Is Getting Pegged Your Secret Desire?  

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10/26/2021 6:23 pm
Is Getting Pegged Your Secret Desire?

Many straight guys are curious about anal penetration (pegging) but are reluctant to experiment with this kind of prostate play... in spite of the fact that numerous men's health experts have declared it a source of immense pleasure and gratification.

So, what exactly is pegging, and should guys give it a try?

Well, pegging is simply when a person (typically a woman) anally penetrates a man with a strap-on or hand-held dildo.

Anal penetration is essentially, physical stimulation of sensitive nerve endings located in a greatly overlooked erogenous zone of the body, the anal canal. And believe it or not, anal penetration is a practice that almost anyone who has ever tried it, finds utterly enjoyable... "Provided" it's done properly and carefully.

So, if you have a secret desire to get pegged, you’re not strange or twisted. Perhaps you just have an instinctive awareness that there's an amazing experience available to you, that you've been missing out on. None the less, pegging isn't exactly what you'd call "vanilla sex". And there are a few things you'll need to know... and do... in order to get it right.

Getting Pegged for The 1st Time... How To Begin


1) Before you try pegging, you and your partner should have an in-depth
conversation about it, and make sure you are both fully on-board to give it an
enthusiastic try.

2) Get the proper tools to help insure a smooth and pleasurable experience. These tools may include:

* Anal lube
* Surgical gloves
* Prostate stimulator
* , medium & eventually large strap-on and hand-held dildos
* A sturdy dildo harness

3) Anal Foreplay: It's never a good idea to rush right in and penetrate your partner's anus without first engaging in foreplay. This usually includes the typical… kissing, oral sex, and sensual .

Getting Down To Pegging

a) Now, it's time to put on the surgical gloves and apply a generous amount of
Lube to the hand with the finger you will use for initial penetration. With the
pad of your fingers, gently<b> stroke </font></b>the area around the anus and the perineum
(that's the area between the scrotum and rectum). When the time is right, ease
one finger into his anus and begin slowly and rhythmically gliding the finger in
and out.

b) After a few minutes of this, his anus will begin to relax and open wider around
your finger. Ease your finger out and lubricate and gently insert the prostate
stimulator. Now, things will begin to really heat up. Slide the stimulator in
and gently move it from side to side, and in and out about an inch or so.
This will apply vibrating to the prostate and should feel quite
pleasurable to the guy being pegged.

c) After 5- minutes of the stimulator, slide it out and insert a , well
lubricated, hand-held dildo into your partner's anus. Do this slowly and gently,
until you feel the head of the dildo push pass the sphincter. Without
hesitation, continue pushing the dildo farther into his anal canal. If he tenses
or tightens , don't push any deeper. Slowly pull it out until only the head is
still inside...

d) Now, begin the process of smoothly and rhythmically pulling the dildo almost
all the way out until only the head remains inside, then gliding the -sized
dildo all the way back in, balls deep. Repeat this motion again and again, until
his excitement grows to the point of orgasm. Continue to periodically squeeze
more lube onto the dildo without interrupting the rhythm.

e) If the dildo is properly positioned to tap the prostate with each inward and outward thrust, the guy being pegged will be in ecstasy, and will most likely experience an intense prostate orgasm, which can be quite profound. (See my other Blog posts for more info on prostate orgasms). If he jerks-off while being pegged, it's likely he'll also experience a penis orgasm, as well. It's what I like to call the "Double-Whammy".

Once you've mastered pegging a guy using hand-held penetration devices... then you can proceed to using strap-on devices. At that point, you'll have the ability and know-how, to safely apply the appropriate thrust, depth, velocity and intensity to give him maximum pleasure, without pain.

Closing Thoughts

The information I've provided above, gives you enough of the basics to get off to an excellent start. Yet, you'll need to know quite a bit more than I've shared here, in order to skillfully peg a guy in a way that he'll find shockingly pleasurable... and that will drive him to experience spine-tingling prostate orgasms beyond his wildest dreams. But don't expect me to give away "ALL" of my pegging secrets... since the only thing I enjoy more than "writing about" pegging guys... is "actually" pegging them myself.

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