Pleasing them both - True Story  

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6/10/2019 9:37 am
Pleasing them both - True Story

Work was getting a bit boring so I took a chance a early lunch with a couple who wanted me to please them both together, orally and manually the same time. A challenge! Showed up a roadside hotel to find them both naked in bed and in short order the 3 of us were there together. She said she wanted to see him get sucked and to suck a guy, his first time. He said he wanted to watch and hear/feel her while I did the same to her and him...well without hesitation I saw he was already hard so I started there. slowly taking it in my mouth, tongue moving around, feeling his balls, stroking the shaft, I then started to use my other hand to with her pussy.. quickly finding her clit and teasing, rubbing my hand over it, moving around her pussy, inserting, teasing her upper level and then back to her clit....she responded with her hips moving...all this time I was still sucking, licking him...then as she was getting more into things I moved to her with my mouth, still holding his cock, caressing his balls while I used my tongue to work her into a orgasm as one hand found her right nipple and worked it until she was bucking my face and moaning and little little whimpers from the work on her nipples....when she pushed back I went back to work on him orally still touching her belly, chest and then after a minute or two started again to with her pussy once she calmed down, she quickly started to move to my touch while he also worked her pussy while I got his dick firmly between my lips, one hand on the shaft....after awhile I went back to her orally and again worked her into what seemed like a long orgasm as my face was wet....stroking his cock...he worked her top while I was soaked in her now multiple orgasms...when she needed a break I went back to him and I swallowed what he had...I then laid between both and while she stroked my thigh, teased my cock and balls she told him it's his turn...he was nervous if not sure at all but she took his hand and placed on me...he slowly started to rub up and down....she said kiss it....he reluctantly did and after a couple of starts he had me firmly between his lips while she moved down to him...they took turns licking balls, shaft...and she was prodding my back regions turning me on even more until I was just wanting it all to happen....I want to find a couple for this again and for more regular times....

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6/10/2019 11:20 am

Would you call that a working lunch ?

bertnj1 replies on 6/12/2019 12:15 pm:
the best kind of lunch *Y*

Rayyonkers9900 56M  
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5/5/2021 2:24 pm

Mmmmmm that's a beautiful and very erotic story


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