief from the continuous ache and gnawing muscle cramps in my legs and arms.Her house was cute, warm, and inviting. A hint of vanilla and jasmine scent wafted through the warmth of the house. We finally settled in her bedroom and I placed my bag, along with a few groceries next to her bed.

My nipples creased as my stomach and breasts brushed past the soft, cool, duvet that was neatly tucked into the mattress on her four-post bed. Soft warm light wove through the corner of the room and the sweet vibrations of classical music resonated along the bedroom walls.Her fingers were warm and surprisingly strong for her stature. Knuckles kneaded and worked through layers of stress and tension. A quiet, soft, dreamy hum lifted from her delicate lips as her fingers traced a path under the minute towel that covered my taut ass. Wet soft lips left a hint of her lip gloss on my neck and shoulders. I tilted my head back to her waiting lips and pressed my tongue deep in her mouth. I gasped as the sensuous dance of our tongues ignited a flame of urgency deep in my pussy.

My lips were trembling, and I braced myself against the bed. An intense wave of hunger, lust and desire vibrated from deep in my womb.Rolling onto my back, Anne braced herself above me and then pressed her lips hard against mine. Her taste was sweet, syrupy and intoxicating. A whisp of her scent accented seductive notes of peach blossoms and pomegranates. My legs wrapped around her left thigh and I began to grind on the rough fabric of her jeans to relieve the dull ache of need between my legs. I attempt to disguise my smile when I felt my pussy juices soak her jeans. My nose pressed into her neck and I nibbled, sucked and licked her delicate skin. Inhaling her, I pressed my nose into small creases, sucked fingers and drank the sweat off her body. My fingers fumbled with the zipper and button of her jeans and then I slipped my hand under the elastic seam of her panties, to her slick, hot, pussy lips. My hand withdrew and I opened my mouth to taste her slick juices that coated my fingers.

Her fragrance was delicious and intoxicating. I needed to have more of her sweet honey. Fingers hooked under the waist of her jeans and I wrench them down to expose her slick, bare, wet, meaty pussy lips. She moves up to straddle my face. My tongue pushes up and I lick her sweet hard knob. A sudden cry escapes her lips. She bucks, and grinds on my mouth. My tongue flicks against her clit and then probes deep in her pussy. Thighs brace my jaw and cheeks as she fucks my face. Cum drips down my chin and I attempt to time her thrusts to match my breath. Anne wrenches her wet slit on my face. Her thighs open even wider as she controls my face in a vice-grip brace. My face was wet and humid, and covered with the taste and smell of her sweet sex. Her pussy bucked up and down on my tongue. Anne reached up to stroke and twist her nipples. Her pussy lips opened up, slick and greedy as she fucked my tongue.Moving from between Anne, I reach down to the grocery bag that I left in the corner of the room. A suctioned pop makes Anne’s eyebrows cock. The lid of the jar opened and two Maraschino cherries dangle from between my thumb and index finger. Syrupy cherry juice dripped down onto her breast and puddled in the sternum of her chest. I quickly lap up the sticky liquid from her skin. My tongue licks a trail of cherry juice that extended down Anne’s lower stomach. Dragging the cherry down her lower stomach, I press it against the folds of her pussy. The taste of her scent and syrup coat my lips. I pop the other cherry between my lips and gripped the stem between my top and bottom front teeth.

Suddenly, Anne began to buck and grind on my face. I push the cherry deeper into her wet open hole. It plunges in and out as she fucks my face. Her climax explodes in a crescendo of moans, whimpers and pleas. Her pussy pulses, quivers and contracts as she gasped from waves of ecstasy that sparked through her body.As the remnants of the orgasm finally began to recede, Anne moved from under me. Her lips parted and pressed tightly against mine. Her tongue slipped into my mouth to scoop the cherry from my tongue. Her crooked smile teased me as she reflected, “How did you know that Maraschino cherries are my favourite?”

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