Anal Orgasms ... Continued!  

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10/21/2021 4:52 pm
Anal Orgasms ... Continued!

As I mentioned in the first part of this post, most of the guys I've pegged or hand fucked, felt having a prostate orgasm was the most amazing feeling they'd ever experienced. And most said it felt far more intense than orgasms achieved entirely via their cocks. This doesn't surprise me, since I've seen the ecstasy on the faces of guys, as I tapped their p-spot again and again... and watched waves of orgasmic contractions course thru their bodies. From the perspective of the guy doing the fucking, it certainly "appeared" more intense.

I've also read that prostate orgasms generate about 12 pelvic contractions, while penis orgasms are associated with about 4-8 pelvic contractions. That's a significant difference in intensity. But more often than not, a prostate orgasm happens in tandem with a penis orgasm, or is immediately followed by a penis orgasm. Essentially, giving the guy being fucked, an orgasmic "Double-Whammy".

Multiple Orgasms

Generally, prostate orgasms require a shorter recovery time than penis orgasms. This increases the potential for enjoying multiple orgasms. Thus, when an insatiable Bottom and a relentless Top get together, it's possible to "start up again" only a few minutes after each prostate orgasm. This can result in 3 or more prostate orgasms in a single session of hot sex .

Stigma Busters

I realize that some guys aren't comfortable with the idea of being anally penetrated. Perhaps, partially because enjoying anal penetration is so often associated with sexual orientation, or being submissive. But having the man receive and enjoy anal penetration, is really not that uncommon in heterosexual relationships. And in reality, finding anal penetration pleasurable or even orgasmic, is not so much about sexual orientation, as it is about plain old anatomy.

Anal Anatomy-101

The anal canal contains a number of sensory nerves that carry sensory information toward the central nervous system. The pudendal nerve is the primary sensory nerve that makes anal sex so pleasurable. It's the main nerve of the perineum... in men, that's the space between the anus and scrotum. This nerve carries sensation from the genitals and the skin around the anus, as well as the motor supply to several pelvic muscles, including the external anal sphincter. Anal penetration stimulates this nerve, and at the time, indirectly stimulates the prostate. This combination is what makes anal penetration feel so amazing, and can lead to earth-shaking prostate orgasms. And one's orientation, or dominant or submissive personality is not a critical factor in this purely physiological response.

Closing Thoughts

Anal penetration can feel awesome... but it can also be quite painful. The remedy for this is proper hygiene, lots of anal lube, and gradually increasing the size of the penetration device over time... from a single finger, to a (thumb-sized) prostate stimulator, to an extra-small dildo, to a medium-sized dildo, to a full-sized cock, and so on. But always, always use copious amounts of anal lube for anal penetration. Unlike a vagina, the anus is NOT self-lubricating. So, never let the anus become dry while fucking someone anally. Do this and anal penetration will feel great from day-one.

Finally, ALWAYS use a fresh condom every time you penetrate the anus. Regardless of whether you are penetrating the anus with a cock or a dildo. This is vitally important in order to help protect yourself and others from contracting STDs. And be sure to wash your hands and penetration devices with antibacterial soap often during every anal sex session.

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