Forced Orgasm  

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8/25/2021 5:18 am
Forced Orgasm

From Wikipedia: Forced orgasm
A forced orgasm is consensual BDSM or kinky sexual play whereby a person consents to be forced to orgasm in a way that is beyond their control. The person being brought to involuntary orgasm would typically be put in physical restraints to deprive them of the ability to control the onset and intensity of orgasm, and to increase the feeling of helplessness, a situation which some people find sexually arousing.

I have had, to some extent a unconscious desire to participate in this over the years. The women or couples I have been involved with have never brought the subject up nor have I but I have tried to extend play, until she just shut down, no means no thing. Lately I have been seeing other members here showing a bit more of this in their videos and I must admit I find it highly arousing and intense at times.

I have seen bound and unbound (restriction is body to body at times vs actual restraints), and the later is what really can be intense. The consensual act of allowing one to bring another to multiple orgasms with no or little stoppage, seeing the one receiving, twisting, turning, moaning, whimpering, begging then asking for more is something I need to explore more of. Finding the people who would actually entertain the thought and actions seem to be illusive.

If you are interested, have participated and have thoughts to share on this please reply and add. If you are local to me and wish to take it to the next step drop me a note.

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